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Jason Hoppy Issued 6-Month Stay Away Order In Bethenny Frankel Stalking Case!

Lucky break?

Jason Hoppy has taken a plea deal in the stalking and harassment case that his ex-wife Bethenny Frankel filed against him earlier this year.

As part of the plea deal, Jason has been ordered to stay away from Bethenny for six-months.

The court case was adjourned in contemplation of dismal. However, the stalking and harassment case will only be dismissed and sealed if Jason abides by the stay-away order and does not get arrested for six months.

In fact, the stay-away order declares that Jason cannot contact Bethenny in any capacity including phone, email, or through a third party. Jason also has to stay away from Bethenny’s home and businesses.

But that’s not all, Jason also cannot go to his daughter Brynn’s school when Bethenny is there.

If Jason violates the stay-away order he will be arrested and face criminal charges.

“We are pleased but not all surprised that the charges were dismissed,” Jason’s attorney Alex Spiro told reporters after the plea deal announcement“It is clear from the trajectory of this case that her claims were not substantiated or credited given that their motive was questioned. Mr. Hoppy looks forward to moving on with his life and his daughter.”

No word on what Bethenny thinks of Jason’s plea deal and stay away order.

Are you surprised Jason got a plea deal? Do you think Jason will abide by the stay-away order? Can Jason and Bethenny finally move on?

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  • Jason and his parents probably rue the day he met crazy freak Bethenny. His parents were so loving and kind on the tv show. This woman has alienated her own mother and every relative.

  • The court does not issue those kinds of orders lightly — I don’t care WHO you are. There was obviously enough credible evidence of the threat Jason poses that they lowered the boom by excluding him even from his child’s school when the custodial parent is there. Wow. Dude has problems.

  • At 6 months she can just get a restraining order I have been through this he stalked her Bryn has her own phone daddy could call her …sorry do not agree with comments .she doesn’t owe him crap ..he was very controlling when they first got together they break up he lost the control of her life

    • She is the controlling one. Who in their right mind would try to throw an ex in jail due to texts and email. She did everything to push his buttons for him to show up at school. She tried to improve her image with her charity branding for PR. Gave herself plenty of props on twitter about what a great job she was doing. hahahah she is so bogus. Hope you saw her cleansing this past weekend at the ocean. The one where she was wearing her underwear, she is a tremendous role model for Bryn.

      • The posters in the beginning were all up in arms cuz I was sticking up for Jason. Then thankfully I got some backup, We r Family, Mitzy Just me, sun kissed. I got to copy what Mitzy wrote it’s really good read . Be right back.

      • Mitzy wrote this I hope it’s ok to do this but it’s a great read.

        It took me awhile to find this. I have been ill for few months, and seriously typing away at this place! lol

        I posted this during the reunion, It’s my OPINION and hypothesis as to what happened , based on what I have read in blogs, media outlets, Bravo, public statements, and social media feeds that conveyed critical inside information that seemed credible and were cited and dissected in various blogs, plus the actual court records.

        For those that are interested, the appellate court records are available to anyone and are a reliable source of detailed information as to the property distribution.

        I admit, I could be wrong about everything, but I doubt it!

        “Let’s break this down. Here’s what I have derived from press, blogs, Twitter, etc.:

        Bethenny agreed to communicate with Jason regarding Bryn during her custody periods. This was incorporated in a court order, their final decree likely outlining the custody terms.

        She had no problem doing this until last year when she lost her umpteenth appeal, and the apartment was declared, yet again, to be marital property. Since she had no evidence to challenge this ruling, she had to settle. She sold the apartment and split the proceeds with Jason. Divorce was final.

        Bethenny was livid. Bitter. She lost. Jason held his own, never said one word to the press, and beat her fair and square in a court of law. Never mind that she was legally wrong, and didn’t have evidence to support the claim from day 1. Her attorneys likely told her this repeatedly BTW. But she never listens does she?

        So after she cut that final check, suddenly, she doesn’t want to communicate per the order.

        And Jason was persistent. He wanted to speak to his child, so he called. It had to be unnerving to hand your 6 year old over to an intern, and have NO clue where she was going, what she was doing. So, when he calls, Bethenny doesn’t answer. So, he calls again. Then he emails. Texts. No response, so he emails her boyfriend, whom he knows is with her.

        Then, Bethenny has her loser, shady lawyer-man send a “cease and desist” which is meaningless legally. Jason has every right to contact someone who is caring for HIS child. Cease and desist being a responsible parent complying with a court order? So then, Bethenny flat out tells Jason she will not speak to him.

        But wait — they are Co parents of a 6 year old? He has never been violent with her or her child. So this is just a matter of being annoyed and not wanting to be bothered. Practically speaking, how can you expect to not speak to a co-parent for 12 additional years and not expect serious problems?

        Months of this, and Jason has had it. He’s going to file a motion to have her held in contempt because she is violating the order. He is pissed.

        So what does she do? She pre-empts him with this BS criminal case. Until the criminal case is resolved, the civil court will defer the contempt.

        Shady IMO.

        I am so tired of her acting like this is more than it is. It is not about violence. He is clearly NOT obsessed with her. He is obsessed with HIS child. And if she would have picked up the damn phone, NONE of this would have happened. None of it.

        Explain to me how Bryn will feel when she finds out that her mother refused to answer her fathers calls when he wanted to speak to her, find out about how she was? The child clearly adores Jason. Does Bethenny actually think that hanging a misdemeanor conviction on Jason is going to HELP that child?

        If there is a communication problem, the courts have remedies. Electronic communication systems filtered and monitored by professionals. What Bethenny has done is absolutely unconscionable.

          • why don’t you see if you can go back. The thread there about this is up to almost 700 posts. Thankfully more non-fans came on then the few crazy ones that think she is all that. Mitzy is amazing she just keeps showing them on how wrong they are on everything.

  • I don’t get it. How can Jason’s atty claim victory that the “charges were dismissed” – when Jason accepted a plea deal? Isn’t that the same as admitting guilt to the charges made against him?? Also, how will he be able to pick up & drop off Bryn without having any contact with BFrankelstein???

    • Not in this case he didn’t plead guilty due to insufficient info from the prosecutor. If he had accepted the 2 other plea deals he would have plead guilty and gotten anger management. He fought he won. The stay away was already in place now it’s extended. Literally there was no case…it was trumped up charges you know for the bitch to stay in the fame game. She doesn’t give a damn what it does to her daughter. I’m guessing she had Bryn last holiday season and that was all the texting that he did to try and see his kid. I sure hope it’s his year to have Bryn for the holidays.
      She is so horrible to keep saying she wants him out of her life, I am so glad that isn’t going to happen. If she wanted a kid so bad she should of gone to a sperm bank and done it all on her own. She is the biggest POS ever.

      • Oh. Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize how this worked.
        I totally agree with you that BF should have utilized a sperm bank, instead of using a “sperm donor” without his consent.
        I actually like that Jason irritates her. Albeit, I think she trumped up the affects for a SL & pity points. Without pressing the stalking issue, Barfenny would be considered an attention seeking, narcissistic asshole.

        • no 3rd party communication either. I don’t know how they have been doing it but he at least has practice. We’ll see how long it takes for her to incite him. I hope he goes the way of the courts and think he will if she tries anything.

          • Right. Jason should. It’s really interesting that BF’s gullible fans believe her side of the story. Jason has been extremely discreet and said nothing, publicly. I hope he prevails at the end of this legal action, just to piss BF off!

            • I hope she gives him the opportunity to go after her with cops, courts what ever. He probably wouldn’t for Bryn’s sake…but it would be fun.

    • Yes he does! Courts don’t just accuse you of things if they have no proof. He should have had therapy and if he missed it, sat in jail. I hope this woke him up. Nobody deserves to be stalked and scared because they have an ex!