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Heather Dubrow Reunites with Tamra Judge Proving Their Still Friends! Plus Does Tamra Want Heather Back On RHOC?

Reunited and it feels so good!

Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge recently reunited and proved all the haters wrong.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars made it clear that they are very much still friends despite claims stating otherwise.

Heather and Tamra picked up right where they left off and documented their shenanigans on Instagram.

The OC ladies had a ton of “fun” catching up and agree that they still “love” each other a lot.

In fact, Tamra misses Heather so much she even begged her to return to RHOC, telling her “please come back.”

Months ago, Heather unfollowed the entire RHOC cast on social media leading to rumors of a major fallout between Heather and her former RHOC castmates.

However, shortly after Heather’s social media faux pas, Tamra told Andy Cohen not to read too much into Heather unfollowing the cast.

“I think it was really hard for her leaving the show and seeing everything that was going on,” Tamra told Andy Cohen on WWHL. “You know, she’s a very sensitive girl, and she’s lovely.”

I love seeing Heather and Tamra together. And I agree with Tamra, Heather, please come back to RHOC!

Do you like seeing Heather and Tamra together again? Should Heather return to RHOC? Do you miss Heather on RHOC?

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  • So, what’s the angle here? I don’t believe they’re real friends. Did she get invited to her house? No, otherwise Tamrot surely would have said so. Does Heather miss lights, camera, action and putting her toe in the what does the audience think pond, because surely there is an angle.

  • Do we really need the return of another retread? Between retreads and friends of existing cast members, Bravo seems to be unable to find anyone else willing to be on their shows.

  • I will keep what I want to say about Tamra and her holier then thou attitude. I do want someone to tell me if the” OG ” on the : OC ” does it mean Old Girls ? And yes I will and only this the word Christen means Christ Like, and the Bible says it’s not what goes in the mouth it’s what comes out the mouth because that comes from the heart…. And Heather your not missed by all..

    • I agree. Heather was a counter balance to the neurotic, incoherent blather that seeped out of the heap. Although HD felt the show was below her; not that many viewers had ever heard of Heather Page Kent prior to RHOC. She might as well go with it. It’s quick & easy money for basically being herself.

      • She brought some classs and her snobby attitude didn’t bother me as much as other people ??. Terry also knew to interact just enough without being obnoxious

        • I agree. Heather also has 2 things going for her. She has REAL money & she’s articulate. She behaved like an adult in most situations; especially when they traveled to a foreign country.

                • Oh, yes. I didn’t watch last season as a personal boycott against the return of the porcine peasant, Vickileaks.
                  However, I had read a few recaps to get the general gist of the action & overall stupidity.

                    • I made the right decision to skip it. I’m only partially watching this season. Vickileaks is desperate to get Steve down the altar. That poor man has been captured.

                    • I read on another site that Steve kicked off the force for being a racist cop, who was sued for excessive force to a jay walker. He also ran for local political office & changed his last name, in the vain hope of attracting more voters. It failed, as did his aspirations for whatever the office was. Can you picture the porcine peasant a “political wife”? LOL

      • Right. We viewers got screwed by Madame Dubrow. She yapped about her fabulous Manse for years. All we got was a lousy tour of the bare 4 X 6 joists & sub floors; not even the plywood walls were installed. She owes us for our time wasted looking at her overspend, with no finish work available for viewing!!!

          • Oooohhhh… I would watch that. I’m surprised Andy didn’t snag that special for Blahvo. He’s slipping.

            • I read Andy is joing Anderson Cooper for NY Eve on CNN replacing Kathy Griffin . That’s a very bad idea ??

                  • I saw their “act” in Boston when they first started their traveling LIVE show. Anderson was very impressive. Andy was silly & sort of drunkish. He slurped Tequila throughout the show; while Anderson drank only bottled water.

                    • Good review Medusa ????I was telling kiddle that I can see Andy being ok if he was reading from a script but not with improvising , he’s not naturally funny or quick . Maybe he’s mistaking the RH laughing at his jokes for him actually being funny ???

                    • Thanks, Kirby. Andy was limited to focusing mostly on housewife stories. When he was a guest on Bill Maher, every question was answered in housewife-ese. That is, Andy equated everything into what a housewife would say or do. Really!!!!

                    • I know what you mean, he hears a question then channels a certain Rh and answers the question with that Rh in mind ???

                    • Exactly. On Bill Maher’s show, Andy’s responses weren’t relevant. Bill just pretended that Andy said something of value and kept the conversation moving.

                    • How the heck dd he even manage to get on Bill Maher’s show ? He is used to the wives blowing smoke up his behind so he believes his own hype

                    • I have no idea. Side note: Andy said his own mother begged him not to go on Bill’s show because she felt Andy wasn’t smart enough to keep up with Bill. It turns out that Maher’s show is a favorite of Andy’s mother. LOL

                    • Yep. He posted it on his fb page AND he told Bill that his mother didn’t think he was bright enough to keep up with the conversation. Sad

              • They’re best friends Actually, Andy Cohen had a crush on Anderson, but Anderson turned him down by saying they would be better off as “friends”. Poor Andy suffers from unrequited love 🙁

                • Cooper did the right thing ?? he can do way better than Andy and he probably did , Andy seems like a player

                  • This was my takeaway: Andy is vapid, vacuous & borderline ridiculous. He said his main goal in life was to be friends with celebrities & to become one, too. By sharp contrast, Anderson was very solid & serious. He stated that due to being born into incredible wealth, he wanted to travel the world to help people who were less fortunate than he was. Also, he chose to use his father’s last name in order to earn his keep. He didn’t want to slide by on his mother’s famous family name.

                    • I can imagine that Anderson is considered a catch but he’s also smart enough to read people and figure out what’s what

                    • I think the silver fox, Anderson is handsome. He has the bluest eyes and the funniest laugh I’ve ever heard. He’s also incredibly smart & humble. It’s too bad he plays for the “other team”.

      • She has the utube series where she films in her massive closet and it’s to die for!! She has a champagne buzzer that announces to her maid to bring her the Champs!

    • Yes!!! I feel I’ve heard enough about this Castle to want to see the end product . Something tells me she will be back. This is FOR SURE Meghan’s , Lydiot’s and Peggy’s last season. I’m a million percent sure . So Heather may very well return

          • Hey Rain -how close are you to the fires- it is looking really bad- they said one winery looked like a bath of wine on the ground- that makes me sick-
            One of my Boss’s sons is a Hot Shot ( normally in Oregon), but he has been called to help–Prayers

            • It’s quite aweful . It’s about 2 hours away but we have been waking to smoke and ashes falling from the sky for about 3 Days now . I’m actually wearing a mask now as I write this . The sky is orange and it’s scary

              The winds aren’t helping and they are overwhelmed. There are many fires now and not close to being contained . So much tragic damage and loss of life . There has been so much natural disasters this year . We know friends who lost a house and eveybody knows someone who lost something . It’s so sad . I hope they are able to contain it soon and God bless

              Thanks for asking ??

  • I would love to see Heather come back and I’ll bet Tamra really misses her on the show. I agree with the Shannon can be exhausting comment. It’s hard to hang with someone who every time your with them you leave emotionally exhausted. Sometimes you just want to have a nice time not complain about weight, Vicki, marriage issues. Etc…..dump Peggy and look at all my material things dingaling Diko already and bring my Dubrows back!!

  • Heather is missed – for sure.

    I am tired of Tams crapping on Shannon – apparently Tams doesn’t think friends need to:

    – call each other (Tam’s bitches about how much Shannon calls)
    – be supportive when friend is feeling vulnerable ( apparently Shannon is not to expect support but is to expect anger and frustration from Tams)
    – voice disgust and judge Shannon when dealing with weight issues

    maybe Tam’s should go back to vile – she seems to treat people the same way vile does.

      • too true, Shannon is needy and Tams needs to sit down and say “you need to chill”..instead of crabbing at Kelly and Meghan about Shannon’s demands.

        Friends do this, they answer the call, hear the friend then say, “you need to dial it back bud” – sure Shannon would be hurt all over the place,but then, Shannon would put herself in check.

        Of course I am only basing this on how I see shannon deal with issues. Right now Shannon has big issues and needs a friend, and Tams needs to say, no probs..not 100 calls a day with the same discussion. That is a normal response..I wish Tams would be honest with Shannon.

        • Your right. Tams needs to be tough and honest with Shannon. I would do that in her shoes. But remember, Tams had to deal with Vicki when Vicki had issues with other ladies just the same way. Tams is weak but she is a good friend. She needs to be TOUGH.

      • Yeah, I have a friend like her and I have to go back and forth making sure my friend is OK but I can’t do it all the time. I need a back up friend for my friend so we can take a turn to take care of our friend. LOL

    • Hmmm! That is why this year RHOD is way much better than RHOC. Ladies in RHOD deal their issues better than OC. I do not know how to explain.