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Dolores Catania Denies Being Disloyal to Teresa Giudice While Trashing Newbie Margaret Josephs!

Dolores Catania is not going to sit back and watch her BFF Siggy Flicker get maligned by RHONJ newbie Margaret Josephs.

In a new interview, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star slams Margaret for her treatment of Siggy and says Margaret should have never gotten involved in Siggy’s cake drama with Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice.

“I don’t like what you did whether Siggy is my friend or not,” Dolores explained about Margaret. “You don’t have to be loyal to her, but I don’t like you jumping into a fight and going against her when it has nothing to do with you.”

Warning Margaret, “Stay the f**k out of it. It wasn’t your fight; it wasn’t my fight. Stay out of it!”

Meanwhile, Dolores defends getting involved in Siggy, Melissa, and Teresa’s fight; claiming she only got involved when Margaret attacked Siggy.

“I wasn’t turning against Teresa [Giudice] or Melissa [Gorga],” Dolores revealed. “I never said a word when Siggy and Teresa and Melissa were fighting. I told Siggy to calm down. As long as no one touches each other, I stay out of it when it’s amongst friends. But when Margaret starts yelling at Siggy across the table and calling her names and Melissa and Teresa allow it, how can I let all these people gang up on Siggy?”

In fact, Dolores claims Margaret only got involved in the fight to kiss Melissa’s ass.

“I don’t know where it comes that I’ve turned against Teresa. Margaret jumps down Siggy’s throat because she has a problem of her being friends with Kim D. she’s trying to kiss Melissa’s a** and turn against a person she’s never met before.”

Dolores then questions Margaret’s character saying, “I don’t know Margaret from nobody. For her to come into my group of friends and jump into a fight that even I would stay out of? Who is she? She doesn’t have the same family values and principles that we all came from.”

As for the rest of season 8, Dolores says Margaret is the cause for every fight.

“Margaret was behind every fight. Everything was escalated because of Margaret. I’ve been around long enough to know that a lot of the things that went on against Siggy would not have gone on if Margaret wasn’t there.”

Dolores wraps by calling Margaret’s behavior “mean girl 101.”

If Margaret caused every fight, then the cast should be thankful to her because then there would be no drama and the season would have sucked. Margaret and Siggy’s feud gets uglier and uglier by the day. Honestly, it’s too much at times. I knew things were bad between them, but I didn’t think it would get this ugly.

Thoughts on Dolores’ interview? Do you think Siggy was ganged up on? Is Margaret being painted the villain?

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  • Jeepers

    Siggy’s hemmeroid Deloris says she doesn’t know Margaret from nobody. Then Delores says that Margaret doesn’t have the same family values and principals that we all came from. Well Ms. Hemmeroid, how do u know what values and principals Margaret has since u said you don’t know her from nobody. Delores boring ass just worried she gonna lose her spot on the show to someone that actually has a personality. I’m so tired of watching her implanted up Siggy’s ass.

  • Marc

    Dolores, Sit the Fu*k down and shut the Fu*k up. Your fake story line and you and Siggy – Bullcrap. You are Caroline Manzo’s bitch, Wacky Jaq’s whore and Soggy Siggy’s butt licker. Looser.

  • michers

    WTF Dolo? Such a nasty hypocrite . Why the hell did you sit on your thick ass when Loonarita went in on Teresa time and again ? You’re a faux DO…Girl Bye

    • michers

      I forgot also that , she’s only ever been ” loyal” to Jac and Sig , said nothing while Kim D trashed and attacks Teresa , so how exactly is she NOT disloyal to someone that considers her not just a friend but sister since they were basically kids? Dolo just comes across as challenged by truth .


    Dolorifice needs to sit down and stfu. Margaret was and is, in the right. Soggy bottom is so far out of line she’s on a different parallel. Dolorifice recognizes that they’re in the minority yet is still hoping and praying that she can change the tides. If Margaret is front and center in a lot of the fights, I bet she’s calling out both of them on their treachery and their goals of becoming break out stars. Pulleaze…

  • Lea

    It is a huge leap for us to believe the Margaret has it in for Siggy because she is friends with Kim D. Come on.

  • rhfan

    paint drying, grass growing, Dolo talking…. Next, lol.

    • lipppo jaqqq

      that’s what i do. i shake my shoes on my dolor-mat and proceed. next…ho-hummm.


      Teeheehee ?… I hope they both go down this season! Team Margaret!

    • michers

      LOL.. And Sig crying

  • Janet

    Someone please make her stop already. She has a hard on for Marge big time. Did she not hear Siggy tell Marge to F-Off? On top of the other names she called them. And Dolores’ storyline is BS with regards to her “ex moving in with her”. She knew he was moving in but there was no furniture in the room he was going to be staying in? Me thinks is a lie and only for the show to give her something resembling a story line. Teresa better watch out. This season I definitely get a weird vibe from Dolores, as if she is reporting stuff back to people, etc. We will see what happens.

  • Dave

    Oh Dolores, Jacqueline and Siggy’s good soldier. Can’t believe this girl has her ‘loyalty’ tagline- she’s a two-faced snake and a friend to no one! Teresa better watch out.


      I think you’re spot on, Dave. Maybe that’s where Margaret comes in, calling out their bs, and watching out for T???? Hmmmm…

    • michers

      True that Dave

  • Ilona

    Dolores and Tre’s friendship is as fake as Dolores’s Ass

    • luvs2ride

      Good one!


    Sounds like Margaret is doing everything RIGHT! ?? As for Dolores I keep telling y’all that she belongs in MOB WIVES it comes through in the way she talks. Also Her Ex Frank is a regular Joe Giudice if you know what I’m saying. Take from that what you will.

    • Ilona

      I agree 100% on Frank Sr. No doubt these “contractors” all do shady shit in Jersey.

  • September24

    Didn’t Taylor RHOBH yell at KimR to speak up? Dull’s blog is reminding me of a RHOBH episode…. Anyone remember?

    • michers

      She also said she’d go Oklohoma on her ass lol

      • September24

        LOL! Thank you!

        • michers

          Welcome honey

  • Betty

    Didn’t even read the blog. She is a bore. She should really get in better shape. For owning a gym, she looks a mess.

    • Vita40

      I’ve said the same thing previously, and it’s two gyms now. I’ve walked into a gym and walked right out after meeting an owner that wasn’t in shape. I have nothing against overweight or out of shape people. But, if that’s your industry and you don’t reflect the whole point of your business, it’s just not a place I want to work out in. She’s lucky she just comes in and sashshays around every so often.

      • luvs2ride

        Great post, Vita.

      • FUCHESS

        I agree! I do that for all kinds of businesses too… hair stylists, etc..

    • Jeepers

      Exactly, she looked like Pillsbury dough boy with that white tennis outfit she had on. Maybe Siggy was having her ass bleached and Delores couldn’t get out of her butt fast enough. Hence the white tennis outfit.

      • Betty

        I forgot about that; her trying to play a sport. She wasn’t good at that either. 🙁

  • VtheFashionista

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why Delores is so obsessed with Margaret. Margaret hasn’t done a thing to her.

    • BAPS C

      Because she can not control her. She is acting like Jac, and look what happen to Jac-barely anyone wanted her on the show because Jac was trying to control everything. Dolores comes across like she likes to control and tell people what to do. The only person she bows down to is Siggy. I think she might be afraid that Marg and Siggy might get closer and that would x her out. I also think she insecure and trying to play a game to kept her spot with being Siggy’s close friend. Siggy and Dol do have a natural connection and Siggy so over the top that Dol can hid herself and any secrets about her. She does not want any major storylines about her like it was with Tre. She might be hiding something.

    • luvs2ride

      Storyline, maybe?

      • FUCHESS

        That’s right, Luvs because there’s sure nothing there with her ex moving back in and that charade.

    • mar

      She can not control Marg. And that maybe Marg could take her place as Siggy’s close friend.