Andy Cohen EXCLUSIVES Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of New Jersey - RHONJ Teresa Giudice

AATRH Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Reveals She Hasn’t Always Loved Andy Cohen!

Teresa Giudice and Andy Cohen have a special relationship, but it turns out it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, during a recent event, that the AATRH Team attended, Teresa made a shocking revelation about her relationship with Andy.

Teresa confessed that at first, she didn’t like Andy at all.

“Well, I didn’t like him in the beginning,” Teresa revealed.

So, why didn’t Teresa initially like Andy?

“I always felt he asked me the hardest questions. Always put me on the spot. And I didn’t get it back then. I was really sensitive, and I was like why does he always have to pick on me. Obviously, he was just doing his job,” Teresa explained.

However, Teresa says now she and Andy are great.

“I love him now,” Teresa revealed. “We are close now, but at first I didn’t like him.”

I think at the beginning of RHONJ Andy favored Caroline, Dina, and Jacqueline cause he thought they were the stars of the show but when Teresa proved she was the star, Andy changed his tune.

Are you surprised that initially, Teresa didn’t like Andy?

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  • Gotta say not surprised at all Tre doesn’t like to be asked personal question esp back then she didn’t get it and yes Andy was so far up Caro & wacko Jacko esp caro ass IMO not only did he think she & wacko Jacko were the breakout stars but Tre has come a long way with her grasp of English & I’m not trying to put her down but she wasn’t all that savvy with the English language she was surrounded herself with italians nothing wrong in that just my opinion that’s why she didn’t understand his questions.

  • Wow!
    I have ALWAYS been “Team Teresa”. Check out the replys on from “His Sweet Younger Lover”. I never would have guessed, but apparently other people have. I feel bad for Teresa if it’s true.

  • Well, Not like she ever answers his questions or anyone else’s honestly! Such a liar this buttich. She’s made millions being a selfish screeching crook on this stupid show. She should be licking his butt hole!

  • O/T Just read in the New York Post that Tinsley RHONY has broken up with her coupon boyfriend. Sad. They moved too fast. Distance didn’t help. He’s in Chicago and she is in NYC.

  • She didn’t like him because she lied the first 6 seasons. Any questions about foreclosure, bankruptcy, Joe cheating on her, Joe calling her a c*nt b*tch were off limits. Andy wants answers and she would LIE. Couldn’t hide the fact she was going to jail though. Bahahaha. Or “camp” as she calls it.

    • Sorry Betty you are wrong here. It is Ms Marco who lies to Andy over and over again. No nose job. Sold a house. Fake tears about why she “sold” her house. As for Tre, no questions were off limits. Andy did question her about everything you say above and she answered.

      • Yes, he questioned her about it, and she would always ……lie. She later found out she couldn’t lie so easily the feds. Welcome to jail

    • I wish Andy asked those same questions of Jaq and Chris and their Signature Apparel lawsuit that dragged out for years.

  • No-one agreed with Andy’s questioning. He never went after Jac and her bk like he did with Tre. And then had her family join the show. And then filmed a reunion during the next season’s filming. Where is Andy now – enjoying Tre and her popularity. She is making him a lot of money.

  • Not surprised at all.
    Was it because Joe said “gaylord”? Probably. Was it because she shoved him at the Season 2 reunion? Sure.

    She was skewered for the Season 3, 4 & 5 reunions and he let everyone else skate. Pure vindictive bitch maneuver.

    He changed his tune for whatever reason (ratings & money, perhaps?), and treated her decently since Season 6. Good for him. He’s her cash cow.

  • We all know why Tre and I love her but we have to all recall season one when Juicy made a homophobic remark about the ballroom dancing. Andy was NOT pleased. I am glad they are in a good place now. They made each other a lot of money.

    • The thing is either Joey or Richie also made homophobic remarks but he never brought that up. Andy has never been fair when it comes to Teresa. As for her pushing him, he shouldn’t be embarrassed cause she can beat most of the Jersey guys.