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Find Out Why Brandi Glanville Continues To Speak Out About Her Ex-Husband Eddie Cibrian!

For some, it may seem that Brandi Glanville is obsessed with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his current wife LeeAnn Rimes as she continues to speak out about her issues with the couple.

In fact, Eddie and LeeAnn would love for people to believe Brandi is obsessed with them but according to Brandi’s good friend, who happens to be LeeAnn’s ex-husband Dean Sheremet, there’s a reason Brandi continues to speak out about Eddie and Brandi now and then.

“Everyone thinks [Brandi is] such a bitch, and she really is just one of the most sensitive souls. And she really takes things to heart. People think she just lashes out, but I think that they don’t realize that she has such a sweet and innocent soul, which sounds silly because most people don’t see her that way,” Sheremet explained to Bravo’s Personal Space. “But the way that I know her, I think it’s more of like she’s the mama bear where if she feels threatened, she’s gonna lash out. If she feels like someone’s coming up against someone she loves or hurting someone or hurting herself where she’s very sensitive and vulnerable, she will lash out at them. So that’s just Brandi being Brandi. I don’t think that she’ll ever change, and I don’t think the world wants her to change.” 

Adding,“You have so many people that walk around on eggshells. She’s not always tactful of her timing of things, but what are you gonna do? I wouldn’t prefer to have anyone else in my corner if this sh— was going down, so she’s a good girl.”

Do you think Brandi is obsessed with Eddie and LeeAnn? Is Brandi justified to speak out about Eddie and LeeAnn?

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  • Brandi is just a drunken tramp that is obsessed with her husband 10 years after the fact. End of story.

  • Since I don’t follow Blabbi on Twitter, I don’t know if she’s “obsessed” with Mr. & Mrs. Squints. Blabbi called out being Single White Femaled by Leann (C)Rimes due to the short one copying BG’s renovated boobs & fashion style. Mr. Ed did little to intervene when his former & current wives had friction. Eddie’s acting gigs seem to have dried up. He was not exactly a household name, until BG complained about him. Does anyone remember The Squint’s craptacular short lived reality show on VH1? If you blinked, you missed it. LOL All 3 can thank each other for keeping themselves in the gossip news. Otherwise, they’d be of scant importance.

    • She’s obsessed but LeAnn is also obsessed. It’s a sick little dance they do, all in front on the kids. It will come back to bite all of them in the ass for making this fued public on SM, for anyone and everyone, to read.

      • Both women are immature. And Eddie loves being the center of attention. They’re all demented. I hope those boys have a strong adult to learn from.

        • I don’t see a very favorable future for them, just based off the parent’s/adult behavior going on around them. I also don’t see them getting very good guidance in how to treat women properly, based on their mother alone.

          • You and me both ?????? My parents always decorated our whole house and every single one of our rooms and the garbage was a show stopper .

  • I get what he is saying and think she is probably pretty sensitive too. I wouldn’t personally do and say everything she has, but can see Dean’s point.

  • I just don’t see Brandi initiating talk about her ex and his 2nd wife. She spoke about her books. Answered interviewers questions. But no-one talks more about Ediot and his 2nd wife more than they do themselves – all over social media with the pictures. Team Brandi on this one!

  • How does this blather explain her rolling in the gutter about her ex and the pump? Parents have a specific mentality (my disclaimer – don’t have kids) – no one is questioning that.

    She has troll behavior
    She has shit mouth behavior
    She has oh it’s because ___________________ behavior

    being accountable is easy – brandy should try it sometime.

    btw…she has been pretty quite for months..why blab about this now? Brandi is in a good relationship for a year and she is going on trips/working..not sure why this is news to us…usually it is her blather that gets her on this site.