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Brandi Glanville Reveals She Doesn’t Want To Get Married Again!

Brandi Glanville has been blissfully dating Donald Friese Jr. for the past year, but that doesn’t mean she’s itching to walk down the aisle.

“No, no,” Brandi insists to Life & Style. “Neither one of us wants to get married.”

Still, Brandi hopes that she and Donald have the potential to be the next Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

“If it works out to share our lives, for the rest of our lives, and be soul mates,” that would be great, Brandi explains.

However, Brandi admits she’s still scarred from her bitter 2010 divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian.

“I think we both had not such an amazing time with marriage and divorce and we’re not in any hurry to do that again,” Brandi says.

Adding, “I think that we’re both a little gun-shy with the other.”

For now, Brandi and Donald are just having a good time with their kids in tow.

“When we all get together,” she says, “he turns into a kid, and then it’s like I have five children. It’s kind of hilarious.”

I don’t blame Brandi for being nervous about getting married again especially considering all Eddie put her through. I think Brandi should just live in the moment and focus on being happy with Donald and not worry about the future.

Are you surprised Brandi doesn’t want to get married again?

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  • ~Medusa~

    It’s easy for Blabbi to reject getting married, when nobody wants to marry her.

  • michers

    Not surprised and I love that she has a real and good relationship !

  • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

    Skanksville is still pining for Eddie.

    • Rain

      Skanskville ? gurl yo cray ?

    • Lea

      IMO – I think she is more wounded by Eddie than pining.

    • ~Medusa~

      LOL ~ d’ya think? She’s lost her luster, from when she was the shiny, new toy on RHBH. Poor Thang, got rusty & used up.

      • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

        She’s has this rich boyfriend now, why can’t she just slink off into the hole she crawled out of.

  • samael

    Good for Brandi

    Everyone deserves a second chance
    Everyone deserves to feel loved and cherished
    Everyone deserves to travel and be lavished with gifts

    Remembering I am in no way a Brandi fan- Brandi is doing the right thing…slow…and careful, she has to ensure that the boys and him are in a healthy relationship as well.

    • Lea

      You’re no fan of Brandi, so it is nice of you to see she is trying to do the right thing 🙂

  • Rain

    This guy really adores her . So don’t screw it up Brandi . Continuously obsessing over your ex gets tired real quick and this guy will run in the other direction.
    Not a fan but I wish her well ??