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Kim and Brielle Biermann Insinuate That NeNe Leakes Abuses Prescription Pills

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 15: NeNe Leakes attends the 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party - Arrivals at Sunset Tower on September 15, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images) WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Pictured (l-r): Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

NeNe Leakes‘ feud with Kim and Brielle Biermann continues.

The Don’t Be Tardy stars’ further stirred the drama pot over the weekend when they insinuated that NeNe has a prescription pill problem.

It all started when Kim posted a mysterious tweet that read, “I see she got a refill again.”

Then, Kim’s daughter really added fuel to the fire chiming in “just because it’s prescribed doesn’t mean you can’t abuse it! #chageurdose.”

Still, the tweets in question could have been about anyone, right?

Well, according to The Shade Room, one fan quickly caught on to the game Kim and Brielle were playing and called them out on insinuating that NeNe is abusing prescription pills.

“See this is the s*** that NeNe be talking about. So now ya’ll are insinuating that she abuses prescription medication,” one fan wrote.

It didn’t take long for NeNe to jump in and call out Kim and Brielle; claiming that neither knows anything about her.

However, NeNe wasn’t done there and reiterated her previous sentiments about Brielle and Kim; once again calling them “racist” and “white trash.”

To make matters even worse, NeNe threatened to take Kim to court over her accusations.

“See what I’m saying! Kim hasn’t been around me in years. When she came to my white party, it was the first time I had been around her in years! She would be the last to know anything about me. She gone find herself in court if she keeps playing this game #whitetrash #racist,” NeNe wrote.

I can’t believe all the drama coming out of Atlanta! This feud is just getting started if you ask me.

Are Kim and Brielle out of line for accusing NeNe of abusing prescription pills? Do you think NeNe will take Kim to court?

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  • Nene Leakes, hands down, has the worst wigs I’ve ever seen. I wish she’d go back to a cute little pixie in a natural color (think season 2) with more volume up top. Her wigs look like they were purchased at Party City.

    That said, I am over both Kim and Nene. RHOA doesn’t need them. This is turning me off of the new season.

    • Ha! Very funny, Joanna! They do look like Party City wigs!! I get you regarding color as well. She has got to let the blonde go! It was cute as a one trick pony, but to make it “your” permanent hair color really pushed the envelope too far! Enough NeRex!!

  • Brielle go to college and take English and spelling . Your poo is showing .
    Her and her mother are Jacaloon and Asslee 2.0 . #youneedadose
    They all need to stay off social media for a bit . I’m mad at Nene for the rape comment but Wig and spawn to STHU

  • The comments between Kim and QueenB are stupid. NoNo will do herself in within a couple of episodes so why double down on drama that has no chance of turning out in their favor. But I sure didn’t see anything racist about it. Way to blow it out in NeNe style. Get ready for the fireworks. Besides QueenB looks like a clown!

  • Ridiculous fodder! Again, with the BS from this little wannabe. The little tw@t, really needs to stay in her lane, and Kim basically approving her behaviour by jumping in is despicable. If this is the way this season is going to be, I’m outta here. These two could have been such a hoot, bringing light and laughter once again to a show that had turned so dark, but no, the little snit Brielle, and her mother had to start this BS. smh and grrrrrrh!

  • Hmmmm, interesting, I wonder what kind of drugs the 2 of you are on, on a daily basis. No one in their right mind would willingly make themselves look like this or spend hours in front of a mirror taking selfies. Good Lord, you have 6 kids and this is what you do with your time? Oh and how about the time you pimped out your child, promising bj”s in exchange for concert tickets. Bye wig!

  • Like Pence, this is all about drawing people in, ratings in other words. Likewise, if Ne-Rex was innocent, she would’ve already sued her. No lawsuit, then it’s over-the-top bulls..t

  • wow, what goes through the mind of people to just hurl out disgusting accusations about someone else?

  • Kim really is a bad mother. Kroy seemed normal at first. He’s not obviously. Only a matter of time before he gets a nip and tuck and starts looking strange.

  • Well, these tweets could be an answer to Nenes prayers. She can claim she was suffering from withdrawals when she screamed at that woman. LOL, seriously it is hard to have any sympathy for a woman who screams, even in jest, she hopes someone is raped. After watching Nene for years, I’m thinking that her race/ethnicity probably have nothing to do with why people don’t like her.

    • She’s always been loud but she made some good pounts back in the day and I used to feel she was having to retaliate / defend herself . The only thing I can’t excuse that rape comment ! You choose to do stand up , bd prepared to get booed and heckled . You don’t retort with that . She knows better and I’m actually surprised . I’d expect ” I’m rich bitch stfu ” or something , not that .

  • And another idiot who calls someone else racist while using a racist term…
    Here’s a clue – if you use a color as part of an insult – you may be called out for being racist too…SMDH

  • Shame on Kim for encouraging her stupid little girl to engage in this. Tragic . Kim and Nene are ridiculous and atrocious enough, we don’t need this baby fake Barbi to start yapping

    • Hi rain ? The apple def doesnt fall far from the tree with this one. Poor kid never stood a chance with kim as a role model. I guess in a few years time brielle will have the big hair and lips like mama and no respect for others..and mama will dumb enuff to be proud. ??

        • Good so far doll. Kids and hubby outside raking leaves with puppy. Im inside cooking a nice thanksgiving meal. My heart is full ??. Its the simple stuff that makes life grand, no? How about u?

          • Kids are gone back I’m enjoying an extra day with the ‘old man’ ??? im still young of course but he’s old ??. Had left overs and I’m posting like a mad woman and he’s tinkering around somewhere

            • Aw nice re enjoying extra day. Never doubted u were young at heart. Old is as old does and u strike me as the kinda person who does what she wants when she wants where she wants and the hell with everyone else. My kinda gal…

              • In my MIND that’s who I am but reality can be quite different. You’re too kind MamaBear?????? How’s that meal coming along ? Any pies or dessert ?
                My invitation seems to have been lost in the mail ??

        • Altho i am doing it all hungover. Lol. Not sure if heart is full or if its the booze coming back up.

    • Hi Rain!!

      i said the same the same thing! NeRex and Kim used to be funny together, but it seems the little tw@t wants to be part of the program, and Kim condones it. This tw@t really thinks she can be a HW!!! Keep it up, and this franchise will go the way of the OC did for me, CANCELLED!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

      • You said it beautifully FUCHESS!! This is a sad sad story of parenting and overall trashy behavior. I mean , COME ON!!
        My weekend was ok thank you but got awakened early this morning with the smoke from the horrible Napa fires . It’s tragic ! The world is in a serious state my friend. I saw ashes flying outside my window …..Sad !