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NeNe Leakes Reveals She Had a ‘Breakdown’ After Rape Joke

NeNe Leakes reveals that she had a breakdown following the backlash she received after making a rape joke at one of her recent stand-up shows.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star opened up to E! News about how she’s dealing with the controversy.

“A lot of people know me as NeNe who’s laughing and talking,” NeNe explained. “A lot of people don’t know me as NeNe who, you know, would have a breakdown — a moment.”

“Trust and believe; I’m so okay, I’m in a great place today. I can’t say that I’ve been in a great place these last few days, but I am so OK. I am so OK with everything,” NeNe added.

NeNe explains that the heckler insulted her; forcing her to fire back.“I never imagined ever, ever, ever stepping on stage and somebody screaming out ‘Go kill yourself’ to me. It literally took me somewhere else, I apologize. I’ve let it go.”

However, the fallout from NeNe’s freakout continues to grow.

It’s rumored that NeNe’s Real Housewives of Atlanta gig could be on the line.

Meanwhile, NeNe was also fired from hosting XScape’s The Great XScape tour.

“Like many, we were dismayed by the recent remarks made by our talented colleague and friend NeNe Leakes. As a result, we have decided to no longer proceed with her participation on our tour. It was an unfortunate incident for which NeNe has since apologized, and we wish her the best as she navigates this very difficult period. As strong supporters of all women, we know this decision is what is best,” the group explained in a statement to TMZ.

Despite the setbacks, NeNe is making it clear that she’s “stronger” than she looks and “wasn’t built to break.”

NeNe is surrounding herself with good friends to help get her through this ordeal.

I’m not surprised NeNe is getting blowback from her comments. Hopefully, NeNe has realized she can’t just say anything and everything that pops into her head. I think NeNe will be dealing with the fallout from this scandal for a while.

Are you surprised NeNe had a breakdown after her rape joke? Do you think NeNe is worried about her career?

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  • What a load of BS!! Are those pictures supposed to show a contrite, apologetic NeRex? Her PR people are working overtime trying to put a spin on her remark and repair her “image”, unaware that her image is that of a loud mouth, ghetto rich biatch, who takes no shit , is in yo face, opinionated, rude, angry black woman that has witty comebacks. That comment was already in her repotire, it just came out in public unfortunately, while on stage, with cameras rolling, to catch every single syllable. BLOOP!

  • TBH, I’m not surprised she claimed to have a “breakdown”. What better way to deflect from the criticism and backlash than to make yourself appear sad, and a victim? Maybe she had a breakdown, maybe not, but this “poor me” isn’t a good look. It’s time she stop talking abut it

    • I have to agree , with all points . I just don’t get how some grown ups aren’t growing from their pasts. I get that everyone has a limit , we all get stressed or whatever but she should have known going into an arena like that ,( or anything public these days ) there was bound to be some backlash and she blew it

    • Her sad poor me act is just embarrassing. Does anyone have even an ounce of sympathy for this loud-mouthed fool whose 15 minutes should have been over five minutes after they started?

  • I really thought that she was in a better place to realize that two wrongs don’t make a right . I’m sure most of these HWs are told similar , and in some cases, worse verbal lashings. I’m not going to condemn her but I am disappointed that she couldn’t take that heckler’s comment and make a better choice for herself .

      • She’s incapable! Now, she has a PLE…..perfectly logical explanation that says “I didn’t wanna do it, but they know I keeps it straight one hunnid”……..yeah, then don’t apologize nor make up a fakedown for sympathy. People didn’t laugh nor give her a pass and, in true trump style….lie until one sticks! She has no credibility and her “so mean, so rude” is supposed to be okay, because after all, “eff ’em if they can’t take a joke”, right? She gets no pass. Michers, sis, you know I have always called this thing a thing (her atrocious behavior). Now, she wants people to overlook what’s been said and accept her penance as an olive branch to society. HELL NAW! You wanted visibility? No you’ve been exposed! Deal with it like an adult, not some petulant, obtuse child.

      • Ya know, I can’t help wondering how she’s doing after someone she maybe liked, and followed, yelling at her, in front of a crowd (lol, was there a crowd?) I hope you get raped!! I don’t know if Sept said that in jest, or was serious, but it’s something to consider, No? Maybe I’m off the wall! LOL, wouldn’t be the first time! ?

        • Nene didn’t think this will be a big deal an is trying to wiggle out of it . I don’t buy her remorse . To September ‘s point, it would’ve been nice if she offered an apology to the person she said that to. But this is all a PR stunt

          Love you ????????????

          • I totally agree, Rain!! She has no remorse whatsoever and no empathy at all for the person she said that to. The fact that she has not confirms as well she has no class. She is exactly as she looks and talks… pigs purse out of a sows ear..sp.. comes to mind, if I’ve quoted that correctly. She should be fired by Bravo.

            • Oh you’re so kind my sweet one ???????. Love you more xoxo

              The moose is hopeless! She can’t even ACT genuine ???

    • Hi Sam…….quick question…..if Porsha has a hair merchandise line, why go bald? Oh, because Sanaa Lathan did it and is gorgeous? Does she have an original idea? Help your brotha out, please


  • Had she said she had a breakdown on stage and that is why those ugly words came out of her mouth, I might feel differently. But, come on, Nene. You had a breakdown after you shouted this horrendous statement? Disgusting. She has always been mouthy and gotten away saying many ugly things with those on the side cheering her on. So, she just kept ramping it up and up. But, there is never and can never be anything funny about rape. Shame on you, Nene.

  • The so-called breakdown was about her realizing her 15 minutes of fame is starting to whittle away, ‘BLOOP’. And it cannot be too soon for me.

  • A joke about this right now with everything that is going on, is not actually funny, and I get that the stunt Brianna pulled with the video was probably very embarrassing for her, which is why she hit below the belt, but just not apropos… at any time, in any place.

  • You know, if she wants to apologize, fine, but she shouldn’t be playing the victim. “I’m sorry BUT…” is not an apology. She’s practically blaming the whole thing on the heckler. I understand that that must have been frustrating. It just doesn’t justify the words that came out of her mouth in return. Words mean things, Nene.

    • Hi Rain! Hope today begins an amazing week for you! My two cents: point and deflect and never, ever be accountable is her mantra! Truth: she lacks impulse control is the REAL reason for her hate-filled outburst and she can’t unthrow that rock nor unfinished that bell. There are neither words nor worn out excuses for her actions other than….(1) she’s shallow (2) she is made bigger by demeaning others (3) she’s a bully (4) she can’t handle being rejected. I’m neither Sigmund nor Freud, yet can certainly see her shortcomings that’s she won’t acknowledge……..fame got to her narrow mind and she pushed the envelope until it is now pushing back on her. It could come sooner for me. However, SHE has fallen on her own sword! Like trump, she’s gonna blame. Next thing you know it’ll be Obama’s fault.

      Be well dear.

      • You summed up perfectly . I have never really been a fan of this woman , but I haven’t really followed RHOA closely . She has zero self awareness plus in her mind, being over the top loud and obnoxious is what got her to where she is . Thus , she has no incentive to change . We live in a time where people confuse being rude and vulgar with ‘I’m just being honest and telling it like it is ‘ . It’s tired and overplayed and no decent person really believes that .

        Of course it’s Obama’s fault ! Duh ??
        I hope your week is off to an awesome start too my friend ??? Love and hippy hugs ? xoxo

      • As always, my love, so true and so eloquently said! I agree with you completely.

        Have a fantastic week! Enjoy it!