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Is Jacqueline Laurita Watching S8 of RHONJ?!?!

Jacqueline Laurita has been a staple on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since day one but now her reality TV days are far behind her.

But the question on everyone’s mind is, does she still watch RHONJ?

Well, it turns out no!

Jacqueline revealed on Facebook that she no longer watches RHONJ.

In fact, Jacqueline claims that she “lost interest” in the show. I mean I guess if you’re not making money from RHONJ, why watch, right?

“Lol! I can’t watch either anymore. I lost interest,” Jacqueline told one fan.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline is so far removed from RHONJ that she wouldn’t even give Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania advice on how to handle returning Housewife Danielle Staub; claiming that Siggy and Dolores can handle Danielle on their own.

I’m shocked that Jacqueline isn’t watching RHONJ. Jacqueline can’t help but get involved in the RHONJ drama. I predict that Jacqueline will throw shade at Melissa, Danielle, and Teresa somehow, someway.

Are you surprised Jacqueline isn’t watching RHONJ? Do you believe Jacqueline’s lost interest in RHONJ?

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  • bree7702

    Of course she’s watching! I’d lie too and act like I wasnt.

  • BJ

    Ya, you know she is watching! She can’t stand to not be included even though she should be at home with her family. She made it seem like they had so many hardships and yet she’s actin a fool on the show and social media. Stay at home and take care of your family! She use to be one of my favorites and then she just got sad and pathetic. Some of the wives just need to know when it’s time to go and she shouldn’t have returned.

  • Marc

    Seriously with all the plastic surgery , why does this bloated booze bag not do something with her rings around her neck?? Guess it;s her happy reminder of how many times she has been on her knees going down on some random dude.


    Is the sky Blue? Of course this desperate Hag is still watching and so is her daughter just like The Manzo’s still watch.

  • Sadie

    Doesn’t watch my “ARSE”, that booze bag can’t get enough so who is she kidding. She preps for it all week! 1) Bottle of Booze – check 2) Huge bag of cookies – Check 3) Asslee by her side to console her because she’s no longer on the show – Check 4) Bottle of Valium – Check 5) Box of kleenex – Check 6) Friends over – UNCHECK because she has none…..This story really is stupid and of course she’s going to say she doesn’t watch! She needs to try to make us think she’s not as bitter and thirsty as she really is! Anyway all I can say is I am LOVING the dynamic between Teresa, Melissa , Danielle & Margret this Season, I think they have a really good vibe and their actually fun to watch. As for the others…………

  • HWjunkie

    I think she is lying, give it time. She will have one to many drinks and be back rant tweeting before we know it

  • Marcy Davis

    I kind of keep track of Jacqueline tweets, have even saved a few, on one hand she’s watching another not watching, but seems to know what’s going on. Her last tweet I saved was interesting, Quote about season 8, “Siggy Going Down” next fans ask do you see Dolores and Siggy? Yes matter of fact we’re all meeting for lunch next week. I swear Siggy,Dull,Jac,KimD they’re all cut from the same cloth. FAKE,FAKE,FAKE…..

  • rhfan

    My thought, the more clicks her stories get, the better chance that she’ll get asked back. Nobody wants that., lol. So, I’ll be limiting my Jac clicks??

    • luvs2ride

      Good idea, rhfan.
      A few of us had a discussion the other day about the possibility of her appearance later on this season.


    BS!!! You can bet your ass she’s watching! Believe it!!

  • michers

    Lies . And if for any reason she didn’t watch it, I’m sure her minions told her everything

  • HelenWheels68

    Of course she’s watching. With a bucket of KFC in one hand and a tumbler of wine in the other.

  • giada marco

    Jacqueline should just GO AWAY and take her free-loading daughter ASHLEY with . WHY ISN”T Ashley MARRIED? she will never get married the boyfriend doesn’t even have a job. Ashley and Pete are living off JACKO, does anyone remember when Ashley had the boyfriend on New Jersey housewives? Derek . funny that Albie Manzo went to school with him, then Peter comes in the picture being Ashley’s LONG TIME boyfriend and again Albie went to school with him how funny is that, nevertheless Ashley needs to MOVE OUT/GET MARRIED/ LIVE HER OWN LIFE and GROW UP

  • kitti_kat

    We can all guarantee she is sat there with her Bailey’s and kernels, phone on standby with Twitter. Every few minutes turning to Chris and screeching in fits of booze fuelled rage “they aren’t mentioning me. Why aren’t they mentioning me.”

  • September24

    Of course she’s not watching. How can she afford cable tv? Bankruptcy! Foreclosure! Deserves It! LOL!

    • Khipp
    • luvs2ride

      Like I told sam yesterday, she probably stiffed the cable company and is watching it at Dull’s house.

    • CsqD

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, September! Jaq’s house is in foreclosure and she and Chris are unemployed! How can they afford the cable/satellite bill with Chris getting fined $1.8 million for fraud?

      I have a sick feeling that Bravo will offer Jaq a contract again for next season (if there and is a S9). BUT, Jaq will have to talk about the civil bankruptcy case, foreclosure and that she is a big hypocrite! I really doubt Jaq is strong enough to show herself going through karma, though. Especially with Tre working with her!

      • lipppo jaqqq

        maybe not to come back as housewife…but if they decide to put out a new series…househives of new jersey.

      • Mar

        I think Jac is in denial about her husband’s fraud. I saw someone as her question about it and she called the person stupid!

        • CsqD

          Really, Mar? Whoa! I don’t pay attention to Jaq on social media. The last time I did she was threatening to sue someone on Facebook for calling her out for ripping off the cancer charity!

          Judging from Jaq’s book sales and how many “Likes” she gets on her social media pages, Jaq has the least amount of fans on RHONJ. Well, she has more than Amber and the twins! She’s about even with Kathy which isn’t very good, considering Jaq is an OG!

          I think if RHONJ does get picked up for a S9 and Jaq is offered a job, the offer might be immediately rescinded! After Andy sees how out of touch with reality Jaq really is! That would be painful for the producers and cast to work with!

          • mar

            Yup! It is so strange. She can talk about Tre stuff but do not dare talk about her fraudulent activities. She wants to appear that she is better than everyone else. She is nutty. Her information is out there! And for her to say she wants to sue, that is funny because didn’t her lawyer leave her husband and her? Lol . I am thinking her husband did some crazy fraudulent stuff that can out her husband and her in jail. I like Chris, but he may be shady.

            • CsqD

              Jaq the hypocrite! I did read comments from various sites when they reported Chris was found severely liable for committing fraud. I will say 99.9% of the comments were of people bringing up Jaq’s hypocrisy! Jaq brought this on herself and like true Jaq fashion, she chooses to hide!

      • FUCHESS

        Omg, I hope she doesn’t come back and what you said concerns me!! The only thing I see is that, as of only 2 episodes, granted) is at least T has a good friend/support base now, so she wouldn’t be alone, plus, like you say, she’d have to address and air her dirty laundry!!

        • CsqD

          After what Mar stated about Jaq being in denial about Chris’ fraud, I would hope the producers and Andy would nix hiring Jaq back! I know some of her fans say Jaq can bring the drama but Jaq is a coward! She ran away after yelling at Tre and Melissa and hid behind her keyboard on social media, wearing a confrontational t-shirt, while feigning laryngitis! Jaq is the biggest coward out if all the Bravo Housewives! Heck, she has her pig daughter defend her on social media. Then when Ashley gets slammed, Jaq won’t defend her!

          • FUCHESS

            Yes!! Preach, CsqD!! She cant go after T anymore, cuz she has her own to coming outta her butt this Time! Now, T has people who have her back too, BUT, I DON’T WANT TO SEE JACQOFF!!

    • ~~ La erik ~~

      More than those issues she and Chris. They did something FRAUD!

  • Cori

    She’s not watching……haha, riiiiight. Whatever.

  • demented_goober

    If Whacko Jacko claims she is not watching, she’s bold faced lying.

    • ~~ La erik ~~

      Because if we were in her shoes, we would watch the show! Come on! Don’t BS on me.

  • Betty

    OF course!

  • samael

    of course she is watching…so she can call into andy on WWHL and blab about Teresa being mean to her…

    She’s a boob watching the boob tube https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36c4f37acc7f3881e6b0f87add142be39cf899afb616f260695bfbb79f7a1c69.gif

    • mar

      What she will do is get others to talk on her behalf like people are stupid. Of course she is watching. But she can’ t control them anymore I bet that drives her crazy.

      • luvs2ride

        Who’s Jill?
        Isn’t that Al Manzo’s side piece?

        • samael


          I think you are right – that jill is al’s side piece

          • ~~ La erik ~~

            Who is Jill?

        • Mar

          Her best friend from Vegas. She got pictures and videos of them. She is at Jacqueline’s house now.

      • samael

        you’re right mar!

        for some reason she has many that will spew on her behalf!

    • Khipp
      • luvs2ride

        Good one!

        • samael

          right luvs?

          Good morning luvs

          Khipp has so many monikers for Jack Ass,this is my fav!

          • FUCHESS

            You both are stars!!

      • samael


        Good morning Khipp! my fav of your names for Jack Ass

        bloated booze bag!

        btw, I’m not getting notifications of 90% of the posts from yesterday, perusing all stories!

    • luvs2ride

      Hey, sam.
      Day late & a dollar short!
      You posted this yesterday……

      • samael

        hey there luvs

        yup, geez I have to peruse the site,cuz I’m not getting notifications..sux

        • luvs2ride

          Not you!
          I meant Lara.
          You post links, then it’s a story the next day.

    • michers

      The day she doesn’t watch is the day HWs is off air for good

      • lipppo jaqqq

        she watched, no doubt- probably frothing, head-spinning, and calling them dirty birdies.

        • michers

          LMAO! Do you think she huffed puffed blew a house down and waved the over used Twitter finger ???

        • HWjunkie

          Chris probably took her phone away so she wouldn’t get online lol

    • michers

      Sam I just saw the pic lololol

  • MaryWanna

    Jac can’t help but watch. She is nosey.

    • nywatcher

      In Jacqueline’s own words, “liar” with a nasty look on my face and the word drawn out.