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Does Yolanda Hadid Regret Her “Shady” Comments About Ex David Foster? Plus Is David Cozying Up Katharine McPhee Again?!?

Full of regret?

Yolanda Hadid got very candid about her and David Foster’s marriage, and divorce in her new memoir Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisibility of Lyme Disease.

So, does the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star regret revealing so much about her and David’s relationship?

Well, it turns out no.

Yolanda explains that there’s a reason why she got so candid about David in her book.

“You know, David and I had an incredible seven-year run, and when I got sick, things went down, and it’s just part of life. What I wrote wasn’t about putting shade on anybody or my ex-husband; it was just to share that when people are chronically ill, it just strains the marriage, and I want people to know that that’s normal. It wasn’t about throwing shade at David. Like I said, we had an amazing time, and it was just the end of our cycle together,” Yolanda explained during the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show last Tuesday. “But people, other couples that are out there, think, ‘Oh my God, I’m such a bad person because I can’t support my husband or my wife.’ No, you’re normal. Everybody can reach the end of their rope, and we reached that point, and it’s OK. It’s nothing to do with shade. I hold him in really high regard, and I wish him only love, health, and happiness, and that’s the end of that.”

Meanwhile, David’s romantic life is once again in the spotlight. David has yet again been linked to the much younger Katharine McPhee.

Katherine and David stepped out together recently at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood last Thursday.

Back in May, David and Katherine initially sparked dating rumors when they were spotted getting cozy at dinner.

David’s daughter Erin recently added fuel to the fire when she joked about Katherine being her “new stepmom” on social media.

However, a source close to Katharine insists she and David are just friends.

“Nothing has changed. Katharine and David are just good friends and have been for years. They are not dating,” a source tells Us Weekly.

I’m still surprised Yolanda got so candid in her new book, but it’s her story to tell. I also think that there has to be something more to David and Katharine’s relationship. It’s no secret Katharine likes older men, and David’s always on the prowl for his next wife.

Did Yolanda get too candid about her marriage to David in her new book? Do you think David and Katharine are an item?

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  • They had a good run but it all went downhill oncee she got sick. But she pretended to be sick from the very beginning! She’s so full of shit

  • I didn’t read her book and I don’t have any plans to.

    I don’t remember her ever throwing shade at David. I admired how she always took the high road and spoke highly of him. I wasn’t sure if she did that to be classy or low self esteem (maybe he’ll take me back)?

  • Of course Yo knew she would nail David for dropping her when she wrote the book. And of course she is saying oh no it’s not shade. Clever move Yo! I like it!

  • Oh, puh-leaseeee!!!! YoHaFoHa is purely absurd in her current false narrative that “everything was wonderful with David” spiel. From her entrance on RHBH to her last season, their marriage was crumbling. Yet, she swooned for “My King” and proselytized to the viewers how to keep a marriage going strong, even in adversity. Basically, David fell in love with YoDull’s portrait hanging in Mohamed’s house. YoDull fell in love with David’s awards & connections. They proved to be 2 shallow morons, who couldn’t sustain a long term relationship because it was based on vapors.

      • Remember when YoPhony wore a negligee to fry chicken on the stove? David’s facial expression was of embarrassment. He seemed more interested in eating the chicken than being with her. Sad

  • It wasn’t the ‘chronically ill’ part, it was that she wouldn’t stop lying and faking. The second she divorced him she was fine – out of the bathrobe and with full hair and makeup again. It’s bizarre that she keeps the act up when she’s been called out so much on it, but I guess that’s the definition of mental illness.

    They had a Hollywood marriage – she wanted the money and he wanted a personal servant/sex slave. I wish she would just be honest about that at least.

  • Katherine and David are working on a project. And Pellet Butt would never bite the hand that fed her to the tune of over $1M for physician bills.

    Wonder if Pellet butt addresses 106 physicians missing 2 foot long parasite?

  • I don’t believe David is dating Katherine . He produces music for many artists and socializes with them . The rumors about him dating Elizabeth Hurley are more plausible.