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Luann De Lesseps Is Livid Over Tom’s New Engagement!

Luann de Lesseps’ divorce from Tom D’Agostino isn’t even finalized yet, and he’s already engaged to another woman. Talk about moving on fast!

And while Luann is doing her best to look happy and carefree sources say Tom’s new romance is rubbing the Real Housewives of New York star the wrong way.

The newly single businessman recently popped the question to NYC publicist Anna Rothschild.

“Tom gave Anna a huge diamond ring,” a friend close to the couple reveals to Star Magazine.

In fact, Anna’s ring looks nearly identical to the ring Tom gave Luann. Perhaps he buys them bulk?

Luann claims to have kept her engagement ring from Tom but perhaps not.

“You can’t help but wonder if Tom is recycling the ring, or hey, maybe he just buys in bulk!” the source jokes.

While Tom’s engagement to Anna may seem fast, the new couple has known each other for over a decade.

“They’ve always adored each other, and they’re happy to finally be reconnecting,” the insider explains, hinting that the couple could tie the knot as early as November. Damn Tom wastes no time.

Meanwhile, Luann is thoroughly pissed that Tom’s moved on so fast and who came blame her!

“Luann is absolutely stunned and livid,” admits the spy. “She feels blindsided.”

I can’t believe this but at the same time, I totally can. Tom what the actual f*&k! Team Luann all the way!

Do you believe Tom is already engaged? Does Luann have the right to be livid over Tom’s engagement? Do you think Tom recycled Luann’s engagement ring?

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  • For a “confirmed bachelor” for 50 years, Tomcat has certainly done a 180 turnaround. He may keep Missy on the back burner as “the lady in waiting”, in case he gets bored with Wife #2…

  • Luanne has no business being livid at anyone. She put herself in this position and now that they are divorcing she should be happy because she dodged a bullet with that worm. She is so insecure and so needy all the proof right in front of her face and she ignored it. Luanne it’s time to grow up and be a big girl. Lu should be laughing hysterically at the woman who accepted his proposal. She obviously has no self esteem. Anna your an idiot for even going out with him. Take a lesson from Luanne…… Once a cheater always a cheater. Save what’s left of your pride. So sad to see woman who cannot be strong and stand on their own. If your not ok by yourself you will never have a successful relationship. Luann he’s a pig move on. Cammierare you go girl.

  • I was under the impression that Anna denied they are engaged, but what do I know. LOL Tom was a cad, jerk, 2 timer and my personal opinion is he married her for her money and once the marriage occurred and he wasn’t able to procure any of Lu’s money, for whatever reason, it was over even before it started. Good riddance, Tom isn’t even worth getting upset over. Lu can do much better than this scallywag!

  • Remember the ladies saying that he wanted to ‘marry up’, he made sure to date women with money? Well her last name is Rothschild…

  • What the what? This guy didn’t get married, for the first time, till he was 50. Now in less that a year he’s jumping in again. Hmmmmm, to a Rothschild. $$$$$$

  • Blindsided? Lulu was BLINDSIDED?? Did she miss Tom making out with other women while they were engaged? Did she not hear her friends who warned her that the guy wasn’t really in love with her and that he was still out there canoodling with other gals? I hope this isn’t her storyline for next season because that would be the final nail in the former Countess’s coffin.

    • Exactly! Is Lu going to be livid every time Tom takes a breathe of fresh air too? Get over it Lu! Stop milking this! LOL!

  • I don’t think Lu is livid – how can she be – the whore moved on the second he said “I do”