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Do Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson Keep In Touch?

Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump haven’t had the best relationship during their time on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So, when Eileen walked away from RHOBH after season 7 no one was more thrilled than LVP.

Previously, LVP explained that she wishes Eileen well but made it clear she won’t miss her.

“Listen – I hope she’s successful in her future. She had a good time on the show,” Lisa shrugged, “but I didn’t get on with her obviously, so I’ve gotta be honest.”

But have the two kept in touch since Eileen left RHOBH?

Check out the clip below to see what LVP had to say about where she and Eileen stand today.

Eileen announced her departure from RHOBH in July.

“After a lot of careful thought, I’ve decided because of my crazy schedules at The Young and The Restless, as well as Days of Our Lives, it’s best for me and my family if I step away from being a Housewife for now,” Eileen said in a statement “But you never know, I might be popping in from time to time just to see what the ladies are up to! Thanks for your love and support guys!!!”

I will definitely miss Eileen on RHOBH!

Do you think LVP and Eileen will ever be friends?

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  • LVP is a self publicist and comes across as a nasty piece of work. Her animals, especially the bald dog, are hideous- dressing dogs in faux human clothes is ridiculous and this poor animal never gets the chance to exercise as it is carried everywhere, I saw this tortured little creature on the red carpet and it couldn’t stand, it collapsed – so LVP had to pick it up again. I also saw it drinking wine from a glass at someone’s dinner party – disgusting. I wouldn’t allow that it my home – having a dog eating from a dining plate and wine glass is revolting. Maybe that’s why it is bald – wine and human food as well as putting clothes on it is just unnatural. LVP and her nasty little husband who is as daft as she is are not very pleasant people and do not typify British people thank goodness. As for Eileen – she seemed quite nice to me. Obviously not a great actress and Rinna isn’t any better resorting to selling clothes on TV is a bit tacky. She seemed so much more sane than Vanderpump – she and Ken are both batty as well as being unpleasant.

    • I won’t argue your low opinion of LVP. I like her. But, I realize many other viewers don’t. However, you’re way off on Giggy’s health issue. FYI: He is bald because he suffers from Alopeia. He has to wear “clothes” because his bare skin is too sensitive to be exposed.

      • This dog may well have alopeia but dressing it up in evening clothes and various other outfits in mad. Why he can’t just have a little dog coat made of very soft fabric would be far better. All the collars, frills and furbelows can’t be comfortable. He never walks anywhere either and he does he legs but carrying him and allowing him to drink wine and eat human food is not all healthy and maybe exacerbate his skin condition. The lack of exercise is actually cruel. They purport to love this animal and spend money on his skin condition but then feed it wine – that isn’t love it’s self indulgence on LVP and her ridiculous husband, and a craving for publicity.

        • It’s their choice to dress them anyway they please. I don’t see Ken as a “ridiculous husband”. In fact, he’s very caring & supportive of Lisa. The publicity Giggy has is earned. He won the hearts of many fans & Andy Cohen. In fact, Giggy has his own contract. Lisa refers to herself as “Giggy’s Carrier”. She’s a smart woman who struck while the iron was hot.

          I do vigorous agree with your feelings about feeding the dog at the table, the way that they do it. That’s poor manners, Dahling!!!

          • Feeding animals at the table, especially if it is a friend’s house if revolting and very rude – we can agree about that. I find the dog’s owners as bordering on cruel – I don’t think it can walk as it never gets the opportunity. I doubt it would get such adoration in the UK. It is all about money for little Ken and bossy LVP.

    • Lea!!! Good afternoon – thanks for the link!

      uh..oh…pigtails seem to be trending..
      you know I go bonkers for Kyle, to me she is a hippie chick…and frugal as all get out (cheap ???) she’s kind of
      like sonja – Kyle probably still has her first chanel bag. Kyle seriously, looks like “sister” of her daughters (is that the way to say it?) so young looking!

      anyhoo..the pic of LR ??? for sure I will be editing that one to use as my avitar!!

      • haha – ugh, yes pigtails seem to be trending, at least on the housewives. Kyle is pretty and fit, but she needs to keep in mind her height, and age, like any of us do. You’re using Rinna’s pic LOL

        • Good morning Lea!

          Isn’t it weird – 100% of the RH need someone honest around them to say “really?…you’re gonna wear that?” …sometimes I think the RH share clothing. yeah, I had to grab the pic in your link! kinda freaky that this is not an “altered” pic..it’s actually her blabbing!

  • No way are they in touch in anyway i would assume Wednesday bump into each other at parties or just down the road there cordial and say hello and that would be at least least I was honest about her feelings and I’ve seen Eileen in a totally different like now

  • I really don’t think either party is upset they aren’t friends missing each other . Why would either one want to keep in touch ? Unless they both said screw let’s start over but I’m sure that would have been “news”….

  • I had a theory about Dullen – since her first season – Daytime Emmy’s refused to nominate her once in each season she was on #rhbh – Dulleen made a huge mistake with her “branding” – it’s ok to “act” like gutter trash in a soap..but to have it confirmed on #RHBH that Dulleen is gutter trash, well who wants to give that an award.

    NOT Daytime Emmy’s – Dullen is a huge loser that is gutter trash in real life. will be interesting if she gets nominated in June…

  • Eileen had/does/will have success always..She didn’t need the HW”s, she has been on 2 successful soaps for years and years. Where as Pump hawks crap food/drinks, and Made in China doggy duds, numerous lawsuits. ..Eileen & Pump didn’t blend because one is a hard worker and one is a lazy wanna be..Now this is my opinion, this is America and I am entitled to that..I don’t hate Pump. I just see her differently …PS ::HAPPY FRIDAY MICH/RAIN/KIRBY & FUCHESS & ALL ??????

  • Why would LVP want to keep in touch with Eileen, she treated LVP horribly, she and Lisa R were so insanely jealous of LVP’s popularity that they tried to harass her off the show. Instead Eileen was fired, haha karma’s a bitch!

  • Going forward, why would Lisa & Eileen be friends? If a friendship didn’t form while on the show, being apart certainly won’t create one out of thin air. Whineleen had zero story line. She glommed off others to push her through. Picking on Queen LVP was a poor strategy, because the issue was woefully dragged out for years! In a nutshell: Lisa upset ED about using the word “affair”. Really!!! Manipuleen got over being called a homewrecker & wine tossed in her face from Blabbi. Which is worse? The show will proceed without ED. LVP’s life will go on without ED. She won’t be missed, except by GRinna (who is mentally unbalanced).

  • Dulleen played LVP wrong. Look how Mags dealt with her cheating ways – boom -she announced it herself on National TV done it was over! Before cheater cheater elephant eater went into her “don’t call me a homewrecker” guilt routine, Eileen could have just said what Mags said..her honesty preceeded her (for me) – I know for a fact I would have respected her – the way I respect Mags.

    Duleen played LVP wrong – humping LVP’s leg eternally for apology was the dumbest storyline! Duleen’s crappiest storyline was dulleen constantly encouraging LR to fight with KimR even to the end of the reunion!

    #RHBH is already better without a human who can kick at dogs that are in danger – as a way of slamming LVP!

    “Next week all of us, and our issues, are packing up and headed to Dubai. I wonder if there are any dogs there I can murder?”

    Good for LVP for using her platform to help those that are incapable of helping themselves

  • At least she was honest. I’ll miss Eileen like I’d miss a sore throat. The only reason I’d call her is of I’m having trouble sleeping. Snooze fest that she was.