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It’s Official Katharine McPhee and David Foster Are So Dating!

After months of speculation and gossip, the world can officially confirm that David Foster and Katharine McPhee are dating or at least getting frisky together.

David and Katharine were spotted getting up close and personal during what looks like a date in Brentwood, CA on Sunday.

In fact, the rumored couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

David and Katharine had their arms wrapped around each other while Katharine grabbed David’s butt and kissed him on the cheek during a stop at the ATM.

Check out the pictures obtained by X17Online.com below!

Meanwhile, Katharine and David deny they’re dating and claim to be just friends.

However, the signs are all there and pictures don’t lie.

One source tells Us Weekly,“It’s a little more than casual, but they’re not exclusive. Kat thinks they should be a little more serious, but it’s mainly casual on his part.”

“They started hooking up in March or April,” the source adds. “They called things off for a little bit, but are now back together.”

A second source adds,“David Foster and Katharine are hooking up and casually dating on the down low. They are just having fun right now, but they have such a great chemistry and really connect organically on so many levels. There is potential for things to escalate in the future. They were working together and things blossomed as they worked closer with one another. Erin and Sara are particularly fond of Katharine are particularly fond of Katharine and think she is just the most wonderful person. They are totally team McFoster!”

I think Katharine and David need to admit they are involved. I mean it’s pretty obvious.

Thoughts on the photos of Katharine and David? Do these pictures confirm Katharine and David are dating?

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  • Trying not to judge , can’t help a little bit lol , because I think his daughters are her age . I don’t care who dates who and what not but when one has kids same age as one they are shagging it just makes Ewww face lol !!

  • Gross. I’ve read blinds about her in the past, ‘dating’ for help in her career etc. Guess nothing has changed.

    • Maybe she wants to build a sand castle, because David Foster is a mummy. Desert sand is all she’s getting from that decrepit ass. Dude’s older than a hill…

    • Gross is right poor her! Is she desperate! He is a grody old man that can’t get a woman his own age because they are way to smart for him! Yuck why does anyone care who he is dating he is not a housewife have people forgot he was her husband and she is no longer a housewife? I’m sure there is someone out there that cares who he is banging but why this site? Oy he is Nasty old and an insensitive narssis! Loves himself yuck and yuck! Ok done!

  • From what I read they are doing it for the Paparazzi, they are still good friends and that’s it. Every time they see someone taking their pictures they doing something to make them think they are dating. I’m going with them being friends.

    • Wow really ??? I fought so hard against this rumor because it didn’t seem logical . But who do I know ?

      G morning sweetie ?????

      • Hello Sunshine I think I read it in people or dm. I don’t think Sara and Erin would love this…but who knows. The fact the McFoster spend so much time together makes me wonder though.

        • I thought he was dating Liz Hurley . He’s always dated women his age maybe he’s having a delayed midlife crisis ?. If I see a convertible, it will confirmation ?

          • He always dates younger and when they start getting some age on them he dumps them for a younger version

              • I think Bruce jenners ex , Linda Thompson ? Is that her name ?? I think they also did a reality tv try back in the day .

                • Oh YES you’re right !! I remember a glimpse of that show ! Ok so she wasn’t younger either . I don’t think he has a history of marrying younger women