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Family Drama: Bethenny Frankel Rips Into Stepdad; Tells Him ‘You’re Abusive!’

Bethenny Frankel is never short on drama in her life. If it isn’t Bethenny’s drama with her ex-Jason Hoppy, it’s her ongoing feud with her estranged mother.

Now, it seems that the Real Housewives of New York star is feuding with her step-dad.

According to Life & Style, Bethenny recently ripped into her stepfather John Parisella via text message.

“You physically attacked me, verbally abused me, beat my mother senseless,” reads one of the texts sent by Bethenny in which she references her difficult childhood.

“I’ve had enough abuse,” Bethenny added.

John divorced Bethenny’s mother, Bernadette Birk when the Skinny Girl mogul was in her teens.

However, in 2015 Bethenny and John reunited during an episode of the Real Housewives of New York after 20-years of being estranged.

While John admits that he “slapped or pushed” Bernadette during their marriage he denies ever abusing Bethenny. John also blames the abuse on this addiction to cocaine.

“I get these texts, making up lies that I hit her, I’m stalking her, “ John tells Life & Style, insisting that Bethenny isn’t truthful about her upbringing.

“Her whole career was based on lies,” John claims. “She lived in a million-dollar house; she went to all private schools. I was the one that spent $50,000 on a Sweet 16 party.”

One person who isn’t surprised by Bethenny’s latest claims is her mom.

“John and I had a volatile relationship, and he did hit me,” she reveals to Life & Style. “But I never saw John raise his voice, let alone his hand, against Bethenny.”

Still, Bethenny isn’t backing down from her version of events and makes it clear that John isn’t welcome in her life.

“Leave me alone,” she tells him. “Now and forever.”

I mean can Bethenny ever not have drama in her life but then again these two seem super desperate for their 15 minutes of fame.

Do you think Bethenny’s stepfather was abusive towards her? Sound off below!

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  • Soooooo, the poor schlub was actually raised in opulence! Widdle Bethenny grew up to become BFrankelstein – the monster created by a fake history & many plastic parts.

  • due to her family being famewhores – cuz Bethenny is now $$$$ and on National TV and apparently to these numbnuts it is all out wary on Bethenny! Her mom continually sets Bethenny and now Bryn up – only to smash them down.

    I am not a Bethenny fan – I do understand abuse and dysfunction that is a lethal combination. Bethenny’s upbringing explains who she is today.

  • She reached out to him on the show! It seemed as if he could give two chits of she was in his life or not! I like Beth but, at times I truly believe she’s lying and full of BS!

  • Please, how many times has BF beat this particular drum of her abusive stepfather. Yes, it’s awful it happened but stop using it to get space in the media, doesn’t endear you to anyone. Not sure why FrankelJaw even cares at this point as far as her mother is concerned . She has said on more than one occasion she hates her mother, wants nothing to do with her and doesn’t even want her involved in her own daughter’s life, which is a huge mistake. A decision which will come back to haunt her when Bryn is old enough to question BF’s decision and go see her grandmother on her own. I love the pic being used, the former face of FrankelJaw! LOL

    • It sounds like he was sending her drunk texts. I’m glad she’s telling him to get lost. It also sounds like he’s the one making money off going to the reporters. I doubt she even wanted this known but they still use her for anyone money they can make off her. Imagine every family argument, family reports it for money? A real dad or father figure would not let this be known in public let alone go sell it.

    • Perhaps you are uninformed about what her Mother has done to B over the years. She crawls out of the woodwork every chance she gets to completely bash her own daughter by selling numerous stories for cold hard cash. She has brought bad men in and out of B’s life that were extremely BAD influences. B knew more about the race track, cocaine, alcohol, sexual crap at a very, very young age due to her Mommy Dearest. So I have to ask, WHY the Hell would she want her daughter anywhere near this Women. If Brynn was my child I would do everything in my power to make dam sure she never had any interaction with her what soever. You know it’s so funny to me how people are so quick to judge and say what a bad daughter she is because she doesn’t bother with her Mother. Again I’ll ask, if your Mom sold stories about you would you want her in your life? Also people need to cut her a break, people are who they are as adults usually because of their childhood for the most part. If it wasn’t good It hardens you, makes you withdrawn, gives you a sharp tongue, makes you rough around the edges. If you come from a non abusive perfect little House On The Prairie kind of life you could NEVER understand. So everyone needs to STOP judging and until you walk a mile in her shoes don’t be so quick to think you understand. Oh and BTW with everything that is going on in the world today I find it really horrible that people are still judging others, being mean and not changing. You would think we would all be a little softer, kinder and gentler instead of wasting your time making fun of somebodies jawline. Let’s not forget she’s the only one I’m seeing helping people that have nothing after the storms, using her own plane’s, money, time and time away from her daughter to help complete strangers. As far as I’m concerned Betheny Frankel is a complete, selfless SUPERSTAR and she deserves so much more than being made of the way she looks. Let’s all try to be nicer to one another and maybe just maybe the world will be a better place!

            • Ahhh, Ja – Ich auch nicht zu lesen “das Buch” darueber. Es gibt ein anderer “fan” wie unten bemerkt.

          • NO, just someone with an actual heart! Not a know it all who actually knows nothing. But it’s people like you that make the world we live in a really shitty place at times, AGAIN mocking someone’s appearance! So sad that that’s the level you need to stoop too to make yourself feel better about your looks and life. Bye!

      • Wow!! PREACH!! I couldnt agree with you more, everybody always knocks her down…..her jawline she has explained until she’s blue in the face. She has TMJ and gets Botox shot directly into her jaw muscle, from gritting her teeth and that has changed her jawline.

        • Exactly Kiddle, Just seems to be a bunch of mean girls on here as per usual! Would LOVE to see what they look like! And yes, I was hit by a drunk driver many years ago and needed 3 Open Joint TMJ surgeries and no longer have a disc on the left side of my jaw. It’s life changing and not in a good way, I now get the botox in the jaw every 3 months and it helps dramatically but does change your face shape for sure. But there’s ALWAYS going to be that judgemental, rude person cracking on somebodies looks, must be nice to be so incredibly perfect….Anyway Doll, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • HOLD ON – During her return season, she confronted the step-father in Miami. She tried to accuse him of being a bad dad, but she quickly accepted that he tried the best that he could. They ended their visit on a GOOD note! In her talking head interview, she proclaimed that she was glad she met with him & that all was resolved and that she probably wouldn’t see him again.
      Why is Barfenny suddenly charging him with abuse in the present tense? She conveniently forgot when she was a teen, she stole his brand new expensive sports car and destroyed it. She wasn’t even punished. What a spoiled brat – fake pauper. This story is another reason to hate BitchyGirl.

      • I will never believe the majority of what comes out of her mouth. FrankelJaw has always been self serving.

        • Exactly! Ironically, she has admitted much of the claims the step father said about her privie upbringing. She said in passing once. If you blinked, you missed it. Obviously, she’s a piece of work. And her shrink needs to be replaced. He’s failed, bigly.

      • Medusa, I miss you, I google FOF to try and figure out how many planes she sent to PR and found this thread! I was almost ready to give her a break but then got a hold of my senses. Hope you are well.

        • Hey there, bits!!! It’s good to *see* you. I’m basically fine. I hope all’s well with you, too!!! Yeah, BF likes the attention she got for her “humanitarian efforts” while plugging her businesses. I bet she sent SkinnyBars to the islanders. I miss you & the rest of the ‘gang’ 🙁

          • are you over at RT at all? I don’t post in much anymore since NY went off but was sure good to see your font!

              • wow what on earth did you do? lol. You haven’t even bothered to try and get back in? Any other sites you hang out on that I might visit. I am kinda bored with RT. I’m not stalking, I just respect your perspective 🙂

                • Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m not sure exactly what I did. My best guess is that I was present during a trolling weekend. There were a few trolls who went after a few posters (including me). One troll, in particular, followed every post I made (even though I ignored her.) If the monitor didn’t really read to whom I was posting (which was another regular poster), it may have seemed as if I was engaging the troll.

                  And no, I haven’t yet begged the monitor to be allowed back. I’m not sure I feel like groveling.

                  Aside from this site (which I stumbled upon); I go to MSNBC to vent about our current political situation.

                  • Ok I will look for msnbc. The only reason I found you is looking up FOF and how many planes she really sent so not sure what site that is. Let me know please. Isn’t it funny her rich boyfriend Dennis is no where in site to help her with her humanatarian efforts.

                    • Good catch about Dennis the faux beau. I forgot all about him. Maybe, BFrankelstein did, too. hahaha

                    • found the new site allabout…
                      Hoppy and FOF go to court Monday sure hope there aren’t anymore delays.

                    • and now she comments on Harvey W. She just has to be right up there in everything. OMG I have never seen a bigger fame ho in my life. She puts the wrecked NeNe Leakes to shame.

                    • bits, BFrankelstein has an opinion about everyone & everything!!!! Remember at the reunion when she told that story about running into Donald Trump on the street at 7am. And he pointed her out as a *STAR*, blah, blah, blah – Yeah, everybody wants to be Bitchenny!!!!