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Why Was Porsha Williams Booted From the RHOA Cast Trip?!?!

Porsha Williams’ anger got the best of her once again and caused her time on the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip to Barcelona, Spain to be cut short.

According to lovebscott.com Porsha and Marlo Hampton got into a massive blowout forcing Porsha to be sent home early.

Sources say, Porsha and Marlo got into an argument, and things quickly escalated when Porsha pointed an object at Marlo’s face.

Marlo is said to have snatched the object from Porsha’s hand prompting Porsha to lunge at Marlo.

While Porsha didn’t touch Marlo, security stepped in and broke up the altercation. Porsha was restrained and escorted from the venue.

Porsha was on Oct 1st flight back to Atlanta while the rest of the RHOA cast remained in Barcelona until Oct 3rd.

Following the incident, Porsha posted a quote on Instagram talking about maturity and learning to walk away.

Are you surprised Porsha was sent home early from Barcelona?

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  • Porsha certainly has an anger management problem. Because only someone who is completely out-of-control fool would lounge at a woman who has a reputation of slicing the letters of the alphabet in a person’s face.

  • Oh dang girl . That’s why I defended you against Keyonce lol- objects ! Then again it’s assault record Marlo who slashed some woman’s face so … I can’t judge her too harshly

  • Ahg this season sounds awful. Its just gonna be a season with all the girls jumping on the hate Porsha train wagon. Get a life Marlo, Nene, Kenya and Cynthia.

      • Now, you KNEW I’d chime in….can’t take you guys justifying L’il Dummy. Why is her judgment so impaired? She says the wrong things and acts a fool on demand. And NO, SHE AINT CUTE! Dumb and violent isn’t attractive as a single behavior….she goes for the combo! Kenya is ANNOYING…..THIS HEIFER is ridiculous. I guess it depends upon the viewers choice. Yes Kenya might make even Jesus slap her (sorry Lord…I’m signing up for summer school to avoid hell), Porsha has claimed her seat to hell in advance. What’s most aggravating to me overall is how they live down to and encourage the very stereotypes I fight hard to defend daily. Why can’t they just say no to Bravo’s money? They ARE being pimped and appear to be okay with it. They want the attention. Do they need the exposure?

        • IDK – I can’t justify too much without actually seeing and knowing full story .
          I think the exposure is liked due to ” celebrity” that comes with it at any cost. I used to love this franchise it it’s too much woman on woman hate .
          Enjoy rest of the week Q!
          Hey to the Mrs. XO

  • Wow, this is SUCH a surprise! ?

    This is her fourth time doing this on camera… Kenya at the reunion, Cynthia on the boat, her ‘friend’ at the Christmas party, and now this.

    Porsha brings nothing to the show. I hope she is kicked off for good.

        • I see this as a win win ???. Kenya is just cray and Porscha is constantly in a fight. And now Kim is her new ‘Frack’ ? ???. I would like to see her make amends with kandi for that whole ugliness

          • I absolutely hate Trick NoMoored. She’s in my top 3 worst HWs, 2 of which we discussed earlier. She thought she was so slick last year jumping on the “get Phaedra out” bandwagon and I predicted her turn will come. Her fake boyfriends, fake husband, fake domestic violence, all of it needs to twirl off the highest cliff.

            • I’ve always had the feeling that Andy never liked Kenya . Whenever she’s on WWHL , he’s always been very mean to her so I’m always shocked when he brings her back . It just makes no sense especially , as you said , with the fake boyfriends, shooting a sitcom ,boring ‘chateau/manor’ whatever squabbles ???. How huge is someone’s ego to call their home a chateau or a manor ? And since she’s not showing her husband and with no fake boyfriend , what will she be doing all season ?

              • Fighting with Wig/duckface! Might be entertaining. I swore off RHOA last year after the sex dungeon/drug allegations bs but if Kenya NoMoored gets served her just desserts, I’m all on board!

            • Hi FiddleDeeDee! Sorry to interrupt ur convo w/ Rain (hi Rain! ?) but i cldnt resist putting my two cents in. Hope u dont mind.

              I like kenya! She marches to the beat of her own drum and does her own thing no matter how bizarre it seems to the rest of us (twirl on girl!) ??. I really think shes misunderstood. Having ur mom abandon u prob effs u up a bit in the head. Deep down shes just a vulnerable little girl trying to find where she fits. I think she is def insecure (who wldnt be in her shoes?) and she overcompensates by going on the attack first before she gets rejected. Then again, i also believe in santa claus so what do i know?? ??

              • ??have you been speaking to Kirby ? ?? I’m going to get it from both of you now about Kenya I guess ???. Her issues with her mother were other only genuine moments and that’s of course deep and hurtful . The rest I feel was her putting on a show . But you know what , the thing about the HW, is sometimes we don’t know why we like who we like ?? . I love my hot mess quackadoodle Shannon ….. so join forces with Kirby and be #teamtwirl ? he’s 6’5 so you will need to reach up ?
                Xoxo MamaBear

                • Lol. I knew i liked kirby!! Yes i can see why ud think she was putting on a show. I think shes just dramatic (i have friends like that so maybe i am used to it?). I see how it comes off on camera but i totally get it cuz i have nutter friends too.

                  Lol re team twirl. Another fan club of two? ?. btw im 5’1″ so he actually needs to reach down too. me reaching up aint gonna do a heck of a lot.

                  ????. me waving my hand down here so he can see me!

                  • Oh MamaBear, you have friends like that ? You must need a Xanax a day ???. She is still way better than Vicki though , I’ll tell you that .
                    I’m 5’2 so we can have our own short girls club for two ??. I believe his girlfriend is 5’4 so he’s probably used to shorter women or just shorter people in general ?. I’m the shortest in my household , even my kids are much taller than me ???. Ah well

                    • Lol. I do! I like interesting ppl esp since i work in a pretty dull industry. It keeps things lively to say the least. Forces me out of my own comfort zone cuz im a pretty mellow straightlaced person ??

                      YES! The club for the vertically challenged, u and i ??. Good things come in small packages ?

                    • Re pic ??. U go girl!! Yeah for the most part i “adult” pretty good but i do enjoy watching “kenya” drama from time to time. Kindred spirits u and i ?

                    • You can watch the Kenya drama with Kirby ???, I will be watching my girl Shannon getting a colonic ??.

                    • No “shit”! Lol. Get it? No shit? Colonic? Nevermind. Lol

                      Ranks right up there with a coffee enema ??. No thx. Its def an exit and NOT and entrance thank u very much!

                    • I’m sure Shannon has done a coffee enema probably ?? love my girl , I won’t do it but I’ll hand her the nozzle ! ?
                      Team shannon ?????

                    • …hand her the nozzle ??. Or “u first” then change ur mind on the whole procedure once shes done Nite nite. Off to see the inlaws ? Wish me luck!

                • Hi Rain. I’m a man, possessing “man logic” (whatever THAT is). My question is this…..how can Kenya be hated and Ne-Rex, who’s equally, vile and annoying be embraced? That’s a true conundrum to me. Kenya is annoying. All of the line crossing alleged by lying phaekey, suggesting she slept with Apollo was in fact an admitted lie; as we can now see, the contracts for HWs require the casts to share their love lives (why, has never been substantiated), so she “had” to have a man….maybe that’s why Sheree was on-again/off-again with Boob, porsha had a new man and Cynthia has a Peter stand-in that’s not Leon. You can go back to Season 1 when Ed (Lisa) and Eric (DeShawn) didn’t want to be filmed…those women were gone. Even Kim had a made up man; did anyone ever see her financier/john, I mean, Big Papa? He could’ve been Charlie, from Charlie’s Angels. So……Kenya creates a man to be on the show! So what?! Isn’t it “supposed” to be drama? We see the divided loyalties and its horrible

                  • You make excellent and valid points that I can’t argue with . I’m not really a Nene fan either though nor that whole cast in general . The only one I like is Cynthia because she shows elegance and grace . A lot of my feelings about Kenya are probably just ‘I don’t like her ‘ type of thing . On the opposite side of that , I love Shannon despite her being a quack pot and borderline cray ???. Both things are probably illogical . What I’m trying to say is that sometimes it’s just emotional vs logical why we like or dislike a HW . It’s one of the pitfalls of being a ‘woman ‘ ???
                    I’m kinda done with RHOA , I will probably read the articles and watch snipets posted with the articles but that’s it . I’ve also boycotted OC because of Vicki and Kelly . They are no longer ‘entertainment ‘ as far as I’m concerned and they’re full of atrocious characters.
                    Thanks for writing and enjoy your weekend xoxo ??

                    • Touché, my dear and xoxoxo right back to ya. I especially like the emotional versus logical argument. I certain get emotionally detached yet involved and that makes me illogical. They are emotional vampires sucking me dry. Like you, I no longer watch, but read the articles and responses. Be well

              • Hello MamaBear! You aren’t interrupting at all, join in! We will have to politely agree to disagree on Kenya NoMoored. I absolutely hate her, hate hate. But we are good, right? ?

  • Porsha had promise when she arrived. She is not turning out so well and like man housewives she is getting old pursuing this reality TV life. She will be trying for kids at 45 years old or something. Ugh. Not a good idea.

  • I’m surprised that Marlo is back! She is a dirty fighter.
    Well…this is a “source” so, we won’t know for sure, until Porshas blabs or we watch the episode.

    • Exactly . Check that nut jobs rap sheet Sammy . She is friggan dangerous and Ewww – given bravo check