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Siggy Flicker Defends Her Actions Against Margaret Josephs; Plus Reveals She’s Blocking the Negative On Social Media!

Anyone who’s been watching season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey can tell there’s no love lost between Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs.

And now Siggy, who has been painted the bad guy in all the drama, is speaking out and defending her actions against Margaret Josephs.

Siggy took to Instagram and explained her side of the drama and warns that she’s only just started standing up for herself, so buckle up.

?How would you feel if you welcomed a person into your group of friends, rolled out the red carpet & that person right out of the gate starts taking jabs at you over & over again calling you names (Soggy) & also took jabs at my husband whom they had never met at the time? Would you be shocked, hurt & angry? ?Should I have dumped the wine in anger? No. I admit it was silly & I own it! There will be those who you do not connect with. When there is a discord amongst friends, Dolores and I always try to diffuse it & not inflame the situation. Always Trust your gut instincts. There is a big difference between being MEAN & STANDING up for yourself. I look to surround myself with good people who have heart, soul and compassion. I am all about empowering people but when someone is out to get you and continues to stab you in the back, the last thing I want to do is empower that type of person & all I look to do is block, delete and keep negative energy out. Maya Angelou said it best when she said – “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” #rhonj #iwrotemyownfairytale #toxicenergydestroysyou #detonateitfirst #??????????????????????????

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Meanwhile, on Twitter Siggy made it crystal clear that she’s “blocking the negative” and “toxic” people from her life and social media. From what I’ve heard Siggy has reportedly blocked Margaret on Twitter which says a lot.

I love Siggy but I also really like Margaret. I’m hoping these two can eventually be friends, but that might be asking a lot.

Thoughts on Siggy’s statement? Are you surprised Siggy is blocking haters on social media? Are you Team Siggy or Team Margaret?

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  • She said it herself, there is a difference between being mean and standing up for oneself. Siggy keeps choosing to be mean. The commentary about IQ and trashiness… seriously who is she to talk anyway…

  • I loved siggy last season but WTF happened?!?! I live in Boca Raton and the city is honestly just how she acts right now. Stuck up, rude and throwing money everywhere for show. Was this siggy all along and she just hid it last season? I think she was just aweful on that trip. don’t “plan” things for friends and get mad when they don’t follow all your rules.

  • First, the fact she even has a “team” is laughable. Next, if she does have one, she certainly won’t need one now that she’s shown her ass and no one wants anything to do with her anymore. Everytime Soggy opens her mouth it just makes her look worse and confirms my new, negative, feelings about her. STFU SOGGY! Better yet, GO AWAY!! We’ll just have to endure her the rest of the season (yikes, it just started) but I hope Bravo doesn’t bring her back next season. Tre should look closely at her friend, because she’s showing her true colors, and they aren’t pretty. She’s sure not any friend I’d want to be associated with.

  • Waaawaaaa ! Siggy is still trying to make a big deal claiming she’s been victimized. Only problem is she’s been hurt by her own poor choices! She set out on this weekend claiming it was “For Teresa and Melissa”. To cheer them up! But the first thing she did was be over the top self agrandizing, self important, self indulgent and self centered! poor me, they had fun for the first time in months and had a little cake fight with my $1,000 cake (translation maybe $20.00 1 layer chocolate cake on a reusable plastic two tiered plate!) then she continued to hammer away at the people who needed cheering up …”poor me they embarrassed me…I’m the most talented person in the world and they didn’t bend over and genuflect in my presence!” “What shall I do to make sure they know I’m mad! Oh I know. Dolores my drone, will help me diss them by simply not showing up and filming with them! I mean how can the show go on without the most talented person in the world with the highest IQ in the world :without Dolores and I there! That will teach them!” Only to find out that they went on and had a lovely day… and the “friend” siggy thought so much of she didn’t even inform her that she was dissing her for the day, plans something nice that actually IS for Teresa and Melissa… “how dare they win the I’m going to ignore you before you ignore me contest” ! How rude! Sorry Siggy. I guess you’re not the smartest most important most talented person in the world! You did all of this to yourself!

  • Shut your mouth, Soggy. I don’t care about you or the bitch with the pigtails. Bunch of untrustworthy c—ts.

    This season has me thinking, I’d be fine with a show only about Teresa and her family (Joe & Melissa, yes – but not Kathy & co.). She’s the only reason I watch, anyways.

  • Wait. …. Let me get this straight, she’s all for empowering people….How, by saying you have a higher IQ?. & calling people trashy? Thanks I’ll pass on your empowerment!

  • Painted ? She is the drama . She’s
    an obnoxious coward . There is no defending ; she owes apologies .
    Her so called “team” is composed of trash .

    • Hi michers!

      I havent seen the new season yet cuz i dont think they have aired out here yet. What a shame! I liked siggy last season. She seemed so downtoearth. Has she changed this season? Or is this season the real her and was she just pretending last season?

      • You’re in for a treat / nightmare with this one! She is LOUDER and more OBNOXIOUS than ever..Self absorbed beyond belief and it’s just plain old gross and annoying. When you do watch, pay close attention to the faces of the people at the restaurant, it’s hysterical. She needs to shut her pie hole at this point and apologize to all the girls if she wants anyone to continue to like her because she’s losing her fan base by the thousands. She has made her bed!

      • OMG/ she’s a total loon . She’s going zero to 60 for no reason, she’s all over the place , rude to everyone except Dolo and causing scenes . Like off the chain hysterical nut ! I had hope for last season and was willing to hold out . The firs episode she went off the rails – not exaggerating . Go to bravotv.com . They used to play episodes !!!

  • From what i am reading here and online, the overwhelming majority is condeming Siggy’s behavior. If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck, Siggy.

  • Trust me on this on Soggy…you are no Maya Angelo.

    Get over yourself, ya whiny bitch. You may have brought The Marge (love love love) into the group but you left her high and dry, to fend for herself, the day after cake-gate. “Friends” don’t do THAT Soggy.

  • Siggy has finally come out as the egomaniac self-absorbed villain she always was, but was fairly good at hiding last season. She and her two-faced puppet Dolores. Teresa needs to be very careful cos these two are the new Jacqueline and Caroline imo. They’re already plotting and planning on how to take her down.

  • Siggy doesn’t understand that Margaret wasn’t even thinking of HER when she set up the wreath memorial. She was simply being a decent human being and caring about a co-worker. I don’t think Marge is trying to do turn people against Siggy,I think she is just being herself and responding to Siggy’s outrageous behavior. Margaret is the voice of reason with a bit of humor thrown in.

    Sorry Siggy the universe doesn’t evolve around you! Your co-stars deserve the same respect you are asking of them.

    Bottom line is Siggy and Dolores are mad they missed filming the scene at the beach and Margaret and Danielle got camera time. And if Dolores and Siggy were truly Teresa’s friends they would not have been catty and ugly about a touching memorial. Siggy and Dolores are the Toxic ones threatening violence and name calling. I loved Siggy until her interview came out attacking her co-stars calling them toxic bullies. She made the first move not them.

    • Right! They are mad because it looks bad on them that they did not answer text. Next time they know to answer one. lol

    • soggy can’t take the heat for all her crap. and she calls herself relationship expert. i’m wondering if she has clients lol.

    • If Sog would have been a typical hostess / friend , she would have opened lines of communication with everyone she invited and been at the memorial . She started this season awful . I’m totally turned off and tuned out . Her behavior is indefensible . How dare she invite these women only to be so hyper and bizarre????
      Anyway- good comment .

    • I agree with everything except when I realized her true colors. Last season she has a disagreement with Jax and went all over social media crying. This site supported her. The very next day she made up with Jax like nothing ever happened and admitted to talking on the phone with her for 3 whole hours on Thanksgiving. They both have families on a holiday but no, filming this dumb show meant more. She is needy of attention.

    • Good grief it’s not the siggy flicker show I agree siggy wants to be the new start of RHONJ her attitude this season stinks. Margaret said she invited her and tried to ring her which I believe but siggy wanted to go off with Dolores and pull a teenage tantrum over cake I bet she’ll try and get wacko jacko back on next season

  • So, dumping the wine was “silly”, but the cake toss was disrespectful, rude, and “Jersey”? LOL, this Sig is beyond a hypocrite. Someone really needs to sit her down and make her watch herself and read her own words, force her to see her crazy double standards. Lol. I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt; maybe she has no idea how wacko she acts and maybe holding up a mirror is what she needs. At this point, Sig IMO has jumped the shark.

  • Hey Lara!!

    Soggy needs to own her lies and the more time that marches over her face…the more I disrespect her. her twitter timeline is a reality show in itself. Since her team runs her twitter, she best read what “she” tweets so when asked about it..she can’t “what?”.

    Why is Soggy allowing herself and Dull the only ones that can:

    – call people trash (she is now denying she did this – on twitter)
    – lie about getting a free cake – she paid $1K lie
    – only one tier was actual cake
    – Dull wants to bash Mags with tennis racket
    – Dull and Soggy ignored calls and texts to join them – they lied and tried to pretend to be all hurt

    wow..not a successful relationship expert at all. Yes Soggy, you walked yourself to the exit door.

      • actually, Mags called out Soggy on twitter about that…Soggy refused to answer her phone..also, Marcy posts here and told us the same.

        • Look Sammy, here’s the deal. Soggy wanted to be at the memorial so she could be front and center, sobbing her eyes out. She was never excluded. She excluded herself.

          The only thing Sog cares about is missing an opportunity (the memorial) to show what a caring person she is… not, and camera time.

          Instead of causing another scene at her dinner, in her home, Sog should have thanked Marge for doing something so special for Teresa. Even tho they were new acquaintances.

          • Hi Khipp!!

            yup you are right!

            Sog is only “there” for Sog and the weeping and wailing is all about missed camera time! Yup, she could have said at the dinner, “I’m so glad Teresa was given an outlet for her grief” nope, she would rather call them animals and uneducated and trash.

            Sog gives me a headache..not sure how I’ll handle ep.3 …and this drags on for months!

          • Boom- she excluded herself ! I feel she did the night of cake toss when she started degrading all of her friends/ guests!!! First flag . Second was next morning , expecting her guests to come groveling ; Teresa just lost her mother … Third/ she invited a woman who only knew her and left her to fend for herself . Soggy can go scratch . Not to mention ,all of the nasty backhanded comments and her sidekick being an Ahole too

      • So agree Samael, when Soggy responded with “Trashy, trashy, trashy!” She clearly was trying to antagonize the group, especially Melissa, Tre and Danielle. And Dolores saying she wanted to ‘Back hand’ Margaret with her raquet was really nasty. I have never made a joke like that.

  • Siggy has let herself down this season i think the girls wanted to have fun and siggy was overly-dramatic she’s blocking the negative out yet she’s saying she wants to pull Margaret pigtails out and destroy her in this weeks preview I did like siggy but this side not so much

    I thought she was about empowering women. That’s not empowering but I love Margaret she certainly seems like a good fit for RHONJ and having danielle back is good

  • My 411 on Siggy: Siggy is a poser and a chameleon who sucks up to certain people for her own advantage. She clings to rich people for opportunities. She’s Fake !! I have seen her kind my entire life. Yes I Said IT….

  • Siggy is just mad that Margaret’s truths actually makes Siggy look bad. Soggy cries over the smallest thing and like Marg said, how is she going to react when something major actually happens, probably fall apart. Also her husband might be special but only to her. I could understand if Margaret said her husband sounds controlling but she didn’t say anything bad about Siggy husband. Girl needs to bring it down a notch.

  • Zig Zag has a “team”? Who? Dull? Her husband? LOL! I get that she is hurt. But she has declared war instead of having a sense of humor. To quote Robert Redford talking to Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were – all you had to do was laugh.

    • You don’t want to know . They’re vile and were tied into the cyber bullying against Brandi ( w/ team Leann Rimes and Joho Krupa) . Disgusting . * allegedly * , * word on the street*