Danielle Staub Dolores Catania Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of New Jersey - RHONJ Teresa Giudice

Dolores Catania Reveals Her Feelings About Teresa Giudice Reaching Out To Danielle Staub!

Dolores Catania is spilling the tea about returning Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub.

From the season previews alone it’s clear that Dolores and Danielle aren’t exactly BFFs but our RHONJ spies tell us we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

One of Dolores biggest issues with Danielle is the nasty things she said about Teresa while she was in prison.

This alone makes Dolores question why Teresa would want to reconcile with Danielle at all.

“I know Teresa is trying to make amends with anyone she had trouble with,” Dolores explains to Star Magazine. “But when you make decisions in vulnerable times, they’re usually not the right ones. I could pull up all the things that Danielle said about her while she was going to jail and ask Teresa if she really thinks Danielle is that sincere. I mean, I could do that, but I have better things to do.”

Dolores also reveals that she’s upset with Teresa for questioning her loyalty based off of things Danielle told her.

“I’m angry. I’m so angry,” Dolores reveals. “I have been sticking up for Teresa since I was 16 years old! [But] she has diplomatic immunity with me. I cut her slack – but not Danielle.”

I am so excited to see Dolores and Danielle’s feud heats up because honestly, we need to see Dolores get involved in some drama.

Are you surprised Teresa could get over the horrible things Danielle’s said about her in the past? Did Teresa make the right decision making amends with Danielle? Does Teresa have a reason to question Dolores’ loyalty?

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  • I don’t get how quick Teresa can just believe Danielle. If Teresa Nd Dolores was so tight, there is nothing no one can tell me bout my friend. Especially Danielle nd their history. I get giving her another chance but just believing her without tlkn to ur friend. To b honest, just watching Dolores, it doesn’t sound like something she would say.

  • When did Dolores stick up for Teresa last season or this season? Am I in the twighlight zone? Last season I saw Delores over and over again side with Jaqueline, sit in Jaqueline’s presence when Jac trashed Teresa and Delores stood by when Kim D spoke horribly about Teresa last season.. This season Delores has stood completely with Siggy against Melissa and Teresa and insulted Teresa on air and in her blogs. Where is this mystery, subterfuge defending Delores has been doing as a full time job. Sell it to someone else Delores, because I am not buying it!

  • When has she ever stuck up for Tre? Certainly not at the dinner, or the beach, or at Soggy bottom’s friend’s house, at the friggin front door, need I go on? I think not. Dolorifice does not have Ts back, she’s too far up Sggy bottom’s ass to turn her head.

  • I could be wrong, but I think the “loyalty” Dolores is speaking about isn’t about how many years the housewives have known each other. I think the loyalty is who brought them on the show.

    Last year Jaq bragged and bragged that it was her who chose the cast each season. Jaq said it like she has a talent for picking talented drama queens!

    It is a quiet “secret” that the reason Jaq turned on Tre is because Tre was taking endorsement deals from her. Which, IMO, is a bunch horsesh!t. I think the companies went with Tre instead of Jaq because Tre was the breakout star and much more popular. Supply & Demand & good ole fashion jealousy was what ruined their friendship!

    Anyway, back to the blog topic, let Dolores display her loyalty to Siggy. It’s her Bravo Brand that she is hurting. Jaq was demoted/fired after turning so many viewers off last year. Siggy seems to be doing the same thing! It’s not the loyalty that counts on a reality TV show like RHONJ that wins over most viewers, it’s the drama! Duh!!!

    • Dolores does not get it. She was trying to play games so that Siggy and her can be the most popular ones. I bet producers told them they were going to be a hit lol. And was blindsided by Marg. Marg is cool and entertaining. Dolores needs to understand that most people know that Danielle is crazy(most accept that bec she brings the drama), but some of things she did say was true or some truth to it, such as Tre house in foreclosure(she alluding she was having money problems) and that she talked to Melissa which was also true. I do believe that Dol did say something about Tre liking money.

  • Like your some Madonna? Please . People probably have had to defend you as well and since joining show , I have seen you malign yourself with everyone who betrayed (s) Teresa and never heard or saw you once defend her .

    • I LOL when MeMe said Madonna, Michael Jackson… and the guy who invented the light bulb < said the dim bulb.

    • I’m thinking one big reason why Dolores does not stand up for Tree has to do with what happened in Vermont during S7. Remember Tre was wanting Robyn on as a full-time housewife? Robyn threatened Jaq and Jaq felt so threatened by Robyn that Jaq refused to film until Robyn was removed from the ski resort. So, production kicked Robyn of Vermont and her scenes cut. Which made room for Siggy and Dolores to become full-time Housewives. In the meantime, Tre was upset that Robyn was basically fired. Which, I’m sure, offended Siggy and Dolores because Tre wanted Robyn f/t over them. Dolores, though, seems to be more upset that Tre wanted Robyn as a housewife over her. That’s what I get by Dolores’ opinion about Tre.

      • Hmmm. Interesting points.
        I think the reason Dolores doesn’t stand up for Teresa is because of her loyalty (I think I’m gonna hurl if I hear that word again!) to the Asian drunkard.

        Oh, there’s be hell to pay in Franklin Lakes if she crossed the line.

        Dolores is all hair, all teeth, all tits & ass, and absolutely no substance.

  • Are you a child, Lara? You’re “excited” about the idea of watching grown women fight? Is that the only interaction that can hold your attention?

  • Dullores does have a point about all the nasty crap Dani spoke on Tre while at “camp” BUT I’ve seen Danielle have Tre’s back in the few eps than Dull has done all the years she’s been on Housewives, even the days when she was just a “friend”…she and that Soggy are so full of crap…I’m glad Margaret supports Tre, it’s just what she needs after all the bs everyone has put her thru!

    • Most all of “them” said nasty things about T, in and out of prison, including her own family. As I said below, if T wants to move on then move on. None of Dullorass’s business.

      Dull is grasping, needs a story line besides the ex moving in…like that’s really true. And the gym (s) she doesn’t seem to go to or use…lard ass.

      Love The Marge.

    • I’m with Dolores, I think Danielle knows in order to b a housewife again is to suck up to Teresa. She lost her job nd went through a lot when Teresa, Jacqueline, Dina, Caroline didn’t want to film with her. U don’t forget that!!!!!! Nd bk then, Danielle was struggling with her 2 girls. Danielle will turn on her as soon as she makes herself indispensable!!!!!

  • Jacqueline, Kathy, and Rosie also said negative things while Teresa was away. But Dolores didn’t mind trying to mend those broekn relationships season 7. I don’t get her point.

  • I don’t think Teresa and Dolores were ever tight. I know plenty of people from the neighborhood growing up, and I wouldn’t demand their loyalty now that we work together.

    It’s obvious she is tight with Siggy, Jac and Caroline. There’s NOTHING wrong with that. I’m sure Jac & Caroline said PLENTY of shit about Teresa, and I’m sure Dolores didn’t shut them down.

    It’s between Teresa and Danielle. If Teresa wants to look the other way (like she did with Joe & Melissa), it’s HER call and HER call only.

    Don’t go trying to be the Don, Dolores. That ship sailed when Clownzo left.

    • Agree Luvs.

      Dullorass needs to shut her phony pie hole. Dull did nothing but chase after Booze Bag last season, when Booze Bag was out to destroy T, again.

      Now Dull is firmly planted up Soggy’s butt. Both Dull and Sog are looking for attention and bring it publicity to keep their (still boring) jobs.

    • I agree, Tre forgiving Danl is between them. The thing I get out of this interview is that Tre is taking Dans word against Dolo. IMO, Tre should at least give the benefit of the doubt based on how long she claims to be friends with Dolo. They’re all screaming loyalty but rarely show it.

  • Dolores has never stuck up for Teresa- the only people she has stuck up for are Siggy and Jacqueline. I’ve never once seen her back up Teresa on anything. Even when Jacqueline was acting insane in Vermont last year, she kept kissing her ass.

    At this point Danielle is more loyal than flip flopping two-faced Dolores. Dolores is probably reporting back to her bosses Caroline and Jac as we speak.

  • Totally see Dull’s point. And Tre may regret it one day. But not today and not this filming season.

  • As boring as I think Dolo is, I do see her point. Danielle said nasty things about Tres time away, Tre had to know that. Regardless how close or not Tre and Dolo have been over the years, for Tre to blindly believe Danielle, is a slap in the face. I’m still waiting to see the “loyalty” ALL of these women claim to have, lol.

    • You are assuming that Dolores hasn’t said negative things about Teresa’s to other people and that this is the first time Teresa is hearing this. They all know each other and have friends in common so if one is talking about the other, best believe they were told. If other people have told Teresa the same thing, she will take Danielle word for it cause she already know it’s true. Jersey is different from the other franchise in that they are actually know each other and have hung out together.

      • I’m not assuming anything. My opinion is based on what I’ve seen/heard. Danielle said nasty things about the Gs and prison. Tre claims she knows Dolo 20yrs and wants loyalty, she should give benefit of the doubt. You can’t demand loyalty without giving a little.

        • Sorry if I offended you but my point is that the Jersey franchise run in the same circle and know each other and therefore there are some things that happen off camera that we don’t know off.

          I’m just saying that Teresa already knows that Dolores says negative things or co-sign what others say about her. Dolores is friends with Jac and we know that she can’t help herself when it comes to Teresa. We all know that Jac says negative things about Teresa. I didn’t see Dolores defending Teresa to Jacqueline.

          It’s Dolores right since she seems closer to Jacqueline than Teresa. With this in mind, why wouldn’t Teresa believe Danielle.

          • A-82… no worries. I know you weren’t trying to offend. ? I was just trying to explain that I try not to assume with these HWs. The times I have. I was proven wrong. So now I’m a see what I see gal, lol You’re right, Tre has no real reason to believe Dolores over D. As I said, my issue is just that Tre and Dolo keep spewing about this 20yr ‘friendship” and loyalty, so both should be giving the benefit of the doubt until they confront each other. TBH, I don’t believe either really mean it, but if you’re going to call for it, you should at least pretend, lol

        • I’ve heard and seen T say some pretty nasty things about D also. If they can work it out good for them. They don’t need Dull butting in for camera time.

          I still have my doubts about D, so I’m waiting to see how this all shakes out.

          • Waiting for that powder keg to explode myself.
            She’s playing nice, but can turn on a dime.
            Time will tell.

          • Agreed. T and Danl should work out their own stuff. I just think Dolo, for now until a blow out , should get the benefit if the doubt in a she said/she said thing.

  • lol. Dolores does not have better things to do. She certainly isn’t in the gym. This show is Teresa’s income. Danielle brings it and therefore brings ratings. That is ultimately good for Teresa’s income. Thank goodness for Margaret. She is the most interesting BY FAR

  • Does anyone know how Teresa’s book is doing? I see on her instagram she is doing all her press rounds. Love it!

    • Marty – I can’t be sure but last I heard it was number 6 or 7 on the best seller list. Pretty good.