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AATRH Exclusive: Find Out When the RHONJ S8 Reunion Is Filming; Plus More Reunion Scoop!

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Teresa Giudice is revealing some season 8 secrets!

The Standing Strong author held an intimate event at the Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton, NJ where she opened up about her life and spilled a ton of tea about her time on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Thankfully, I was there to witness it all first hand! #jackpot

There’s so much to spill so stay tuned to AllAboutTRH!

During the evening Teresa revealed that the RHONJ cast would be filming the season 8 reunion very soon.

“November 30, we are taping the reunion,” Teresa divulged.

Teresa’s lawyer, James J. Leonard, who moderated the event said he thinks this reunion will be the easiest one yet for her.

“It’s about time,” Teresa added.

Meanwhile, Teresa also revealed that she hasn’t enjoyed being on TV and looks forward to the day she can have an easy, enjoyable time on RHONJ.

“I do feel like I haven’t had my aha moment being on TV. Believe me, everyone thinks being on TV so glamorous, and it’s not.  I haven’t seen that; it hasn’t been glamorous for me because I’ve gone through hard times being on TV,” Teresa explained. “I still haven’t had a season I’ve enjoyed and this season was the hardest one yet because I lost my mom. Maybe in season 9, I’ll have fun cause I haven’t enjoyed being on TV.”

I love how honest and open Teresa was at this event. Like I said I have so much more dirt to share so stick around! I think the season 8 reunion is going to be crazy even if it’s easy peasy for Teresa.

Do you think the season 8 reunion will be easy for Teresa? Are you surprised Teresa hasn’t enjoyed being on reality TV?

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  • I’m not surprised because of how everyone betrayed her then also rode her damn ass to the bank and tv fame platform !!! That’s not enjoyable and it wasn’t fun to watch either . I don’t think anything to do with the show will ever be easy for her because she’s the most watched / polarizing ( for good and bad viewers) and her personal life for some reason ,gives jack holes a purpose to play on the web .

  • Tre is being honest. She hasn’t enjoyed any season. I blame you Ms Marco. In fact everyone does.

      • That was before family came on the show and so called friends started hating because she became the star of the show.

    • I blame prison and getting caught stealing. Thats not enjoyable when you get caught and have to go to …..prison. 🙂

    • Come on, getting caught in all your frauds and thefts had to be a lot worse than anything Ms Marco could possibly do. Even for someone like Tre it had to be embarrassing and I think that somewhere, deep down, Tre realizes that her quest for fame and fortune was her downfall. I may be giving her too much credit here, but just have to believe that, at least on some level, Tre understands that.

      • Nope. Ms Marco and cousin Kat came on her show out of jealousy. That makes for un-enjoyable filming. The reunions proved that. All that fighting and with your own family. I blame Ms Marco and hag family.

        • I’d much rather have a family argument than a prison sentence and the whole world knowing what a façade my entire being is.

  • Hmm… I’m skeptical that she says she hasn’t enjoyed being on TV. Watching since the beginning, I really think she enjoyed seasons 1 & 2. She was flaunting her fake wealth and lavish lifestyle, bragging how much money she spent, pretending she was above living in a “used home”, etc. IMO, her family coming on the show and her net worth being exposed as fake is what caused her not to like being on Tv. I stand by my opinion that if it was so terrible, she would have quit after the BK(season 2)to minimize the scrutiny her family was under, so clearly she enjoyed the fame and opportunity. I’m glad she’s fighting her way back, and I wish her luck, but I’m not a fan of revisionist history.

    • I think under normal circumstances , she or anyone else , would have quit but after all the fame came and debt led them to their trouble, how could she not stay and make that money ? The obvious choice for any person would be return . Any regular day to day job would never have been enough to get her on road to redemption .

      • I see what you’re saying. I was talking about her leaving the show after the BK filed (before season 2 aired)and Before the bk fraud was charged. At that point, they prob could have gotten away with the bk since they would not be running around spending money pretending life was good when they had all this debt. After the BK fraud came up, I totally can see why she had to stay. IMO ?

  • If she doesn’t enjoy being on tv then why the he’ll is she’s still on the show! She even said her kids don’t enjoy it either, She stays on cause she knows once the show is over she has no way to make any real money anymore and she will have to scale down her entitled lifestyle, oh the horror! And the way the ratings are it might be sooner then she thinks!!!

    • She has no other skill set except pimping out her kids and her “glamorous” lifestyle. LMAO. Now she even has her 16 year old daughter promoting a weight loss shake. #TerribleParent

  • This is what Danielle says next week, that Dolores said about Teresa doesn’t care about Anyone or Anything more than Money. The look on Siggy face says it all. Busted!!!

    • Really?! Did she supposedly say this to Danielle and Siggy, or did Danielle over hear her say this to Siggy?

      • Producers are saying it’s one of those things of Who to believe. It wasn’t said on camera. Myself sounds like something Jacqueline or Caroline would say and have said. I believe Dolores has said it …Sooo much chit goes down behind the scenes. Like I’ve said before Teresa is friendly with them all. Here’s a shocker Teresa has even said she would film with Kim D think she’s good TV..

        • Yes, I agree it does sound like something Jacqueline or Caroline would say or have said.
          To me, if Delores said something, maybe it was right now Teresa is only thinking/ caring about making money. Ya know cause of the circumstances. I don’t think she’d say something like in a nasty way. I don’t know ?????. I could be wrong.
          I did read that about Teresa saying that about Kim D. ?

          • How much you want to bet Teresa turned down a so called business opportunity Dolores wanted to do together or that statement is in reference to the Laurita black water business. First of all never mix business with pleasure and second, these people act like she owes them something because they are friends or family.

            Teresa is not going to waste her celebrity on stupid ideas that is not going to make her money and that is the way it should be. Anybody that wants to use a housewife on any type of business is because it will make them money. Why should Teresa waste her time on something that is not going to benefit her, cause they are friends? ?.

              • Pretty good theories, you guys. Who knows?
                I’m sure, this comment supposedly that Delores said to Danielle will be brought up at the reunion . Maybe the truth will come out there

            • I don’t think that’s right at all. I highly doubt anyone wanted Tre involved in BLK or anything else. By the time these products were being introduced, the truth about Tre was out there. Why would anyone want their product associated with a criminal who is very self involved and not very bright?

      • Ugh, I really don’t like these ‘off camera’ moments because it can be argued about all season. But, it is better to bring up on camera something that is affecting the whole group off camera. The viewers pick up on it and wonder why certain people are testy with each other otherwise.

  • So far she has been out of the drama, so it might be easier for her. Season just started though so she might get into it as we go along. Personally I am really enjoying this season. Margaret and Danielle are good additions.

    • I have to say, I like the season so far too. Margaret seems cool to me so far. Danielle.. Meh, I’m waiting..

  • She should thank her lucky stars she’s on Tv or she would would still be in jail for fraud. At least it paid for her lawyers who got her a lenient sentence.

      • I don’t think her being on TV had anything to do with their staggered sentences. It’s what the judge ruled.

        Yeah, alot of people don’t get that lucky, but some do.

        Your dislike for her may cloud your opinion, but the decision ultimately benefited her children.

        • When minor children are involved, the court try to keep one parent at home so them serving at the same time was never an option. She served her time which is all I care about.

          • That’s not true. At least where I live the courts don’t care if there are minor children involved and serving time at the same time is not an option, it is the standard.

    • I disagree she would still be in jail. The judge said he only gave her time because paperwork hadn’t been turned in on a timely manner. Ultimately she fulfilled her sentence or she would still be there.

      • Ultimately she wen to jail for bank and mail fraud. Didn’t help that they manufactured fake federal W-2’s. 🙂

        • I agree, those manufactured W-2’s were absolutely wrong and against the law, it shocked me to hear that. I am low on the totem pole and use H&R Block just to make sure I do everything right.

  • Teresa is a remarkable woman who has been through hell. She deserves a break and to be surrounded by genuine people who are there for her and won’t let her down. Most people would have become unhinged under all the heartbreak and stress Teresa has endured. I believe her when she says Namaste, or get the hell out of my way!

    • Tre is a criminal who is extremely self involved and materialistic. She is, in fact, so materialistic that it drove her to lying, stealing and fraud. She has an amazing ability to pass all blame that is assigned to her on to others so she never has to become introspective and understand that her own greed is what ultimately placed her in prison. Thankfully she isn’t really bright enough to process such information so she’ll never have to face the truth.