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Siggy Flicker Defends Her Friendship with Kim D.

Kim DePaola is one of the most controversial figures on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she’s set to make quite the appearance during season 8.

As always Kim D’s presence causes a ton of drama especially considering her past with the RHONJ cast.

On the one hand, Kim is the sworn enemy of Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, and on the other, she’s good friends with Siggy Flicker.

Quite the conundrum, right?

It’s no secret that Siggy’s friendship with Kim D has raised more than one eyebrow. In fact, earlier this year we questioned how Siggy’s association with Kim D could affect her friendships with Melissa and Teresa.

So, why does Siggy remain friends with Kim D?

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Siggy explained why she’s friends with Kim D and why she has no plans to end their friendship.

“Well, the thing is that Kim D. is my friend, and I’m gonna stand behind her, and there’s nothing that anybody can do about it,” Siggy explained. “I’ve been friends with her five years prior to even knowing who Melissa and Teresa were.”

Plus, Siggy says one day Melissa and Teresa could be friends with Kim D again.

“You never know where friendships are gonna go. Who would’ve thought that Melissa and Teresa would be so close? And who would’ve thought that Teresa flipping a table at Danielle [Staub], and now they’re namaste-ing together,” Siggy pointed out. “So I’m a leader; I’m not a follower, and I’m just not gonna dump friends because my friends don’t get along.”

Check out Siggy’s WWHL clip below!

I’ve talked to Siggy several times about this subject, and she’s made it clear she ALWAYS shuts Kim D down when she tries to bad mouth Teresa in front of her. I think Siggy’s in quite the pickle but if she can be friends with everyone than good for her.

Will Siggy’s friendship with Kim cause issues with Melissa and Teresa?

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  • Siggy is Full of It! She wants to be the authority on Class, IQ and Trashy Behavior then says she stands 100% behind Kim D. Sorry that’s an either or position you can’t have both. Also the way Kim D. actively attacks Teresa and Melissa it’s no way she can be friends with both. Either shes a friend to one over the other or she’s actually friends with neither.

  • What r we in, high school???? Siggy can b friends wit whoever she wants. Melissa is so far up Teresa behind, she can’t have a thought unless Teresa says ok. I like Teresa but over the years, this show has formed around her. Who is for her Nd who aint. Nd if ur not, ur out

  • Girl please ! Leader isn’t in your vocabulary .
    Gee that’s something to brag about ” friends and nothing anyone can do ..” Why defend that so hard ? What does she have in her lap about you Sog? Her friend timelines are whacky also; hardly friends with Jax , her and Kim 5 years , Dolo – anyone’s guess since her real bestie is in Boca.

  • Paraphrasing, She’s going to stand by her friend and not dump her because somebody doesn’t like her, that’s the only thing she’s ever said that I like or agree with. That’s all I got, lol.

  • I think it is perfectly fine for Siggy to keep any friendship she wants. The onus is on Teresa and Melissa – Kim D. has shown she will use any speck of dirty, gossip, private information or even falsehoods and lies she can twist to attack Teresa and Melissa to get air time on the show, to gain media exposure or possibly be paid by the tabloids. So it is up to Teresa and a Melissa to ensure they keep a more superficial, just work friend relationship with Siggy and not an intimate friendship or confide in her at all. Whatever they tell Siggy, they must assume could be repeated that same day to Kim D. and sold to the tabloids or twisted for the most damage. Siggy does not need to change her life – Teresa and Melissa just need to know where they stand with Siggy and that her loyalty is to Kim D. (And Jaqueline too) so be very cautious around her. If it was me, outside of filming I would keep the time spent with Siggy very limited. Kim D. has viciously gone after Joe, Teresa, her kids even just weeks within Teresa’s mother passing – this is a person who wants to hurt you and cause real damage. You must be smart and protect yourself around such people.

  • Would you go out of your way to become friends with her? Kim D has always been pretty intense. I get if you shop in her store making small talk, but why become friends? Can’t help but think Siggy liked having a D list friend.

    • Yeah I thought it to be odd and why now and right before season , did she make it so known that they’re friends? It’s almost as if she plays these friend games on purpose , showing his spiteful she is. Good -go be friends with the hag but we don’t need it shoved down our throats and either does Teresa after what Kim did to her . Sog is a mess.

  • Watch your back Zig-Zag. KimD betrayed Tre and she will betray you. All for filming. That’s the point everyone is trying to get through to you.

  • Even though I cant stand Siggy this season I do agree with what she has to say. Just because I or my friends don’t like a specific person, I’m not expecting all of my friends to dislike them as well just because I do. That’s simply childish it’s just life if someone hasn’t done anything wrong to you personally, its not my place to say who you should or shouldn’t be friends with regardless of how vile that nasty Kim D is lol!

    • She has a point but on the show she acted like they weren’t allowed to talk about Kim D. I noticed that Teresa didn’t say anything, the conservative was between Melissa and Danielle.