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‘RHOA’ Cast Refuses To Film With NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes’ fate on the Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting more dismal by the day as more and more of her co-stars are refusing to film with her following her rape rant at a recent stand-up show.

Sources reveal that NeNe’s RHOA co-stars are done with her and that production can’t do anything to fix the bad blood between her and the cast.

“Kim [Zolciak] refuses to film with NeNe any further, so producers scrapped the all cast scene planned for last week,” an insider reveals.

“Porsha [Williams] is refusing to film with NeNe and is siding with Kim,” the insider added. “Sheree [Whitfield] is also siding with Kim.”

In fact, Kim recently paid a special tribute to her friendship with Sheree after she sided with her against NeNe.

Meanwhile, NeNe is making it clear that she’s “stronger” than she looks and “wasn’t built to break.”

I hope RHOA doesn’t turn into another RHOC where the ladies can’t film together at all. Get your shit together ladies you’re being paid a ton of money to shoot together and if you can’t do that then get off the show!

Do you think NeNe will be fired from RHOA? Are you surprised so many of NeNe’s co-stars are refusing to film with her?

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  • Nene Leakes should never come back to RHOA… she is a washed up hood rat, trying to grab hold of the other housewives apron strings.

  • I do NOT think NeNe should be fired over an insensitive remark to a heckler that she later apologized. Film or be fired!!

  • No, I think all the ladies are right and I agree with their stance. Bravo needs to get rid of NeRex because not only isn’t she a girl’s gurl, she’s a reprehensible human being that is a woman who should have known much, much better. There is no excuse for Rex’s behavior after the fact, which is only about herself and her flippant commentary about how no one tears her down and BLOOP, she’s just fine now. No remorse whatsoever. We’re just supposed to more right along wid her. smdh

    • Isn’t it ironic how our politics now mirrors a HW show ???sometimes you read or hear something and you think some idiotic HW said it but then you realize NO, you’re watching MSNBC! Tragic

      • Both of you nailed this! Boy, you guys make my heart rush with joy. Such a privilege to be a piece of your universe. Intelligence is so beautiful and irresistible. I have a few bad checks, make me write ’em! Lmao

        • You’re such a wonderful poster . You bring such class and elegance to this and it’s so refreshing . It’s my privilege to be part of your universe in any way , shape or form ??????????

  • No, I’m not at all surprised, she’s making more $ than the rest of these girls. I am surprised that after pretty much getting away unscathed with the whole “drug & rape” fiasco last season – which was beyond despicable – Porsha has the nerve to say she won’t film with another HW. Hypocrite.

    Nene is in a really bad spot right now. I am #TeamNeNe in the Kim-Brielle sitch, but this was just… ugh. Can’t. It’s funny, Nene was the reason I got into RHW, she made me laugh (most of the time, unintentionally!), used the platform well and was just, the best in my book. But she’s changed a lot, hasn’t she? She’s now decided she’s a comedienne and a ‘fashion girl’, has a new nose and long hair… most of which, still unintentionally funny in a way, but off-brand for her, IMO. Sometimes barely recognizable.

    It comes down to accountability and I think ALL of these bitches must answer and face consequences for their actions – NeNe, but also: Porsha, Kim, Brielle (not a “kid”, sorry) & etc. I have the feeling a couple of these girls are *using* of this Nene situation only to distract from their own s**t and take Nene down.

  • I’ll see what happens come new season which by the way so conveniently starts Nov 5 ….. All this publicity …

    • Every show needs an antagonist and a protagonist! It seems they draw straws to see who will be in what role every week. NONE of that removes the fact that NeRex’s behavior is aligned to her atrocious being. True, they are selling an image to their viewers that mirror America in her current state of existence….”choose a side, no middle ground”. Everyone responding, at some point will align with a “team” and there will be no talking them off the ledge. But………isn’t this “RHOA cast refuses to film with….” getting old?! Film or fired, choose. Who cares if Porsha has chosen a side? This from a woman with a hair business who now sports a shaved head! Is that tantamount to shaving profits? Not sure she thought that through. Oh well……… da tay!

      • I still don’t believe she shaved her head, but a bald wig..hairpiece..hat…thingy… She’s way too vain.

        Hey Q, my love!! ?

      • LOL – Porsha bald selling hair!!!!! I should have stopped contributing ratings long ago , but sigh, here I still am . Im going to try and refrain from being sassy until I see what’s really going on but I’m sure it’s still woman on woman petty crime that escalated into craziness :(.

  • Porsha’s refusal to film with Nene has nothing to do with Kim. Apparently Nene has bee trying to ice Porsha out so far and get her fired and apparently she got Marlo to try to fight with Porsha on their trip to get her kicked off and fired but Porsha left instead.

    • Nene is the worst. It seems like her goal this season is to destroy Frack. I cant stand Nene and so glad shes finally getting what she deserves. You about to get blacklisted hunty.

  • Bye Nene. She’s never been a nice lady. She’s a verbal bully who talks above people and throws terrible accusations without any proof to back it up. She can be your friend one day and hate you the next. It’s actually refreshing to see people not accept that kind of behavior anymore. I never understood all the ass kissing people gave her. She isn’t grateful or loyal. Just not a nice lady. Tot

  • NeNe wants it all, is it a ‘breakdown’ or she ‘wasn’t built to break’? Her so-called humor is based on demeaning others. She was so rude at the last reunion I was surprised Bravo wanted her back. The other ladies found a good reason/excuse not to film with her. The Housewives series made Bravo, I hope it doesn’t destroy it.

    • Bravo all by themselves took a fun franchise and turned it into a trashy caricature. I hope it destroys them or at LEAST gets Andrew fired so we can get a fresh perspective and vision .

        • How’s your day been snugglepuss ? ???????? Try and google what our Queen Cersei said about her 2 AWEFUL encounters with Harvey Shitstein. This nonsense makes my blood boil
          Love you cutie xoxxo ????????
          FYI , started watching ‘Mindhunter’ in Netflix , FBI agents , serial killers etc

          • Hi BOO! JUST got a notification for your remark! Doing good! How IS Mindhunter? Is it good, edge of your seat good? NEED some more good shows to watch! Ugh, hating Soggy bottom!! Xoxo ???????

            • Hey gorgeous!! I missed you ?????
              I haven’t watched any more episodes of Mindhunter but I will keep you posted . Now that Tv Fall season has begun, I’m watching a lot on network tv.
              How have you been ? Hope all is well cutie xoxo ?????????????

              • I’m doing great, THANKS! Unfortunately, we haven’t been excited about any new or returning shows just yet. Hopefully, something coming soon. We are looking forward to the latest season of Bosch on Amazon. Very disappointed in the way Showtime in the way they’re ending our beloved Ray Donovan ?

                • I never watched Ray Donovan but I enjoyed ‘Shameless ‘ ??. I agree with you that most of the Fall stuff has been disappointing. I have gotten into ‘The good doctor ‘ even though I’m not into medical dramas but it’s really really well done , about a doctor with autism .
                  Hopefully mid season would have better offerings . But on Netflix , ‘ Stranger things ‘returns in 2 weeks and ‘The Crown ‘ 2 weeks after that . I’m obsessed with both

                  Hugs and kisses xoxo ???

                  • “The Good Doctor” is excellent from the social, not medical implications. Kinda like the simplicity to the wisdom of Forrest Gump, “sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther Party”! Innocently hilarious and non-offensive to the most conspiratorial of minds. I need this drama we see life through the eyes of accomplishment that’s handicapped. What a concept! Far greater than the feigned drama of reality shows like RHOA. BE WELL ??

                    • Hello gorgeous man ????? I actually wasn’t planning to watch it at all, but my husband was curious so we watched it together . I got hooked and he got over it ? the main actor ( he’s also the producer) does such a stellar job and plays it with sensitivity, respect and humanity . The way his past is peppered in the flash back scenes , is also well done. I like the diversity of the cast and Mr Hill is swoon worthy and aging quite well ?.
                      I think RHOA has become the SNL parody of itself . I think they should add Omarosa while they’re it ? I mean it’s already aweful so why not go all the way ?

                      Be well too sweetums and have a lovely weekend with your lady love ????

                    • Unfortunately, I just see him as Norman from Bates Motel. He was excellent in that roll, but he’s forever locked in that roll to me. Everybody’s talking good things about it but, Norman plus being another medical drama, kinda counts me out, but you enjoy to the fullest!!

                  • If you have Showtime, you must watch Ray D! It is sooo good! We are also very much enjoying a new show with Kyra Sedwich..sp.. called Ten Days in the Valley on ABC!!! Sooo good!

      • How Andy let Mangie MarHO return after her g@y comment “You and the rest of them fa@@ots” to Laurence is appauling. Now Nene’s rape joke DURING Kandie’s tour just months after Kandie’s false rapist allegation warrants firing. Nene has no class whatsoever and should vanish. Totally.

  • Nonsense, I don’t believe this for one minute! These sources are from Bravo marketing, drumming up more interest ???
    Porscha is creating her own controversy that nobody’s buying . Go put a wig on !