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Has Teresa Giudice Made Amends with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri?

It’s no secret that Teresa Giudice hasn’t gotten along with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri for quite some time now.

In fact, Teresa officially closed the door on her relationship with Kathy and Rosie during season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

However, tragedy has a way of reuniting a family. Teresa and her family suffered a “devastating” loss when her mother Antonia Gorga passed away suddenly in March.

So, were Teresa, Kathy, and Rosie able to make amends during this challenging time?

“Yeah, they did,” Melissa Gorga explained during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “They came around for the funeral, and they were by her house and everything.”

Despite Kathy and Rosie’s support, it doesn’t seem like Teresa is ready to bury the hatchet just yet.

In fact, in her latest book, Standing Strong, Teresa reveals she was “disgusted” by Kathy and how she acted following her mom’s death. Adding, that Kathy didn’t even make it to her mom’s funeral because she was on vacation.

Meanwhile, back in April Kathy told Page Six that she was there for Teresa following her mom’s passing but admits they aren’t in constant contact.

“I don’t get too, too involved, but I know they’re doing well and I’ve seen them recently during the time of loss,” Kathy shared. “We’re a strong family, so I think everybody will get through this just fine.” 

I know they are family, but clearly, there’s no love lost between Kathy, Teresa, and Rosie. They just need to stay away from each other until they can mend their relationships for good.

Do you think Teresa, Kathy, and Rosie will ever make amends? Are you surprised Kathy didn’t attend Antonia’s funeral?

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  • Teresa holds grudges like nobodies business. All this is either a storyline or a bunch of crap. Kathy your better off on your own. You and Rosie are great and even if you did extend the olive branch Tre would say you didn’t. All these lies are just to keep people interested in the NJ franchise. I stopped watching 3-4 seasons ago and I don’t watch it now. I read these sites and realize its all a bunch of BS…. It’s a reality show where people have consistency if they act like lunatics. They get guaranteed a place next season with a chance to make more money. A bonus for being a moron.
    I still cannot believe this show is still on TV. It amazes me how people are interested in garbage.

    • Obviously you’re interested too since you’re here, so stop sticking your nose up in the air you big hypocrite.

      • Exactly Dave! What amazes me is someone who takes the time to post about something that “doesn’t interest” them. Lol, why?

  • I think Teresa would eventually forgive Rosie, because she knows Rosie was manipulated by Kathy. Rosie probably felt accepted by her sister for the first time, cos now they had a common ‘enemy’ (in reality T was only Kathy’s enemy). Kathy preyed on Rosie’s need to feel accepted. When you think about it, Kathy was second only to Caroline Manzo in the manipulation and calculation game.

    • Yeah, she’s not watching!
      She’s sitting on her fat ass right now chugging a bottle of hooch, waiting for the show to start.
      Or maybe she stiffed the cable company and she’s at Dolores’ house sitting between her & the ex-husband.

      • right?!

        screaming at the screen…chomping on Kernel and swigging irish cream! and by plural of fan..I mean Chris and daughter ???

  • We already knew that Tre had closed that door, so I’m surprised we are addressing this again. But, in this article did Mel say they were at the funeral, and Tre say they were not? There, I’m confused.

    • Messy is lying like always…Katfish didnt attend the funeral cuz she was too busy posting pix of her and her husband BITCHIE’s vacay trip…they probably went over to Tre’s house later on and brought flowers but that was about it…

      • Rosie and one out of three brothers attended funeral. Kathy went to the house days later. Teresa book sounds the opposite of Melissa’s statement, maybe she’s talking for her husband not Teresa’s.

        • Let’s face it, Marcy.
          Melissa has ALWAYS had problems grasping timelines.
          When she visited Mr. Gorga when he was in the hospital, when she met Joe, when she graduated college, when she worked at the “bikini bar”. I’m sure there’s more, but you get the point.

          That girl needs a calendar. Desperately.

  • First of all I guess you guys can not agree to disagree and May Tre’s Mom RIP. But it seems you all REALLY care about these people, so I apologize as I really don’t and I find it more of a comedy lol but again apologies to anyone of you who might have been offended. Thanks and have a good night.
    PS Just for the record I Voted, Support and Love Our President Trump!!

    • Well, we’ve all been on this blog for several years now…hell, I just started commenting on here a year or two ago but have been on this blog since about 2012 just observing and reading the comments…yes, we care and have watched these ppl so long it’s like Tre is practically our family LOL and good for you for voting for POTUS…not sure what Trump has to do with this HOUSEWIVES blog? And btw Trump LOVES Teresa and Joe…

  • Kathy and Rich are very, very bitter at Tre and Bravo for demoting them in S6 and not asking them back for S8. IMO, Richie is the main antagonist toward Tre and he’s her family!

    This site did a story around the time Nonna Gorga passed away about Kathy’s interview in a Vice (?) Magazine article that also interviewed Jill Zarin and something Bellino (?). In the magazine article Kathy came across like a Beeotch to the reporter and Richie had to say something like, “Ask Andy which hoysewives pay their taxes….” I have no respect for a grown man who enjoys attacking a woman any chance he gets! He’s disgusting and Kathy seems okay with how horrible he talks about Tre. They think they’re so much better than her but they continue to use her celebrity to benefit themselves.

    I can see how the Wakile Moochers try to play to caring cousin to Tre in her time of need. Maybe, deep down, Kathy does feel some sadness at the thought of losing her Aunt. But, Kathy also stabbed her Aunt in the back trying to bring the darn ole drama Bravo expects from its Housewives. IDK if Kathy used proper etiquette when she offered her condolences to Tre and her Uncle? Whatever she did/said it had to have been awkward for her but she did that all on her own. Throwing her elder Aunt and Uncle under the bus for a piece of “pie” was disgusting! Kathy made her bed and now she has to lie in it….with Richie slobbering on her….while he oogles other women!

    • “Vice” magazine?
      That must be the official publication for has-beens.
      Did she make the cover?

      • I cannot think of the actual name of the magazine! It was something like, Broad Vice (?). My WiFi is so slow where I’m at but search Kathy Wakile at the allabouttrh site and you should find the blog wrote this year.

        I think Bellino’s first name is Alexis and she came across so sweet. So did Jill Zarin. They interviewed another Housewife from RHOA and she came across likeable and sweet, too.

        The reporter said Kathy wanted to okay the pics of her before they published the article! Kathy was rude and came across not very friendly. Richie came across jealous and full of hate for the RHONJ Housewives who don’t pay their taxes! The Wakile’s made fools of themselves! They’re bullies and I pity any reporter who had/has to interview them.


    • She is a very strong woman and they’ve put her thru so much and yet she still smiles…that’s strength right there

  • Ms Marco has one job. Guidice spokesperson. LOL! Questions about Kat and Rosie are more interesting than the hag marco clan. No questions about you! LOL!

  • How many reading this are still “close” to cousins? Or are the encounters as rare as the random family reunion where you run into each other and the years melt away – for that one moment in time – and then it’s back to your life that all in all, doesn’t include your cousins.

    • Sure I have cousins like that, Helen. Everyone does.

      The only reason the “cousins” were cast was because of the bad blood. They were more than happy to play the game, and then some.

      Then Bravo flipped the script, and they missed the memo. Buh bye! Cast into oblivion, like the cousins I see at weddings/funerals.

      If I were Kathy, I would have refrained from posting vacation pictures on social media while my uncle grieved, regardless of what Teresa thinks or says about me.

      • I agree about posting the pics. That was in poor taste, regardless of what was going on between the cousins.

  • Not sure . When it’s family that
    constantly betrayed you and lives for money to betray you , it’s hard! It’s one thing to forgive and move forward with only sibling , another with consistently treasonous cousins

  • I guess I’m confused. Tre said in her book Kat wasn’t supportive. Mel said they made up and came around at the time of funeral. So, which is it? I’m sorry, there are always conflicting stories. Tre did tell Kat & R she was done with them, didn’t need them so really she has no right to be “disgusted” if they weren’t as supportive as she hoped they would be. TBH, I really don’t think any are telling the full truth.

    • I know – it’s crazy but either way I would still pay rspects to my Aunt and Kat was posting pics all over Twitter at that time from her happy vacation . Distasteful IMO, speaking to Tre or not

  • Shout out to Melissa for calling out Siggy for being a “Kiss Ass” and Melissa gonna pay for it in Spades. First time agreeing with Melissa.

      • hey there Lea

        I’m surprised they aren’t sick of each other, they are getting ready to tour together in about a month or so.

      • Lea!!c

        I just found out that Teresa will be on WWHL tonite! you are our spy for Canadians…if you will be watching tonite…can you please post to one of the rhnj stories? pretty please…with chockie on it!!!

  • Tre also said her dad made up with his sister after his wife died, so they must see each other in some capacity

  • Sorry Tre. You can’t have it both ways. Kat made it clear how she felt about your mom. So no, she isn’t going to forfeit her vacation because she passed away. If she did come back from her vacation Kat would have been called a phony.

      • I should have added this to my response to you above but I would hope Teresa would also pay her respects as well – vacay or not 🙂 I think she would as I see her differently from the cousins

        • Paying respects to my family, of course I would. TBH, im not sure if I would cancel or cut short a European vacay to attend the funeral. I would send flowers, call, pay respects in person as soon as I could and try to be there in other ways as much as they’d let me. I’m sorry, I just don’t believe Tre has any right to expect anything but the bare minimum, she told them she wanted nothing from them. I don’t have as much faith in Tre as you do, lol. I think she’d pay her respects very minimally and only if her schedule allowed.

        • She is different. SHe’s a felon that doesn’t even pay for her vacations. She just charges and never pays. 🙂

    • Who cares what anybody calls you her Aunt DIED. That is the time when you show that no matter what your family and that’s when you SHOW YOUR LOVE.

      • I have to disagree. There is no love to show. Kat didn’t like Tre’s parents at all and she told her so and on national tv to boot.

            • They sure don’t know the meaning! Takes me back to all the slick crap they’d say about Tre and Joe all those years…Disgusting pigs!

            • Oh, I agree.
              They probably just don’t care, and use the fact Teresa cut them off for justification.

        • I think Kat is jealous of the relationship Tre had with her parents PLUS Tre said at the reunion years back that her dad took care of the Pierri family because they’re dad would run off smh…this is why Katfish got upset LOL oh well, truth hurts! So glad she and her nasty husband are off the show..

  • I don’t know how Kathy would ever be able to get into Teresa’s good graces after calling Teresa’s recently sainted mother a liar.

  • mitts up – who would forgive a family member for saying this on Naional TV about you:

    Rosie – “I’ll rip her f***ing head off,” Rosie yelled, adding she’d be fine going to jail for her actions”

    M – ” Melissa Gorga even went as far as to say the reason she and husband Joe Gorga are selling their home (including the custom recording studio built for Melissa) is because they don’t want their children attending the same school as Teresa and Joe Giudice’s kids!”

    NutNibbler – “Teresa told Joe, “you should stick with your sister,” to which her brother repied, “I’m not sticking with scum like you!”

    Wakilie – ““Rich threw my cookbook in the garbage. Doesn’t he feel anything?”

    Kathy – ” Rosie felt left out because Kathy “hated the fact that her sister was gay.”

    Teresa forgave them.

  • Kathy and Rosie were correct all along, so don’t apologize. Teresa’s mother was a liar. How do you think Teresa turned out to be such a spoiled brat con artist?

  • Yawns…you guys just posted this last week…wonder if Messy Missy has made amends with Kathy and Rosie…she did it to where she got JAchole and the Pierri sisters out of he picture…now she has Tre all to herself…loser