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AllAboutTRH Exclusive! Siggy Flicker Reveals What Really Happened with Margaret Josephs!

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We’re only two episodes into RHONJ and already the drama is epic! Things have been heating up on the cast trip to Boca and #cakegate is just the beginning. Siggy Flicker & newbie Margaret Josephs have been going head to head, and AllAboutTRH exclusively spoke with the brunette beauty to get the inside scoop on what you didn’t see!

The two seemed to get off to a great start with Siggy even bringing Margaret into the group. We caught up with Siggy and had to ask – where did it start to go wrong? Never one to be shy, Siggy spilled the tea and didn’t hold back. Check out our interview below and let us know what you think!

‘The turning point between Margaret and I was when she took a jab at Michael. You don’t go near Michael Campanella.

Where you saw me spill the wine – what you didn’t see – is me telling the girls, ‘I am married to the greatest guy and I want to find a balance here.’ Right away Margaret said he sounded controlling – and I’m like, ‘You’ve never met him before!’ They don’t show Dolores’ response which was ‘Siggy, Michael is not asking you to quit your job and is just asking for a compromise. You’re married to a good man.”

‘You didn’t see that part. Margaret then brought up her ‘looking up the word ‘man’ in the dictionary comment.’ After awhile, I spilled a glass of wine on the table which was stupid of me, but I was angry and wanted it to end. By the time the cake was thrown I was already so upset that this person I invited and introduced was taking jabs at me.’

‘The next day she then went to my beach club and did a memorial for Teresa. She had time to get the wreath made at the flower shop. She could have called and told us. By the end I had enough.’

On how the two powerful women met:

‘Margaret was the friend of a mutual friend and I welcomed her with open arms. I invited her to Boca and Boca is a place where I go to every month. It’s where Joshua and Sophie were born and where I have all my mommy and me friends. Us walking into that restaurant, I wanted to say hi. Am I loud and over the top? Yes. Am I annoying? Yes – I own it! I was just there 3 days ago and I did the same thing – it’s my favorite restaurant. Margaret started to give her snarky remarks right away. I welcome her and introduce her to a group of girls and that’s the way you treat me?’

On clearing up some comments made on the show:

‘When I said I was the most talented person in the world I meant in terms of building people up inspiring them. The statement was made to be tongue in cheek. With the IQ statement, I put a beautiful day together at my friend Lori’s house and we hired all of these instructors. I put a lot of effort into this trip. By the end, I thought I was disrespected. I didn’t say they were trash I said they were acting like trash. I have no idea if my IQ is higher than theirs, but when you are frustrated and hurt you say things.’

Her advice from what she has learned this season?

‘When People show you who they are – trust them the first time.’

Personally I think this season of Jersey is the best it has been in years and we are just getting started. Be sure to tune in tonight for episode 3 of RHONJ then come back to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

What were your first impressions of Margaret? Thoughts on what Siggy had to say?

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  • Last night Kathy posted a picture with herself, husband,Jacqueline,Chris in front of her restaurant and had the nerve to hashtag it still #standingstrong what a passive aggressive copying freaking bitch for real !!!!!

      • Last night after the show. GS3 to Siggy= It’s not that deep Soggy. Calm down !!! take a Xanax!!!’
        Siggy replying to GS3= no way…Find you PASSION !!! By the way I love Soggy !
        FUCK YOU … 10/18/17 9:13pm’
        Love how Siggy interacts with fans NOT

  • SHUT THE F UP SIGGY, you are so full of shit- YOU are a LIAR. What a friggen loser you are. My town – FU. Sit down and shut up you and Dolo the want to be Chucky Manzo need to take several seats. Hoping you both go the way of Wacky Jackie and Chuckie the clown…off MY show. Go Teresa, Go Melissa, Go Margaret, Go Danielle!

  • She’s really on something . I wish I could live in that bubble where, I can rewrite history , make different variations of truths even though everyone else already knows what really happened … Anyway – full of shit 🙂 The lies the lies the lies !!!!!
    Mags composed ,Sig manic . Sig cried about controlling ultimatum that Mr Campanella presented and the girls pointed out obvious to her . Sig – get a grip . Sig trashed and degraded her grown women friends . Sig is a bad girl .

  • ENOUGH is ENOUGH with this crap already!!!! First of all let’s get one thing straight “You” Siggy did NOT bring on Margaret, Production did. You were told by said production how to introduce her to the group. Maybe they asked if you knew anyone but that’s as far as it goes and Bravo takes it from there so please STOP taking credit for the FAKE friend of a friend and I brought this one and that one on the show and their only here because of me. So tha’s the END of that, geeze these people really do think we’re all stupid don’t they?

    Secondly, you’re boohooing over how your Husband wants you to work less, blah, blah, blah, well all Margaret did was voice her opinion off of what you said so it’s YOU Siggy that set up the theory that he’s controlling and no one else. Also you were notified about going for Yoga at the beach and YOU chose not to respond to anyone so there’s that.

    Nobody wants to hear your thought’s about any of this because 1) You DON”T own Boca 2) You paid for NOTHING 3) Productions set up and paid for it all 4) YOU in fact DID say you were the most talented, Highest IQ’d human on earth 4) People that are smart don’t say those things (angered or not).

    Not looking forward to WWHL because we already know exactly what’s going to happen. You will sob your eye’s out, try to get everyone to agree with you and play the poor me card. Ughh it’s going to be one of the worst episodes to date!

  • Hmmmm, Didn’t Siggy say that her friend in Boca hired the lifeguard and tennis instructor? Now she’s saying she did it? She better learn to keep her lies straight because people like Tre remember any slight you may cause against them, and not in a good way.

    • She better learn to keep her lies straight because people like me will think she’s a bigger buffoon than she already is.

      Oh, and because it doesn’t look good for her “expertise”.

      To add, she’s obnoxious, irritating, exhausting and migraine inducing. More importantly, she’s a hypocrite.

      I hope Teresa makes mincemeat outta her.

  • Siggy was crying and making it look like her husband was controlling. They aired all of this. If you don’t want people to think this use your words more carefully in the future.
    Siggy is a nut job.

  • It’s seems like everyone is trying to fight for Teresa’s attention in this season and I don’t get it. Teresa just wants to be with her kids and have a steady paycheck. I get it girl!
    Margaret is a SNAKE. All of her comments towards Siggy were rude the entire trip. Pig tails is NO friend. She 100% excluded them from the memorial. She had alllll that time to order the wreath but could only calll siggy and D once?? Doesn’t anyone text?! Come onnnnn. COME ONNNN people! Siggy may be over the top but I don’t think she has a cold heart.

    • These women are not stupid (with the possible exception of Tre). The show is about Tre and either you suck up and get on her side or your out. It’s been proven over and over. They stopped production due to her mother’s death, they waited until she came home from prison and anyone who she truly hates is gone.

    • You sound like Siggy with the repeated “come on”s. There’s no way to say she 100% excluded them from the memorial, unless you know that was her intention. And to be honest, that morning, she and the others seemed utterly confused about where Siggy and Dolores were so it was obvious that she didn’t know they weren’t going to be there and probably just didn’t think about it twice because she was confused.

  • I’m calling BS on this I think siggy was changed for the worse this season, she seems more nastier and she was really rude to Margaret I didn’t see Margaret take a jab at her husband? What’s the betting they will try and bring Wacko back next season clearly Dolores doesn’t like Danielle because she’s Manzo’s and Wackos BFFL

    Soggy flicker is doing my head in this season her preview says it all I want to destroy you to Margaret.

    Melissa is seriously boring this season too I hope she gets demoted as for Danielle I’m loving her when she came to Margaret’s defence 🙂 I’m hoping Danielle is full time next season I reckon they will bring Wacko and possibly sour face Manzo? Danielle hates them both as does Teresa lol

    • Melissa will not get demoted unless she winds up on the outs with Tre. As long as she sucks up and plays the good sister-in-law, she’s safe.

  • So Margaret is a friend of a friend, in other words, production asked her to act like they knew each other for the new season? Then this ‘I brought you in’ is even faker than the cake. This interview didn’t change my opinion of her.

  • Siggy is FULL OF SHIT!! Telling friends you’re more intelligent than them isn’t spur of the moment Words that’s a Drunk Mind revealing Sober Thoughts and your thoughts tell who the real Siggy is. It explains why you can so easily be friends with a Kim D. and Jac Laurita then claim to have standards for Class and Trashy Behavior. Newsflash Dolores is no different than a Teresa and Melissa didn’t even chug the cake across the floor Tre did but it seemed like you were more mad at her the person whom you gifted the complimentary cake to oddly enough.

    Siggy decided to share her personal business with these women and then ask them their opinions yet because she didn’t like Margaret’s opinion on the Information Siggy shared with her she didn’t have a right to comment because she doesn’t know your husband. If she doesn’t know your husband perhaps you shouldn’t have been discussing your marriage with her. Also cut the crap about this wine spilling, the wine didn’t spill you POURED IT ON THE TABLE IN RAGE which apparently is acceptable just don’t toss cake in fun though. Also Boca can’t be yours if you visiting it in that tiny ass Condo so give us all a break and stop trying to act like the damn Godfather of Season 8 RHONJ.

    • You nailed it HW Junkie! If she doesn’t know your husband perhaps you shouldn’t have been discussing your marriage with her.

    • Do you think Siggy took her co-stars to her snobby, rich friend Lori’s house for tennis to make them look like trash? And over the lunch table Siggy had to remind Lori to tell the story about not putting Siggy in a cage or you will lose. And Dolores gushing over Siggy was stupid.

      And hiring a lifeguard for Teresa was low down dirty trying to make her look bad while Kimd screams Teresa is cheating on Joe.

      It backfired though because Teresa is a great sport and looked fabulous the whole time.

      And don’t tell Danielle to behave or she will ask the hostess how many vaginas does her doctor husband see in a day! HAHAHA I almost fell off my chair!

  • More lies and deluded justifications. None of what she said made any sense or explained her behavior- she only comes across even worse. She’s an idiot.

  • It seems like Siggy is going into overdrive trying to defend herself. It is unreal that this lady calls herself a relationship or self-help expert. I think you need to have either education/credentials or talent, hopefully both. She seems to have neither. Her comments and attitude are extremely revealing. It makes me wonder who listens to her/reads her books; unfortunately, it can be easy to capture the attention of someone who is down and out. That is how cults amass followers. Anyway, this season is definitely a blast to watch. I have been waiting for Teresa and Melissa to get along. I skipped a season or two when they were fighting. I did not feel comfortable watching the family in-fighting. Margaret is a hoot. She is so interesting and honest. Danielle is Danielle, haha! She scares me a little but I appreciate her attempts to be friendly to the others and I look forward to seeing where that goes. I’m glad she’s on again. Dolores is just boring. I liked her more last season. I like seeing her in her element, with her family and such. She seems too strong and independent to be second fiddle to loud obnoxious Siggy, and so I think her becoming allies with Siggy will actually diminish her role and may be detrimental to her future on the franchise. Hopefully, this doesn’t last though, and we can see strong independent quirky Dolores on her own. These are just my evaluations of this season so far!

    • I have a feeling this self proclaimed relationship expert will no longer be giving too many people advice after all of this. The way she has attacked people on social media is the end all be all to every Bravo fan out there. I still for the life of me can’t figure out what exactly makes her a professional. I mean in all reality from what I hear come out of her mouth isn’t anything most people in the world can’t figure out on their own. I haven’t read her book or listened to any lectures of hers but does she have some sort of degree or did she just get lucky by giving every day normal advice to friends and then decided to wright a book about it????? I’m so confused by her!

  • Boca beach club is Siggy’s club. Really? Anyone who pays the fee can belong to the club. She’s so full of herself. It’s like she thinks she owns Boca.

    • I wonder if Siggy knows some of the “Boca B!tches” that beat Melissa’s butt? Now, that would make an interesting episode!

      • Now you’re onto something, C!

        She might have been the ring leader. So jealous of Melissa’s exotic looks and curves!

        I don’t know whether to laugh or puke. ?

  • Good exclusive lydia!

    Soggy bottom square pants can’t stop lying

    – Mags just tweeted (hater’s were flogging her timeline with crap that soggy spewed)


    Don’t “misunderestimate” true talent when you see it. Concierges know how to please, and florists know how to deliver. (Haha.. get it?)
    any ways,Soggy forgot to confirm that this trip was supposed to be 100% about Soggy..my ears..I can hear her ratchet voice


      • This is what I think The Marge means, since she was accused of planning the memorial in advance, and not letting Sog and Dull know.

        What The Marge is saying is she contacted the Concierge when they got to Soggy’s beach club, and the Concierge arranged the impromptu memorial and flowers.

        That’s what a Concierge does and gets paid for. They have all the contacts to get things done quickly.

      • hey, luvs!

        I didn’t even get a notification of your response! geez

        What Khipp said 100%.

        Soggy has been weeping all over twitter that Marg had to use Soggy’s name to get this tribute done…so Marge replied peple have jobs and people did their jobs.

        Soggy is so nuts!

  • Siggy either builds you up or tears you to shreds. She has accused many decent people on twitter for being toxic when they simply disagreed with her about their favorite housewives being bullies. I hope those people don’t take to heart what siggy implies about them. When you are in the limelight you should be more understanding and kind to viewers. Teresa, Melissa, Danielle and Margaret have never put down anyone on Twitter. They seem to appreciate the viewers input.

    Margaret has a thick skin and says what she is thinking but she does not have bad intentions. Siggy is the opposite of that and can’t handle Margaret not kissing her butt. Margaret and the other ladies were trying to help Siggy with advice. And Margaret is all for women empowerment so gave her two cents. Siggy lost it and spilled wine on the table.

  • what kind of a good relationship expert does that? “i’m the most talented person ever”? conceited, self-centered, self-absorbing individual like she is.

    • She’s not a relationship expert she’s creating so much drama you can have tell Bravo upped her salary to make her more dramatic

  • Lydia! Congrats on the Exclusive! Unfortunately, it didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. As another posted pointed out Zig Zag says it was silly to spill wine but disrespectful to throw cake. Oy! The hypocrisy!

    • Recycled garbage that included her over-used, meaningless, “I own it.”

      And what’s with this Rinna thing of always saying her husband’s last name? Is it a fear of short-term memory loss – if they say both names every time then they won’t forget? Is that what happens when you’re multiple-married and you have to keep the husbands straight in yout mind?

      • Great post with excellent points, Helen.

        I wonder what her next husband’s name will be (because you know there will another sucker) ???

        Hope the poor slob is deaf, for his own sake.

        • I actually felt for him as it was awkward when she rambled at her tiny even about her first marriage . Ugh. She doesn’t care who she embarrasses or makes uncomfortable as long as she has attention !