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Does NeNe Leakes Disapprove of Cynthia Bailey’s New Man?

Cynthia Bailey may be head over heels with her new man, Will Jones, but it turns out her friends aren’t on the same page.

Sources reveal that Cynthia’s friends and Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars HATE her new man!

It turns out that Cynthia’s friends think she’s rushing way too fast into a new relationship.

“Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore are skeptical that Cynthia is taking the possibility of a romantic future with Will seriously because she is still emotionally involved with Peter,” an insider revealed, adding that Peter and Cynthia’s divorce was just finalized.

Peter and Cynthia were married for six years before splitting in 2016.

Following her split with Peter, Cynthia moved on to her new man Will, who will be popping up on season 10 of RHOA.

As previously reported, Peter wants Cynthia back and will do anything to get her even if it means stealing her away from her new man.

I think Cynthia’s friends should be happy for her. Let Cynthia have some fun!

Do you think Cynthia’s friends hate Will?

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  • Never liked Peter Thomas Cynthia is a beautiful woman and why she hooked up to him is beyond me. She was successful and her agency proved successful as well and he failed with his bars continually. He was horrible to her and luckily she finally ditched him. She didn’t need a bloodsucker like him. I didn’t know he had a show – I don’t expect that will be successful either, goodness knows why anyone would want to watch anything with him in it. I will definitley give him a miss!

    • Bingo! Rumor is, this new “boyfriend” is simply a paid actor brought on to be Cynthia’s new amore. Maybe to drum up interest in Peter’s new show somehow? I’d like to know who will be watching that trainwreck of a show? Couldn’t stand Peter on RHOA, why would anyone want to watch him on his own show? ¯_(?)_/¯

      Happy Columbus Day Miss Rain!??

      • Happy Columbus Day to you too gorgeous ????????????. I think Bravo is hoping Peter’s show will be ‘VP Rules , Charlotte ‘ ???. Looks doomed from the start to me . I’m no longer sure how any of these HW navigate boyfriends or relationships. I’m tempted to think Cynthia is genuine but Atlanta seems to be the worst when it comes to fake boyfriends ?

        • They don’t navigate! They’re in, they’re out. It’s as simple as that. They apparently need a man to be validated as a woman, which I will call bs. BRAVO must require this because, if these women are in fact this strong, they would resist BRAVO and live their lives. I guess they need a man to neuter or to have them be the fall guy to their shenanigans. Greg is a gelding; Apollo a jail-ding; Todd a peddling and Peter a meddling; Kenya’s man a fake-thing and Porsha’s man a play-thing. The travesty of it all for me is that none of these people have sustainable relationships that have substance….all shallow and expendable. When the dust settles and the celluloid is too old to pull out, some will ask the question…..what was it all about? The answer? Smoke and mirror-less.

          Enjoy Columbus Day Rain. Don’t pull a trump……honor the Native Americans, not the European invaders who engaged in a hostile takeover. Be well, dear.


          • Atlanta seems the worst with regards to staying true to the spirit of ‘Real Housewives ‘ . All the RHOBH are married and all of the OC as of now, except Vile of course . Atlanta’s ladies are struggling with that so they make up and fabricate relationships. I’m with you, if the woman is interesting and has a story to tell , why are we forcing her to have man ? Makes no sense to me . Why cant she be casually dating several guys like in LHH ? Either find a woman who’s already married or be fine with the fact that she’s single ?

            Babe , mama is WOKE ! Of course I honor the native Americans ???????o?I guess we do need to work on the nomenclature though

            Love , hugs and hippy kisses xoxox

            • Yep. My conspiratorial mind (Mr. Clarence in Coming To America…”Oh, there they go! There they go!”) says black women have had difficulties in relationships since slavery…..they are used to unstable men who leave or if they stay, they can’t be humanized. The thing is, as you mentioned, why can’t these women be dynamic and be single?! Those women do exist and I’m related to or are best friends with them! I mean, incredibly intelligent, dynamic, caring and drop dead gorgeous. Yes, some, maybe most men would feel threatened by them on paper. If they got to know them as do I, they would elevate them and continuously sing their praises. Nothing to fear. I’m happily married to one of those women! Yes, she’s beautiful, but that wasn’t the first thing I saw. This, as well: as good as I knew I was, I was only half as good as I could be….she elevates me. She WANTS me in her life and doesn’t NEED me. That point is what makes our lives complete. These women have the responsibility to shine a light for those impressionable minds. That means being certain to be a beacon of good. Kandi comes close because she works hers and will seemingly avoid the bs. Sometimes…..all money ain’t good money. Love, hugs and smooches. Be well, dear.

              • What a fantastic post , I actually read it several times ??? you made me think about things that weren’t on the forefront of my mind . Congratulations on finding such an amazing goddess to share your life journey with , you are both blessed ?????

                I live in SF so I too know strong , independent women who happen to be single but by no means feel that their life is incomplete . Their life is valid and beautiful and important and they deserve to be showcased . Maybe the ‘housewIves’ isn’t the format for you these women but they are worthy and they are HERE , so we can’t ignore them and pretend they don’t exist ??????

                I will , however, make an argument and say that there is nothing wrong with women who ‘need ‘ men . It can be easy to malign them and portray them as weak , old school , or dependent but that’s not necessarily the case . And if it were , there is still nothing wrong with that . It doesn’t have to be either /or , you know ?? Some women have had sad or traumatic events in their childhood or adulthood that have rendered them ‘incomplete ‘. True acceptance and evolution comes from recognizing we are all valid , even the needy , dependent , ‘weak’ or even crazy women amongst us ?. We salute the strong and independent but also embrace the women who ‘need ‘ men ! ??????

                Love you more xoxxo

                • I feel you about the “need” part. Apologies for not clarifying. Needing a man, to me, is nowhere close to weakness. I need my wife in my life and vice versa. I simply meant need as in, to do/buy/validate. Women such as these wonderful angels I’ve met here (you, FUCHESS, Michers, Holy, Glimmer, September…..many) are women I adore for the freedoms and strengths of mind and character that are pervasive in WHO you are, not what. BRAVO makes it seem that the woman is not valid if she doesn’t have a man. So not true. Women are strength, grace under pressure and survivors (from heartbreak to glory) and are not disposable and supposable to the whims of any man. My edification came from being raised by a phenomenal single mother whose life was “no crystal staircase”(Langston Hughes -Mother to Son). My goal was always to bring joy. My wife helped my to share joy. Yes, I will share with the entire world that, my wife, the mother of our sons is, for me, the greatest complement and compliment my life could ever have. Through her, I came to understand just how much God loves me. I’m proud to be HER husband. Prouder still is that, though she tells me she needs me, I know she WANTS me in her life. Ours is a journey from which I will never abdicate. Perfectly imperfect, I treasure my blessing.

                  Yes, I look forward to sharing with you soon. Enjoy the beauty of the mountains in the SF background. It always looks like God took a paintbrush and created scenery. Those and a Golden Gate sunset. Visited many times and took the 17 mile drive through Carmel and Monterey. What an appeal to both the eyes and the brain.

                  East coast hugs to you!

      • I don’t get it either, FDD!! HOW the heck did he even get a show? I certainly WILL NOT WATCH PETER’S SHOW!