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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Obtains Legal Counsel in Wake of NeNe Leakes’ ‘Racist’ Claims

The shit’s getting real!

Days after Kim Zolciak-Biermann was called a racist by former friend and Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star NeNe Leakes, the Don’t Be Tardy star has obtained legal counsel.

“She put #KKK on the Instagram post. I’ve hired legal counsel at this point. It’s just that bad,” Kim told Larry King on Larry King Now Tuesday.

“It’s inappropriate. In this day and age, people are dying over racism,” Kim explained. “I’m on a show with all African-American women, and I’m the only one that’s ever been on the show that’s Caucasian, so it’s the card that sometimes they play, and it’s gross. And I won’t allow it.”

In fact, Kim and NeNe’s latest feud will most certainly affect RHOA filming going forward.

“I probably won’t shoot with her again,” Kim revealed.

More importantly, Kim makes it clear she’s taking the allegations against her very seriously.

“I don’t take this lightly. It’s one thing like I said to kind of banter back and forth and have an opinion,” Kim told E!’s Daily Pop on Tuesday. “This is far beyond just having an opinion.”

This latest feud between NeNe and Kim all started with a leaked SnapChat video.

In the clip, Kim’s daughter Brielle poses in NeNe’s new home and shows off what looks to be a cockroach on the floor.

After the video surfaced, Kim, Brielle, and NeNe all went on epic social media rants against each other; leading to NeNe calling Kim, Brielle, and their entire family racist.

However, Kim continued to defend Brielle’s SnapChat video and explained what went down during a recent appearance on The Real. Check out the clip below!

Like I’ve said this is only the beginning of this saga so buckle up!

Are you surprised Kim has obtained legal counsel? Do you think Kim and NeNe can ever film together again? Do you believe that Brielle never released the video showing bugs in NeNe’s house? Sound off below!

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  • I didn’t see the clip this site indicated they had…blank. But, this is fodder for the upcoming season and it seems Kim is going to be messy..real messy. This is sickening to me as her and NeRex could have gone in a much better direction. Is Kim so thirsty that she’s trying to be the break bout “star” of the show? Or, based on the direction the show has taken (downwards), she feels she needs to come out swinging? Whatever the case, this does not bode well, for me, what this new season will be about. Nasty.

    • Perfectly said FUCHESS. Why can’t these so called ‘OGs’ ever try and elevate the show and take it into a brighter direction? Why do they have to race to the bottom ?
      Love you xoxo

  • Can anyone tell me if Porsha is actually fired?? Haven’t see an announcement from Bravo or did I miss it??

  • Lol, contracts aside, I am totally in favor of KimZ hiring legal counsel. Phaedra needs a job and this could be her way back to RHOA. Lol, who knows this could be the first case she wins on TV. Seriously, IMO Kim vs Nene is the best publicity RHOA could ask for. The other stories coming out of Atlanta seem boring. Nobody cares about old lady restaurant, fake marriage, and whatever weird shit Porsha is doing, lol.

  • It’s funny because this is Kim’s usual way of moving when something happens that paints her in a bad light which is obvious by the fact that she had two different versions of the story in two different interviews. While I’m on the real and being asked about the video she admits Brielle posted he video initially “saying she didn’t know the bug was right in front of her” and that Brielle sent the video to her they laughed about it and then later on she only sent the video to one person (at the request probably of production) then on Larry king she basically admits what nene said about her sending it to multiple people so already her story isn’t adding up and just to throw this out there if she was trying to truly dispel the rumor of being racist/prejudice then her comment of “they” always play that card in Larry Kong doesn’t help as it adds fuel to that fire that’s been burning since season 1 and those fried chicken comments….

    • I think RHOA would be better than ever if they prolonged taping to capture Bug Gate, Nenes rape stand up, Kim’s lawsuit hahaha the beauty of RHOA to me was always in how ludacris and over the top Kim and Nene were over the stupidest things (big poppa, don’t be tardy, “I don’t wanna sit around nene and eat chicken”, etc…)

      I’ll be upset if they totally missed the gold that happened AFTER taping presumably stopped. Nene vs Kim is gold!

      As for the lawsuit, it’s dumb. If anything your giving the racist label even more attention, and if her opinion is that your racist but you say you aren’t then I wouldn’t worry about it.

      • Good morning Bobby!

        Due to the Bravo contracts – I think the most KimZ can get away with (publicity wise) is a C&D letter. And you are right, I said to mich yesterday – when we posted about Bravo “looking for copy of Ne Ne’s rape video” Bravo isn’t known for there morals or even glimpsing the high road ??? so I’m sure this will be included.

        I haven’t remembered anything that went on between Kim and Ne Ne..I just presumed they were best buds and were both returning to RHOA what happened after taping…my disclaimer – I had to take a break from gawd they are boomingly loud…my ears!.I have watched the last 2 and 1/2 seasons..what happened after taping Bobby!! enquiring minds NEED to know!! thanks Bobby!

      • Hey there FUCHESS!

        I always smile when I see your posts! tonite is RHNJ…can’t wait to watch Cakegate! ???

  • It’s a stunt . Their contracts prohibit them from suing as long as they are signed on as HW. Otherwise Kandi would’ve sued and many other HW would’ve sued eg LVP when Brandi slapped her etc etc

    Stop it Kim with all these transparent pathetic attempts . No winners here , only a field of heifers