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Jacqueline Laurita Goes After Danielle Staub’s Looks; Plus Jacqueline and Kathy Wakile Reunite!

Jacqueline Laurita swears she’s not watching season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that’s not stopping her from taking swipes at certain cast members.

On Twitter, Jacqueline took a swipe at Danielle Staub‘s looks when she re-tweeted a tweet from Kim G.

In Kim G’s tweet, she attacks Danielle’s looks saying, “Look at the latest Halloween mask” while sharing an unflattering photo of Danielle.

Jacqueline then inserted herself into the shade tweeting “Holy shit, please stop!”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline further proved where her loyalties lie as she showed support for Kathy and Rich Wakile’s new restaurant Pizza Love.

On Instagram Jacqueline documented the Wakile’s and Laurita’s catching up over good food at Pizza Love.

Closed it down! #busyNight #Repost @kathywakile (@get_repost) ??? Friends Love @pizzalove_201 still #standingstrong

A post shared by Jacqueline Laurita (@jaclaurita) on

I don’t believe for a second that Jacqueline isn’t watching RHONJ. We should post unflattering photos of Kim G and Jacqueline and then mock them to see how they like it.

Thoughts on Jacqueline and Kim’s tweets? Do you believe Jacqueline isn’t watching RHONJ? Why do you think Jacqueline and Kim continue to be obsessed with Danielle?

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  • It is just more proof of how empty headed Kim G is. Only a simple mind would go after looks. Ugg Get off twitter Kim G and get your GED

  • OMG….Can someone find out what is wrong with Kathy’s face and Rich’s hair in that picture? She needs to lay off the self tanner apparently.

  • Both are Bitter ..wah wah Hags, & no one wants to see you or your nasty azzzz hubby’s. ..Go Away PLEASE

  • I can’t believe these two shriveled up over surgeried ( word lol?)loons are even getting publicity for being so immature !!!! And one is old enough to be a Granny and one IS a granny !

  • It’s nice to see they are standing strong together now that Chris has a fraudulent bankruptcy and is a criminal. Hey Jacko, how’s that Karma sandwich tasting???

  • I would love to see a photo either Kim G or Jacqaloon in the same position. Jacqueline shouldn’t talk her face looks jacked up when she is not bent over. Chris and Jacq are eating at Kathy’s place because they have no money to eat anywhere else, I am sure Kathy and Rich didn’t make them pay. I hope they enjoy living in a trailer, that is all they will be able to afford after they pay the millions they owe.

  • Is Jaq going after Tre, too, with her #standingstrong hash tag? Which, if you don’t know, Standing Strong is the title of Tre’s latest book. Typical coward Jaq move. Using social media to bully Tre & Danielle.

  • She’s so desperate and pathetic which makes her perfect company for a friendship with Kathy and Richie. He Husband is no less pathetic as he’s always standing by her side. At least the Manzo’s don’t pretend to care about Teresa’s relatives now that they’re no longer on the show.

  • What’s up with creepy Wakile using the hashtag of Teresa’s book #StandingStrong?? She’s such a beyotch!

  • Jac will say and do anything to try to remain relevant. She doesn’t realize that we are done with her.

    • Totally agree! The few Housewives blogs that reported about the Wakiles opening a pizza restaurant suggested that Richie stay away from the restaurant!

      His personality has the potential to annoy the patrons, should he try to entertain them.

      Then, Rich’s hygiene (greasy, long hair with his mouth hanging open) would clearly disgust customers, should they see him tossing pizza in the air!

  • O/T peace out on the JJ jewish journal. She has now gone to the dark side, and I believe this site also. She just had drinks and dinner with Siggy and Dolores. Things she’s saying about Margaret is not shown on the show, inside dirty dirty catty gossip. Pay the electric bill than your oven will work. Get a housekeeper and maybe your house won’t be so dirty. Only Margaret thinks she’s funny..’
    My question Why didn’t this site post Margaret blog.. . OBVIOUSLY Siggy has this site on her speed dial also

    • Mama Mia That Blogger? What a Goof , in my opinion. As far as what they / she spewed. Stupid , childish crap. All that stuff is all over Siggys twitter. Nothing earth shattering. Ridiculous!
      As far as this site not posting Margaret’s Blog. Maybe they haven’t had a chance yet.

      • Sorry it’s like Siggy sucks all these bloggers in and I know how she does it. Than it’s welcome to Siggy’s world they’re all her slaves.
        ‘This site has had plenty of chances to post Margaret’s Blog.

        • How does ” she suck them in” sorry, that’s freaking hysterical to me ? And how would you know, how she does it. Again , hysterical to me ?, sorry
          And seriously,I’m sure this site will get to posting Margaret’s Blog. Hold on.

          • Thank you…. I love to make people laugh, again thanks for such a lovely compliment. I guess I can be pretty hysterical at times… Me being Me just as You being You….Have a great weekend lovely @holycannoli…Love reading all your comments..

        • Don’t worry about this site, I think they know she can flip flop because she did it here. Last year she got in a fight with Jaq and went to various sites, this one supported her as well as the posters. They she immediately made up with Jaq and that was when everyone realized who she really is. She can’t be trusted. I don’t think even 12 hours had passed. Anyone remember the topic?

  • Them 2 making fun of anyone’s look is laughable. Kim G needs to go buy some Fix A Flat and blow it in her ass and Jack, just so much wrong with her plastic face I wouldn’t know where to begin. The ugliness between the 2 of them goes down in there bones.

  • Every picture of jacaholic is unflattering, some just worse then others so she needs to zip it when commenting on others looks. And, not for nothing…..wtf is up with Richie’s hairdo? Made me lol.

        • Me too! The LIVE ratings are overall low. BUT, RHONJ does do good in the 18-49 y.o. age group bracket. Which is the target age group networks look at.

          If Bravo does bring back that arrogant, egotistical, disturbed, hypocrite and coward they better bring up her foreclosure & business bankruptcy verdict! As a viewer, I find Jaq raging out on someone disgusting and not even entertaining!

  • Not cool for Kim Geritol to post that picture, or for Cracker Jac to comment. Neither one of them are all that. ? And I’m sure if anyone searched, they could find unflattering pictures of them as well!

    But I gotta say.. Omg, that picture of Strega Staub?

  • Ewwwwwww Chris and Rich creeeeep me the fuck out … I think danielle is very beautiful and it just looks like an unflattering inward camera shot. I’m not being bias I just know that when I turn my inward camera in it’s not always a pretty sight haha but seriously Chris and Rich give me the creeeeps

    • I’m sure you’re a handsome devil no matter what angle the camera is, but her face looks like it has cellulite.