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Bethenny Frankel Chimes in on Hollywood Scandal: “Harvey Is & Was a Beast!”

Almost everyone has been sharing a story or comment on the bombshell scandal that is Harvey Weinstein. Harvey was a huge NYC presence, so it comes as no shock that RHONY Bethenny Frankel is now speaking out on the disgraced mogul. In true B style, she does not mince words and, like many, is not buying the shocked response from La La Land.

Taking to Twitter, Bethenny called out the Hollywood heavyweight and did not hold back:

“Harvey is & was a beast. If I had $1 for every person in ‘the biz’ that pretends they didn’t know, I’d be richer than H before the fall.”

“Yup. & there are 20 names right behind him shuddering under the covers.. & they’re the famous ones. What about the regular offenders?”

Source: Twitter

Bethenny Frankel launched her own charity B Strong which is dedicated to helping women in crisis. Recently Bethenny traveled to locations devastated by the hurricanes to bring supplies and lend her assistance. Bethenny has also been a strong advocate for helping women get out of unhealthy marriages and gain their independence through meaningful work. I truly admire her for giving back and for acknowledging that many women do not have the resources to walk away.

I also think Bethenny is right on the money when she states many people knew what was going on and that sadly this is an everyday occurrence. Bethenny has worked with many women in crisis so I’m sure she has seen this many times before which is why she is speaking out. Kudos to the Skinnygirl for helping others and giving back! You can donate to B Strong by clicking here.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s comments about Harvey Weinstein?

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  • Let’s face it. The Harvey Weinstein story wouldn’t be on this site if not for Bitchenny weighing in with her “important opinion”.
    Yes, HW is beyond despicable. He’s paying the price by losing everything: his affiliations, his awards, his fortune is draining. His rep is gone. And he’ll probably have to leave the country. Yet, there’s someone else who has on par with that loathsome creature. That person got a cute anecdote from the Queen B about him calling attention her one early NYC morning. That person has ruined far more lives than HW. Yet, HE was installed into the Oval Office. Is that what BFrankelstein meant when she tweeted “others are shuddering under the covers”?

  • I applaud B for all she’s done for PR and women everywhere. People in Hollywood knew about Harvey for decades, even making jokes about him. However, this is the first time, finally, they are openly talking about his crimes and charges, at last, are being filed against him. It seems now, the thing to do is to tell your Harvey tales and woes, and being outraged and publicly speaking out. It’s the “in” thing to do. The redeeming fact is that finally it’s out and he’s being crucified, as he should be. Sorry for going so IT. ?

      • Good morning Medusa, did you see Hoppy is taking a plea deal possibly? If he doesn’t contact her for 6 months it will be wiped clean. Hahahaha she didn’t have a case on him. She is now saying she is afraid of him the bitch is nuts. I’m betting she causes a problem for him 5 months from now. Just to go with her fame hoing. She also instagrammed her cleansing in her underwear at the ocean. She is one desperate freak. What a role model for her daughter.

        • Hiya bits ~ Yes, I read that story. I was thinking the same thing. BFrankelstein will sabotage Jason in some way to break his plea deal. I wonder how Jason will be able to pick up & drop off Bryn without having any contact with BF? If he goes to the residence, won’t that be breaking the agreement? Or if he needs to tell BF something important about Bryn, won’t THAT be in violation? I’m not sure how this will work out. I do hope Jason abides by it all, just to piss off that horrible hag.

          • I know right? They have been dealing this way for the past 6 months it’s just the restraining order in place. I sure hope it’s his turn to have Bryn this Holiday season. I have a feeling that was part of the issue last year is that FACE OF FIBROIDS had Bryn over the holidays and made Hoppy’s life a living hell. He’d be smart to call the cops anytime she does anything. Did you see the cleansing panty gram…great role model? Notice the black eyes? To bad FOF doesn’t aspire to be like A-list celebrities with co-parenting. All she does is make herself look really bad.

            • Sorry that I’m late to respond to this post. It JUST showed up in my notifications.

              No, I didn’t see the “cleansing panty gram” or “black eyes”. What was that about?

              • This past weekend she went to the ocean in her underwear to do a cleansing since Jason got the appeal. Daily mail from Oct. 22. I googled BF swimming in underwear in ocean. She is just despicable. i can’t say that enough.

                • At first, I thought you were joking. She’s such an attention whore. Barfenny can’t go a single day without being in the rags. Yet, she had the nerve to call SonJa out for placing stories in Page Six!!!! BF is no different. She pushes her brand AND herself in the media, 24/7.

  • Why is it taking so long for the other names to come out? I’m sure she’s right that there are many others. Let’s just blow this whole thing open right now.

    • Corey Feldman has a lot to say on behalf of himself and his BFF Corey Haim that passed away . He has been trying to say it for years !!!!!!! The young boys in Hollywood have been targeted as well . The whole thing is sad tragic and messy and how many that have turned a blind eye for so long is disturbing . But , why the HELL is Frankel involving herself in this ???? That’s odd , IMO.

  • I don’t watch NYC so I don’t know her as a HW. But what she has done for Puerto Rico is AMAZING and beyond words !! Kudos to you Bethenny and much much respect ?????????????
    Where the H are the other housewives ? Why haven’t they joined Bethenny or did something on their own and used their platform to do something ? They are good at throwing shade , how about throwing a fund raiser ? ?

    • Most of the HWs don’t have money to throw fund raisers. Sure they’re good at putting on a “fancy life” but I think their money all goes to maintenance, lol. I agree though B has been great with helping and more should follow suit.

      • I only know one friend who lives here now but his family lost everything so thats very sad .
        I tried watching it for a few episodes but I couldn’t get into it ??

        • That is so sad-, the California one is horrid– How is your world- I cant wait for Friday and 11 months and I retire retire retire

          • Oh lucky you ! You’re retiring next year ?? Congrats cutie ???????????? well done ! Then you can blog all day long , maybe start your own blog ????

            Can’t complain about my world but thanks for asking . My kids graduate soon and that’s a milestone and I can feel (most) of my work is done ????

            • Yes Yes – , doubt I will blog so much- I do it at work LOL- I am going to do a lot of purging at the house- Lots of sales ( get rid of stuff), paint all rooms/ and outside – I may work Part-time if I get bored, but I want (1) year to find out- How much longer before you retire ??

              • I could retire anytime really for medical reasons but I do love what I do and they do accommodate me so I have no reason not to keep doing it . Plus I work a few blocks away , so it’s so convenient ??? I’m part time so It’s ok , plus as you said it gets boring not working at all ???

                So when are you coming to see me ? ???????

                • My plan is to travel for some time, I am looking at a small (small) driver camper.., to save on Hotels..I would most certainly LOVE to meet you, I got a feeling we could cause a ruckus …you never know in life,..I may get to California and say Ok I am at this mile marker …Now where Hippy Gal ..Let’s Party…??