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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s Stalking Case Trial Date Postponed

The trial date for Bethenny Frankel’s stalking cast against her ex-husband Jason Hoppy has been adjourned according to Us Weekly.

It turns out that the Assistant District Attorney was not ready for trial forcing the eagerly anticipated proceedings to be pushed back to October 23rd.

Jason is accused of stalking and harassing Bethenny for months after their marriage ended; sending the SkinnyGirl mogul hundreds of threatening texts, emails, and phone calls.

After a confrontation at their daughter Bryn’s school in January, Bethenny filed charges against Jason, and he was arrested and charged.

However, Jason has denied the charges against him.

“There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actions,” Jason’s attorney Robert C. Gottlieb previously told Us Weekly. “His only concern is his daughter and intends to vigorously fight these false charges. We fully intend to do our talking in the courtroom.”

So, it looks like we will need to wait even longer to find out Jason’s fate. Bummer.

Are you surprised Jason and Bethenny’s trial was postponed?  Do you think Jason is guilty of stalking Bethenny?

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  • He has something on her. Something big we don’t know about. There is no way he would turn down 2 deals to dismiss the charges without having something on her. There are 2 sides to every story. I’ll bet he has some e-mails and/or recordings of her that put her in a bad light and she probably doesn’t even know it. He says she’s evil so we shall see.

  • There are 2 sides to this story. Hoppy must have something interesting to share in court that will cast a new light on how Frankel treats him in regards to their child. She has not always made visitation/custody easy for him. That he would not take a deal to dismiss this and the prosecutor wasn’t ready for him does make you wonder what secret about Frankel he has. He says she’s evil so he must have something on her. Something we don’t know.

  • Hmmm… Not ready? Sounds likes she doesn’t have that strong of case, or he has a stronger one! This is interesting…

  • It’s typical bureaucratic garbage. Our justice system is a mess. Jason is a moron. He has absolutely no interest in doing what is right for his daughter, everything he does is about retaliation towards Beth. It’s a sad situation when divorce happens but in this case, Beth had no choice and I would not put up with his abuse not for a second. She did the right thing.
    Wasn’t Dennis her BF there at the school function? He supposedly was standing right next to Beth when the exchanged occurred. Actually I believe during the exchange Jason was directing his abuse directly towards Dennis screaming about what he was going to find out while being with Beth. F Off Jason. Your a horrible father and human being. If you had any brains in your think skull you would have shut your mouth and co parented with Bethanny without anger. Just because he doesn’t have access to the big bank account and the bling bling he wants, he goes after her. I have an idea Jason…. Get your A$$ out and go find a job to raise your child the best you can and stop this childish game your playing. Someone give this guy a pacifier he is whining all the time.
    Bless Bethanny and all the people affected by the tragedy in Puerto Rico. Your generosity Bethanny is not going unnoticed. we are praying for Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and Las Vegas. Amen

  • I hope they mandate counseling for him. He has some serious issues and needs to stop this childish and scary behavior.

  • Don’t know this woman and don’t watch this show but KUDOS for all the incredibly generous and awesome work she’s been doing for Puerto Rico ????????????That just rocks !!

    • Yes, it is amazing to know she chartered 4 planes with supplies! It’s heartbreaking how much help the Caribbean need. Her work with B-strong for women is really commendable too. 🙂

    • I’ve never cared for Beth on the show. But, as most of you know or may not know lol, I’m half Polish half Puerto Rican. I have tons of family still living on the island. What Beth is doing is amazing. The most help people are receiving are coming from outside sources, or private donors, not the government. The news really has it right when they show Puerto Rico still in complete despair. So disheartening.

      • Vita, yes, whenever the housewives (like them or not) use their platform to do good it deserves credit.

        Be strong. “This too shall pass”.

        • I love seeing this side of the ones I don’t like. Makes me take a step back and reevaluate my dislike for them lol. Thank you!!! I’m praying for the world right now. We all need it.

      • Vita , I’m so sorry PR is struggling , it’s so gut wrenching to watch. I hope your family and friends are alright . I applaud Bethenny for her efforts and her generosity , and I hope she inspires other celebrities or anyone with means to do the same . As has been said recently, sending love and prayers is not enough when people have an immediate and urgent need ????????

        • Thank you. Half of the family there is from a mountainous area (farmers) that is super windy pretty much everyday. They have internet and it pretty much goes out for weeks at a time so they don’t really feel the devastation. The other half of the family is in a big city and they are really feeling it. As soon as we can, meanin when we know the goods will actually be delivered to them, we are shipping boxes of food water, clothes, blankets, toiletries…
          This entire world needs love and healing.

          • Oh Vita , I hope you will be able to send things soon once things stabilize. I also worry about lack of medication, and proper urgent care . God bless ??????

    • Yes! Altho Katrina was much more devastating and more lives lost and PR has thrown the “budget out of wack” per the Pres… Glad SOMEONE is doing something!!!

      • Natural disasters are the worst . I’m sf we know we will eventually get ‘the big one’, that massive earthquake that will level is out . Oh sigh ?