Dorit Kemsley Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - RHOBH

Dorit Kemsley Confesses She Never Watched RHOBH Before Joining the Show!

Dorit Kemsley had no idea what she was signing up for when she joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Why do you ask?

Well, it turns out Dorit never watched RHOBH before. Insert eye-roll, right?

“Dorit admits she never watched a single episode of RHOBH before starring in the show,” a source reveals to Life & Style.

While these claims may seem pretty unbelievable, Dorit’s reasoning does make sense.

“Dorit says she wanted to build natural, fresh relationships with each Housewife,” the source explains, “and believes that if she’d watched the show prior to starring in it, this wouldn’t have happened and the dynamics would’ve been different.”

Adding, “Dorit always heard great things about the show but just wanted to see it all for herself.”

I don’t know if I believe Dorit never watched RHOBH before joining the show. I mean why join a show you know nothing about especially when all the episodes are a click away.

Do you believe Dorit never watched RHOBH before joining the show?

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  • Supe White

    Does it really matter either way? She was friends with LVP so I’m sure she gave her the lowdown. She knew about the rift with Eileen and Rinna the first episode.

  • Steve

    How many new HW’s think we are so stupid as to swallow this nonsense?

    Is she the only employee in the world who did not do research on her new job?

  • michers

    Well she didn’t have to because she had someone pumping her info lol.. Pun intended … But to clarify its my opinion and not shade to any of her fans .

  • ~Medusa~

    YoDull made that same claim for the same reason. I call ****4 Pinocchios**** on them.

  • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

    Sorry, don’t believe it. I will NEVER believe this nonsense when new HW’s come in and claim to have never watched the show and if they haven’t they are total morons.

    • Rain

      Yasssssss ?????????

    • ~Medusa~


  • Lea

    She has to feign ignorance to explain her embarrassment at how awful she and PK were last season! LOL ‘PK had no idea not to keep inserting himself into all the ladies’ business, and buying me an expensive car had never ever ever been done before!’

    • Rain

      And showing us his ample man bosoms on that boat! My eyes ???

      • Lea

        LOL, oh that’s right, thanks for reminding me. Where is Michers, she called him ‘pepperoni tits.’

        • Rain

          Oh that’s HILARIOUS! Way to go michers ??????

  • Betty

    Omg. Lie

  • Rain

    I don’t believe her. Why does EVERY HW feel the need to say she never watched the show ? It’s a tired line by now

    • DindiSue

      Ummm – OK –I guess

    • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

      LOL, right? Why would coming into a new work atmosphere and doing your homework be a strike against you? I’s so stupid to keep trotting out this dumb line as to be completely unbelievable.

      • Rain

        I think they believe it makes them look cool !! Plus Pk totally let the cat out of the bag by telling Eileen and RInna he knew about their interaction with LVP ?

      • ~Medusa~

        To Shannon’s credit, she said that she watched RHOC several times and studied it like a student. I believe her.

        • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

          I’ve read a few reports of her wanting to be on the show for a long time and had been repeatedly “trying out” aka sending in videos, year after year and finally Bravo took her on. Shannon was and is out for fame, which has backfired big time where her personal and family life is concerned. Girl needs to get off TV stat!

          • ~Medusa~

            Oh, ITA! Reality tv isn’t very good for control freaks and / or insecure women who have shaky marriages, substance abuse problems or other skeletons in their closets.