Adrienne Maloof Camille Grammer Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - RHOBH

Adrienne Maloof Dishes on Returning to RHOBH; Plus Did Adrienne Just Confirm Camille Grammer’s Return?!

We already know that Adrienne Maloof will be popping up during season 8 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but could she be returning as a full-time Housewife?

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Adrienne plays coy about a possible full-time role in season 8 but hints that “stranger things have happened, you never know.”

As for her relationship with the RHOBH cast, Adrienne calls them her “sisters” and admits that things between her and ladies are “good, so far.”

Adrienne also played coy about rumors that her former RHOBH c0-star Camille Grammer may also be returning as a full-time cast member for season 8.

“You have to stay tuned. I don’t want to spoil it,” Adrienne explained, quickly changing the subject to how “great” Camille looks.

Meanwhile, Adrienne also revealed a big secret about her love life announcing that she and Jacob Busch are back together.

Check out the clip below from ET to see what Adrienne and Jacob had to say about their romance.

Do you think Adrienne and Camille will be back as full-time Housewives for season 8?

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  • NOOOOOOO, can’t stand Adrienne and her silly putty face. Don’t care for Camille either. I think she is hiding her real personality. Season 1 was the real Camille. If she would stay true to herself, I wouldn’t mind, but she’s just there as a scene filler, at most. What’s the point?

    I’ve tried looking for Adrienne’s real face and she has clearly scoured the web and taken most of them off. Only one remains. She looks like she has had a total face transplant. I found an early incarnation but nothing before that except a black grainy photo.

  • Gawd – Adrain’s face is dangerously close to Jocelyn Wildenstein’s freakish face… She’s a walking Halloween Mask. Boooo

      • hahahahah… Thanks Rain. I wouldn’t mind having both Adrain & Pernicious Camille back. Adrain showed off her lux life – her mansion, her plane, her basketball team, her over the top parties. Her gossipy cook, Bernie-The-Yenta was a dipshit, the way he was pissed at LVP because she didn’t personally greet HIM. Eff him. I wouldn’t give him a passing glance. Camille had a great vocabulary and also showed her opulent life style, too. RHBH was supposed to show us the money. Instead, we got KyleECoyote’s flip flopping & cheap looking Kaftan Kraporium & her never ending sibling problems with KimiKaze, the mental midget who is poorer than the poorest viewer AND Blabbi, the bitter divorcee, who rents a different low end hovel, every season.

        • I’ve been told by several people today to watch season 1 and 2 . Obviously I’ve missed a lot ???. It’s on my list now for sure ?? You’re spot on about why I so love RHOBH . I want to see the wealth , the clothes , the trips and the parties ?. Having one’s own private plane is definitely a plus ???. I am excited about the new season

          • What??? You haven’t watched season 1 or 2? It’s a must for anyone whom enjoys the HW’s shows. They are the best seasons of every single franchise, before the women becwme aware of the “game” and were just themselves. Oh…..the good ole day! LOL

          • The first 2 seasons were the best for opulence. However, I am glad that a few of the cast members no longer are still involved: Shana Hughes aka Ford aka -Taylor Armstrong because SHE was a con woman AND Adrienne, who is no longer a human being. Having DimSumKim Bitchards off the show is a major plus. She’s useless & poor.

            • Your way with words is unparalleled ?????????? I’ll get Amazon and watch them . I hope for her own good , Bravo doesn’t drag Kim back again , enough of that story and she has nothing to offer other than her ‘sobriety ‘ . Rinna and her butt waxing are exhausting, please don’t show us flossing ?

              • Rain, hehehehe….Thanks for that. I have my moments. You’re right about GRinna – that butt wax on the dirty carpet was disgusting. Why do the women feel it necessary to show viewers their “landscaping” & other personal hygiene regimen. I’m not interested in seeing THAT!!!

                • Even our husbands and friends don’t want to see that , let alone a tv audience ? I don’t know how Bravo talked her into it or maybe it was a misguided attempt at being ‘relatable’ on her part . Either way, it was atrocious and very unnecessary. Equally so , seeing PK shirtless on a boat with his ample bosoms jiggling and bouncing around . He clearly wanted people to give him necklaces but no one go it since it wasn’t even Mardi Gras??

  • Like Orange County, RHOBH is another franchise than needs to be totally recast, but it would appear Bravo can’t find anyone willing to endure the humiliation of being on the show. So we get a bunch of retreads looking for any claim to fame they can hold on to.

    • Agreed. There must not be a glut of successful, emotional secure women who are willing to give up their privacy, to receive low pay & insults from cast mates & fans of the shows.

      • The shows are now scary and nobody wants any part of it . I heard Willa Ford is filming so I googled her some because I never heard of her before

          • She was apparently a pop star who had a few hits in the early 2000s. She is now an ‘interior designer ‘, and doing some acting. She is married with a young kid . On the surface I would guess she would mesh with Dorit , both being younger and have little ones but you never know right?? I

            • Very interesting. I’ve never heard of her. From your description, she took a page from FayKe Rancid. FayKe was a party girl, to “writer” to interior decorator (for her lone client, Kryle) to reality tv semi-star. We’ll see if Willa’s scenes remain in the show…

              • With Mellencamp’s daughter filming too , one of them will end up being full RH and the other one FOH. Eden was such a misfire even though there were moments I felt bad for her but she is not cut out for this ???.

    • I wouldn’t want to see LVP leave the show. Once she is gone, the true essence of RHOBH will be gone.

      • I’m pretty certain I remember discourse between them. LVP used to talk a lot of crap about her and coined the phrase “Maloof hoof” when Adrienne had her shoe line. Never got to the levels of Brandi and others, Adrienne left before think. Should be interesting to see if any of that gets addressed.

        • Maloof hoof? That’s very funnn actually ?. She showed up for a few minutes here and there the last 2 seasons but I didn’t get much a sense of her . She filmed a scene with Brandi where they apologized for something or another . Thank you for filling me in a bit ???

      • They started out as friends, supposedly but it didn’t stay that way for long. Adrienne previewed her new shoe line and LVP told her she should call it Hoof by Maloof, which was priceless and hilarious to boot. Didn’t sit too well with her and I think from that point on, they were done.

  • Camille had Adrienne’s back when Brandi said she was being sued. Camille replied that there were no papers filed in court so how could she be sued. And from that point on Brandi’s storyline fell like a deck of cards. Along with being abandoned by her fans.

    • Agreed! I’m not a fan of Adrienne, at all. She and that Bernie are just nasty. The only bright side of her coming back is that her outfits, spray tan rubbing off, and hair will give me something to laugh at. Tinsel hair and 80s outfits, lol.

    • Yes, I loved Paul and felt so bad for him. Adrienne was a beast to him. I’m glad they finally divorced!

  • Apparently Adrienne still employs the chef that lied about Paul physically abusing Adrienne…so..whatever Adrienne. I used to like her so much – cuz – she was funny, actually washing the chicken with LVP!!

    Camille – brutal watching that stooge ex crap all over her on national TV..glad she is returning, whether it is full or part or guest of or friend of..she has a way of cutting through the crap.

    • That was a good part when she washed the chicken with hand soap. Haha, forgot about that. I never really liked her and how she treated Paul. Then the whole thing with how her kids were brought into this world. I found her an ice queen. I always liked Camille though.

      • I also like how all of them gathered around Taylor – even though Taylor lashed out at them. I really hope Taylor doesn’t return..suicide changes people.

    • I’m with you Samael, I can’t get over her saying Paul physically abused her, its unforgiveable. Its too bad because she was really good with supporting Kim in that awful limo confrontation season 1.

      • Alison DuBois was everything: takes a deep drag on her E-Cig and smirks while she chides, “Know THAT!!!”

  • I never liked how Adrienne treated Paul but, overall, I did like her. She seemed pretty level headed. I would LOVE to see Camille back full time, though.

  • I didnt watch the show when Adrienne and Camille were on full time. Only saw them the few times they showed up as FOH. Would be interesting to see them in the mix ?