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Which Housewives Franchise Do You Belong On?!

So, you want to be on the Real Housewives, do you?

Well, which franchise do you belong on?

No clue, well we’ve got all the answers for you.

If you’re going to be on the Real Housewives, you’ll need to know who you’re going up against.

I mean you wouldn’t want to go up against Teresa Giudice, Vicki Gunvalson, Bethenny Frankel, or Lisa Vanderpump unprepared would you?

In Touch Weekly created the perfect flowchart to help you figure out which Real Housewives franchise you belong on.

Follow the diagram below to find out if you belong in the OC, Beverly Hills, Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Potomac, Dallas, or New York.

So which show should you star on? 

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  • I belong on a new show called Real Housewives of The Bay Area where we spend lots of time having fun healthy outdoor activities with our families and friends. Snow Ski in the morning and paddleboard in the ocean in the afternoon. Where we help our neighbors, never have drama scenes, do volunteer work to support families in need, accept and celebrate the diversity of our cultures. Where we live in 2 million dollar 1,000 square foot 100 year old houses and don’t complain that we need a bigger house! We’re just blessed we have anything to call our own.

    Where we’re tech savvy, support solar and green energy, know that climate change is real and don’t believe everything we read and hear on the internet. Where we know the difference between the News, and the Fake News which is the exact opposite of what out Potus would like us to believe. Where we fact check and never watch Fox news!

    Where we March for justice and support causes that help Americans of every socioeconomic level and aren’t the least interested in your car, your status, your Botox, your clothing designer your color or nationality but in the content of your character.

    That’s the show I would belong on if it existed!

  • Just got back from the BN with Teresa. The event was supposed to run from 3-4pm. When I left at 4:30, she was still going at it. She is a Spartan. Being an old broad who’s been around a time or two, I know exhaustion when I see it. That being said, she looks fabulous. My honey, who served as videographer (got a little video, if I can post I will) and photog. (BTW, if there’s a worse pic of me out there, I don’t want to see it. But, I digress)

    So, she soldiers on, our girl, and could not be more gracious and giving. You her full attention and interest and don’t feel like you’re being shooed. I showed her my locket with the pics of my own Milania and that made her smile. I told her I posted here as Helen Wheels and she said she appreciated the support.

          • You are too cute !! I love the pic and that’s awesome you got to be there and meet Teresa 🙂 thanks for that , your posts and the book review . You go girl XO

      • Helen, you are a woman of your word!!
        You told me you’d report back after the book signing. Thank you!
        And yes, like the others said, you look lovely. Don’t know why, but I thought you’d be a redhead.
        Must be your feisty posts, lol.

        Thanks again. ?

      • Helen!

        you are a rockstar!! so cool that you share your experience with us!! pic and thank you!!

        • Thanks, all of you. I feel like the member of a community here and just wanted to do my part. It was a fun afternoon that was finished with a nice dinner by the ocean in Belmar at La Terrazzo. (Interesting tidbit: it’s the same restaurant the Marchese’s got in trouble at last summer. I forget the deets but I know there was a real scene where I think the Choad was abusing Amber. Who remembers besides me?)

          Anyway, the waxing moon over the water after dark was just the perfect end to an altogether lovely day.

          P.S. Luvs2ride: I stopped coloring my hair which used to be a dirty blond. Now it grows out white in front and grey right at the crown of my head. I say so what. Your mid-sixties and beyond are for flying that freak flag high and proud! (Not only that, I refuse to have to do that bad combover thing women end up doing who keep coloring long after they should have backed away from the coloring).

          • Helen – I always thought you were a member of the community here, but now you’re a STAH.

            You fly that flag high and proud. It looks terrific on you. Confidence looks a helluva lot better than a fake face and a cotton candy/combover hairdo on a woman, IMO.

            I don’t remember the Marchese incident, but I do know Belmar cops do not play! I hope they threw his ass in the clink overnight.

            Hope you’re sleeping off your wonderful day. Thanks again for your posts.

          • I love when freak flags fly Hel!! And I agree with Luvs- you are fo’ sho’ a member of this ” fambly” !

  • Honestly they should take all of
    nut jobs and villains and throw them on Scary Island . Every franchise has them so let’s just do that , call it a day , and title it Real Crazy HW’s.
    Also , I wouldn’t be on one of those mentioned franchises as none of those biatches can handle me . Muahahah ….

  • NONE of the above. I would have to start my own show for my category: Real Housewives who like direct conversations, be loyal friends with FRIENDS (not paid phonies), enjoy cultural enlightenment (i.e. museums, theatre, concerts, etc.) and travel without a tour guide.

    • Well, there’s a novelty. Being real and human!! I wonder how long the HW’s thing will hang on? Personally I’m at the end of my tether with all of franchises I watch. I’m down to 3 at this point and most likely will stop OC after this season. If the junkie shows up on BH’s. I’m down to 1.

      • I hear ya, Schwester!!!! I’m down to RHONY. BH is on thin ice: if KimiKaze returns, it’s auf wiedersehen. OC is off my list due to the return of the cancer con woman.

  • I love NY. ??
    I love BH weather!
    I would probably need my own show…Real Housewivish Types on Tour. I would take a very nice motorhome cross country and pick up a few of the posters on these Housewives sites, female, male, etc., and we would go to very nice places as well as bump into some Real Housewives and even VPR Survers…esp. Rain! ???

    • NY is my fave for the same reasons. It’s in my top 5 cities. However, I can’t be in the same room with BFrankelstein or raMOANer. I’d have to endless roll my eyes & mock them bitterly.

        • LOL – The best line from Kelly was: “You’re not charming. I don’t like you. I’m up here. You’re down there.” Although Kelly got a bad rap for seemingly going after poor, widdle Betheninny; she was right. Kelly had tried to befriend BF; only to be mocked & belittled continuously by the flippant, obnoxious bitch.

  • Non. I want to be on VP Rules ??. I have my storyline ready . LVP hires me under the ‘hire an old lady act ‘, yes it’s a thing ?
    I make a move Schwartzy (duh) and that gets tequila Katie and Stassi all fired up and on my tail, especially when I take my top off while swimming , LaLa style ?. Insanity ensues and several drinks spilled on my face later, I take the 2 heifers down ?? LVP and I clash of course but we make up respectfully and she even allows me in her closet

    And yes , I’ll be EPIC at the reunion . Andy are you reading ? Email me the contract ?

  • Interesting:

    TGNJ – totally fit in, snark, balls of steel and TERESA!
    RHBH – Glamour,$$$$$$$$, LVP nuf said
    RHOA – My ears wouldn’t stop bleeding
    RHOC – I would move in with Vile and set up her home to play a recording each time she moved “Cancer Scammer”
    RHOD – Have a talk with LeeAnne’s pshyciatrist and verify that she got her degree from ToysRus
    RHNY – Bethenny talk about your life – you are not lady boss

    but first I would re-write the bravo contract and fire Ass Andy