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Lisa Rinna Returning to Scripted TV! Which Hit Show Did She Recently Guest Star On?

Good news for all you RHOBH fans! While we aren’t to Beverly Hills season quite yet, we can get a mini fix as Lisa Rinna has returned to TV. Only this time there is no wine glass throwing or statements of ‘owning’ it.

Lisa recently guest starred on the popular ABC prime time sitcom The Middle. For those that haven’t seen the show, The Middle is about a middle class family in Indiana constantly trying to make ends meet. Lisa plays Tammy Brooks, the filthy rich mother of Lexie who is also Axl Heck’s girlfriend. The Brooks family is from Carmel (a wealthy suburb of Indianapolis) and they don’t have much in common with the working class Heck family.

I watch the show regularly and I think that Lisa was a perfect fit for the Tammy Brooks role. Honestly she pretty much just had to be herself considering her role was an energetic, happy, wealthy housewife! You can check out a preview of Lisa’s guest starring role in the clip below:

I personally can’t wait for RHOBH to come back as it never fails to bring the drama and glitz that we all want. No disrespect to Jersey or the OC, but Beverly Hills is usually on another level.

What did you think of Lisa Rinna’s Guest Starring role? Do you prefer her on reality TV or scripted TV?

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  • Those that hate her would be glad for her to be on the show full time and quit RHOBH. Me, I like her and this question seems stupid. js

      • I was talking about LR… I know Shannut is your boo, boo! I admire you for still supporting her! The lady needs help as I’ve thought from her first season, albeit she, at least, was more whacky then, but she keep coming back and her problems became only worse. LR, I do like her… she’s a little out there, and too much from the cuff sometime, but overall, a breath of fresher air.

        Love you Boo! ??????????

          • I don’t think I really have a “girl” among any of the shows except for Tre. I’m all about Team Tre!! Hahahateehehehohoho! ???????? love you Too! Team Mother of Dragons ?????

  • I can’t stand Rinna but do agree it’s the perfect fit for her. Been watching the Middle since the first episode and this is the final season. 🙁

    • It was a good fit for her and wasn’t really a stretch. The only unbelievable part was her eating the ribs. Lol. I also love the show and was bummed to see it’s ending.

    • I like that show too :). Can’t believe it’s a final season . Guess they don’t have much more to do with the ” kids ” growing up and moving on ?

  • GRinna is a repulsive, obnoxious, mentally unstable mess of a woman. I can’t even look at her for more than a second due to her plumped up freakish fish lips!!!! What she spews is pure 100% bullsh*t. On RHBH, GRinna had NO story line, beyond “questioning” & “accusing” others of ridiculous scenarios she concocted in her scattered, deranged mind. Her husband, HarryHamlin-HarryHamlin can keep her (preferably out of sight & gagged).

    • My first thought when I saw her on this episode was damn she got a real job. She’s the reason I quit watching RHOBH. She is a pos but not as big of one as FOF. 🙂 I love that she keeps trying to make her girls big models but I don’t see that happening either.

    • I have to say, I’ve very interested where she will go this year in her SL. Will she latch onto Cunty (which is my prediction) and or will she choose a cast member to single out and pick on and how will the other women interact with her, especially LVP and Dorit.

      • I’m not that interested. GRinna lacks nuance. She’s the same old, same old. Worse than her one note boring side; her freakish fish lips are too deformed for me to look at her face for more than 1 second.

      • bits ??? I have my own lame excuse that is by no means sensible . I disagree with her politically and I know that shouldn’t matter in terms of her acting but it matters to me ?. Sorry ????

        • Fair enough. I may not want to know her politics. I’m a huge fan of Everybody Loves Raymond. More a huge fan of Ray Ramono.

        • Ahhhh ok ! I was wondering too ! It’s a good role for her . Did this know the hubs is from the show Scrubs lol????

          • Michers ???? omg I haven’t seen you for ages!! I sent you a few posts but you must’ve not have gotten the alerts . I’m hardly getting alerts anymore
            Sooooooooo good to see you ?????!!
            Yes I have loved scrubs so that was so cute xoxo

            • Oh no – I didn’t see them !!! I know a few peeps had mentioned things were off with their alerts as well . Good to see you also 🙂 Hope you had a good Monday XO

              • Yes great Monday thank you , hope you as well !! I don’t watch NJ so not on those threads maybe what’s why we miss each other

                Quick tea! Hazel E was fired from LHH after making homophobic remarks ?? they never learn do they

                • OMG!!! Wow . I’m surprised although I didn’t finish the season . Those ladies get cray but I’m kinda surprised that she would . Ya just never know with some . I am impressed that the network handled that ! Others need to follow that lead … I’m looking at you Bravo …

                  • This was a very bad season. Tonight is part 2 of the reunion. Hollywood is just not as good as Atlanta . Yes the network axed her right away , so you would think ANDY would act swift when it comes to this homophobia bs but he doesn’t

                    • I think Stevie will still be around but who knows . Jocelyn got fired over her diva antics and refusing to film the reunion. At the end of last season they played this shady montage of Jocelyn basically abusing the filming crew . She is RUDE

                    • They’re in court over their daughter’s custody of course ??? she’s a hot mess . She thought she was bigger than the show
                      NY starts next Monday . I’ve never seen it but I will start

    • Apparently she is a nightmare to work with so your feelings might have some merit where she is concerned.