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Danielle Staub Calls Dolores Catania A Hypocrite For Not Ever Sticking Up For Teresa When Teresa Brought Her On The Show!

On Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey things got crazy at Boca and Dolores Catania was surprised by Margaret Josephs treatment of her friend Siggy who brought her on the show. Danielle Staub took to her latest Bravo blog to blast Dolores for being a hypocrite. She also called out Siggy for not having any class.

Danielle says,

“Let me begin by saying that this is a pretty accurate portrayal of what it’s really like to be around Jersey girls. We are all very strong-minded women with equally strong personalities and opinions. Not one of us is a wallflower. We all speak our minds, even though at times the person we may be speaking to can be a little intimidating…

As a viewer, I am not sure how you all feel about the following details, but here’s how it felt with a front row seat:

Margaret was brought in by Siggy. This much has been established, but when it comes to Dolores saying, “Who brought you in is who you stay with” (not exact words), she’s being a hypocrite. Teresa brought Dolores in, yet I haven’t seen her around Teresa. I know for a fact that her friendships are treasured, but personally, I haven’t seen it.


All of us were invited to Boca by Siggy, and what a nice thing for her to include Margaret and I. But once we arrived, no calls, no texts were received from Siggy—not on my end anyway—and I am not certain that I directly did anything to Siggy except fall in love with Margaret. I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is that you claim to help heal relationships when you are so diabolical in your own relationships (friendships). Blaming others for your failed moments with those of us you call friends is not a good look on you, or anyone for that matter, especially since you are looked up to by so many to help them navigate their own relationships.

Honey, saying I was “crawling up Teresa’s ass” was totally uncalled for! You as a self-proclaimed relationship expert should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of celebrating the fact that Teresa and I are working on our relationship of 11 years, you are so disrespectful to try and suggest anything different.

Someone mentions a trigger, and you pull that trigger with, “TRASHY, TRASHY, TRASHY!” Who in the world would say that is the behavior of a relationship expert? Not classy, not nice, and not the behavior of a lady from Jersey, Boca, or anywhere! But thank you so much for inviting me. I had a blast, and it felt wonderful.


So much to address here! You fired the first shot—just remember that! You know very well that crazy is the new sane, so where does that leave you? You should practice what you preach, sista. “Who brought you in is who you stay with.” So why is it that you are not with Teresa, and why is it that you don’t have her back “5000%”? Inquiring minds want to know. It bothered me to hear you threaten bodily harm to Margaret. You don’t even know her, so why in the world would you say such a thing? As a mother and a person, I felt you went too far…just saying! Who’s crazy now?


The wreath ceremony was gorgeous! Thank you, Margaret, for doing this for US! At first, I was emotional, thinking, “Here’s this complete stranger coming up with ways to help heal the pain Teresa is going through,” and that was enough for me. Very touching, loving, and kind, and reflects the person you truly are, MJ! As it turned out, you did something cathartic for all of us! I will never forget this as long as I live!

I absolutely love that you speak the truth, stand up for that which is right, and much to your credit, you hold everyone accountable for their actions! You go, girl!


The cake…OMG, can this be the end of the cake? LOL! Thank you for having my back after I told Siggy that you, Teresa, Margaret, and I were not “trash.” I do, however, feel like you deserve a birthday do-over. You did not deserve the way Siggy and Dolores treated you on your birthday! Next time, cake’s on me, little one.

Loved doing yoga together! I would love to get you into a few classes with me, because I think you’d be a natural with that hot little body of yours!

I hated the way that Siggy spoke to us, much like the way my parents spoke to me before going into Sunday Mass—only we’re adults. Perhaps we should all ask Siggy if it was mature when she dumped her red wine on the table at dinner, ruining your new Chanel bag and nearly landing on Margaret’s beautiful white lace top. Thank God I wore black.

Joey, I absolutely loved the dinner you had at Teresa’s house with your dad and all the kids. Best moment ever. Super cute family goals! But raising two daughters myself, I sadly have to inform you that Antonia will be a little younger than 48 years old when she gets a boyfriend. She is beautiful and seems to have a head on her shoulders, Daddy! Be proud. I see her making the right decisions.


I had such a beautiful time bonding with you in Boca. I cannot imagine that we were ever not as close as we are becoming now that everyone is leaving us alone to find our friendship. I do hope Siggy and Dolores will allow us our space and time to continue our long awaited journey! I would love everyone to be supportive of us, and I feel most are!”

While Danielle may have a case – Dolores and Teresa have been friends for 20 years. I appreciate that Dolores remains neutral and tries to acknowledge everyones feelings. She has grown extremely close to Siggy so I could understand why she defends her as they seem to actually be genuine friends outside of the show. Do I think Dolores could have Teresa’s back more than not? Absolutely! But they’ve made the friendship work and Teresa has no issues with how Dolores is towards her.

Thoughts on what Danielle had to say? Do you believe Dolores is a hypocrite?

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  • michers

    I actually think this is a pretty accurate blog

  • rhfan

    One thing, I thought Dolo was brought on to be a Team Jac? That Robyn lady and her wife were supposed to be Team Tre? Who knows, lol. These HWs don’t really remain that loyal, so whaddya gonna do?

    • mar

      I thought that too! Jac claims she got Dol on the show. And Dol defending Jac last season.

  • rhfan

    Well. TBH, I never thought I’d say this, but I like and agree with D’s take here. Who knew she’d make sense? LOL

    As for Tre and Dolo being “friends” for 20 years, I call bullshit. They’ve known each other that long but certainly aren’t friends. Tre didn’t even know when Dolos bday was. Dolo said she hadn’t really talked to Tre for like a year before she went away and she’s a caro family disciple. Clearly they’re thrown back together because of the show. I really don’t expect either to be loyal beyond what’s expected for the paycheck.

    • mar

      Me too! They were friends. Dol does not even act like a friend to Tre

      • Mar

        I meant to say they are acquaintances.

    • luvs2ride

      They were acquaintances. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • rhfan

        That’s my take, too.

    • Sheba

      There is a wedge there you can see and its not coming from Tre. I do think Tre feels Dol is like family in a sense of closeness but I feel Dol doesn’t really care and puts up this innocent play dumb act. She loves Caroline, defended Jac, Siggy over Tre and is friends with Kim D. Dina did a sort of tell all on juicy scoop. She said she used to be close to Dol but not anymore. Dina wanted Dol on in the first season but she was in a relationship that made her not join but film part time with Dina. Anyone wanting to hear a lot of background they should listen to it. I believe Dina.

      • Mar

        Yup. They are not friends. Who are they fooling. Dol loyalties are to Jac,Siggy, and Caroline.

  • HelenWheels68

    I may have missed it but has anyone mentioned the fact that when Soggy and Dolores decided to ignore the group text they lost the right to complain about not being included in an outing they deliberately chose not to participate in. And will someone show me where it says in the rule book you have to know someone a proscribed amount of time before you can do something thoughtful for them.

    Go, Margaret!

    • michers

      I have to say that not many
      newbies ” wow ” me in beginning but she’s an exception. If you have time , peep her Twitter . Her tweets during the show are great

      • Sheba

        Agree, she tells us what Siggy n Dil left out.

  • Lea

    Danielle makes good points, Tre brought Dolores on. And how weird is it that Siggy didn’t text or call Danielle during this trip?

  • samael
  • September24

    Love Danielle’s blog! Keep this rhythm going!!

    • luvs2ride

      So do I , September.
      Excellent summary.

  • demented_goober

    Dolores is nothing more than a Manzo/Laurita soldier.

    • Marc

      Agree- Dull is Manzo’s puppet.

  • mar

    I like Dolores but she does not make sense. She should be loyal to Tre as well. I am indifferent to Tre. The last season she barely had Tre ‘s back. She must be scare of Jac , Caroline or something. I thought she was strong, but I have to take that back. She does not even write Bravo blogs to get her point of view.

  • DindiSue

    DO BORE is ManzoHam’s revenge solider, Ziggy is Jac’s.. Thirsty to take Teresa’s platform. .The cake please, Ziggy threw wine is that not also trashy hmmm..Is not confusing your kids by moving Daddy back in for bank nor trashy..Danielle is going to chew them up and spit them out like the trash they are..YEP I AM A TREHUGGER…

    • Marcy Davis

      I know this is mean, but Dolores in her tennis outfit made her look like a little refrigerator with feet. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

      • DindiSue

        Its fine and I agree