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Kathy Wakile Announces Soft Opening Of New Pizza Restaurant!

Talk about love at first sight!

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile announced that her new restaurant Pizza Love is officially open!

For now, Pizza Love is completing a soft opening before the restaurant officially opens for business sometime soon.

Kathy announced the news on Instagram and shared the details of the soft opening with fans.

To further promote Pizza Love, Kathy’s daughter, Victoria, has been showing off the delicious food the restaurant has to offer and trust me it’s mouthwatering!

I think Kathy’s new restaurant looks amazing and I hope it’s a huge success! I think I may need to plan a visit when Pizza Love officially opens. Congrats to Kathy!

Do you think Kathy’s new restaurant will be successful?

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  • JUST ME 5739


  • Shippp

    Luvs, the ambulance is here. I’m Dr Moroe LMAO

  • September24

    Which falls first? The restaurant or the McMansion….. these people cannot afford both.

    • luvs2ride

      That’s a tough one.

      • Shippp

        How tough ?

  • Shippp

    Hey eveybody LOL. According to pea brain luvs2ride, I’m 7 or 8 people LMAO . I’m Betty, Yo-yo, sassafrass, Kirby , Rain and who knows who else . And apparently I’m a racist too LMAO . The whiny trio are desperate

  • Shippp

    FYI luvs2ride and Khipp are the same person . A blind person can see that . Lame

    • luvs2ride

      Lame? The only thing that’s lame is your tired shtick. Anyone with a brain knows Khipp and I are not the same person, and everyone will now know you go by several handles – Sassafrass, YoYo’s Robe, Rain, Kirby and many more. You’re out of your fucking mind and are in desperate need of a lobotomy.

      So you read our conversation today on the Teresa story from Friday? Good, because I was going to ask samael to cut & paste it to expose you once and for all.

      You got banned from the other websites for good reason. You’re a fucking racist. Betty should know that, as she’s having a gay old time over at the tea site. Too bad Tamara Tattles sent her packing. She did try, but the blog owner didn’t care for her bullshit. You wanna stalk? I can stalk too, froot loop. But “you” can’t post at the tea site anymore. Boo hoo. Lucky for you, you can post like an asshole to your heart’s content here. All day and all night, with Shipp’s old name and my old avatar. Calling us bullies and trolls! If your intent is to run us off this site, you can type until your filthy, gnarled, hairy, wart ridden claws fall off, because it ain’t gonna happen. Nope.

      I will continue to block you, Betty, and all your alter egos. Hopefully, all the other sane posters will do so too. “You” can continue to mock posters and LMAO and bahahaha amongst “yourselves”. No one will will read it or give a shit.

      This is a BLOG. Where rational adults post their opinions and snark on HOUSEWIVES. Take old Betty’s advice – Get a grip and get a life.

      • Shippp

        I love the rant LMAO. So I’m at least 8 people ? And I’m a racist too ? LOL, I don’t want to run you off idiot , who else would I tease ?

        By froot loop , I’m assuming you mean ‘fruit’ ? LMAO

  • September24

    So is Fredo screaming “B*tch stole my look”! LOL! Wonder which restaurant will tank first? Cause they both are going down….LOL!

    • luvs2ride

      There you are!
      I thought you’d be the first to comment, Lol!

      • September24

        If a customer doesn’t like the food is Rosie going to go all gansta and threaten to cut them?! LOL! This family is their own worst enemy. LOL!

        • luvs2ride

          Eat that fucking slop or I’ll cut ya tongue out! Grrrrrr!

  • September24

    Victoria looks great!

  • Marcy Davis

    This is what I find interesting and inquiring minds need to know. Kathy announced “Pizza Love” is slated to open in June and will be run by Wakile’s along with husband Richie and Two Friends who have (resturant business experience) I have tried and tried to find out who are the friends with experience. No luck Guess I’ll have to google SHADY to find out who these two are. Even the Grand Opening is Subject. So pissed Bravo give these snakes 15 min. of fame.

  • JerseyGirl

    Kathy is still trying to make money off Teresa’s successful books and career. She and her offensive husband need to shut up and spare us all their latest money-making schemes.

  • michers

    What the actual EFF Katfish ???
    You’re bringing nothing new . Figures .

  • Betty

    Looks good! I’m sure it stay open longer than the Fraudices pizza parlor was. Anything is better than what Joe and Teresa are used to; Prison food. HA!

  • jlf

    Is the restaurant out of her own kitchen?

  • jlf

    I read on her twitter that she is a national best seller? When? How?

  • ~~ La erik ~~

    Yummy! Now I gonna make a call to order for pizza and chicken wings

    • Khipp

      And beer…burp

    • luvs2ride

      Chicken wings?

  • Simon

    The food doesn’t look THAT good. I know Kathy loves talking to the gossip sites, but let’s be honest… her restaurant probably sucks. Her and that weirdo husband of hers are the most bitter, jealous, and vengeful former HW cast members. They waited to soft open the restaurant until RHONJ was announced and it will open once it premieres. Obvious coattail riders, and distrustful family members.

    • michers


    • lebronfan

      Delusional jealous Kathy thinks she’s a star!!! I wouldn’t eat anything that filthy chick cooked. And her fish-mouth husband is a jerk.

  • rhfan

    I wish them luck!

    • Khipp

      You’re a nice person. I hope they tank. I’m not a nice person…when it comes to those weasels.

      • luvs2ride

        Depends on their competition. They’re a dime a dozen where I live. They better buy some NYC tap water if they want a good crust.
        Don’t wanna piss off Jersey people, but I’ve never had really good pizza there. Same with bagels. Good, but not great.

  • Romulus

    That food looks entirely unremarkable. Been done thousands of times before in thousands of restaurants. Where’s the point of difference? She’s opening in a crowded market.

    • michers

      I thought the same about the looks of the food .

    • luvs2ride

      She’s famous!

      • September24

        LOL! Good one!

  • Khipp

    What the hell is that last dish? Looks like someone already ate it, then threw it back up on the plate.

  • Amanda

    The food does look good. When is the soft opening? Aren’t the Wakiles in Europe? Why wouldn’t they be there for the soft opening?

  • samael

    Hey CsqD – this is what Marcy told us!

    wow – with bucktooth beaver as the greeter – not surprised no bells and whistles for a “grand opening”

    • luvs2ride

      I’m gonna wait for September’s golden touch on this announcement.

      Wanna laugh? The ad directly under the pictures is Pizza Hut (on my tablet anyway). It’s sabotage!!


      • samael

        grounds for a lawsuit for sure ??? – just in case this business tanks!!

      • Khipp

        Run fast run far… to Pizza Hut!!

      • michers