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Teresa Giudice Praises Bethenny Frankel’s Humanitarian Efforts and Urges Fans To Support Her!

Bethenny Frankel has been tirelessly flexing her humanitarian prowess to raise money and awareness for the devastation taking place in Texas, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

As we all know parts of Texas, Mexico, Florida, and Puerto Rico have been devasted by recent weather-related events causing mass destruction and devastation; leaving many dead or without food, homes, and water.

However, the Skinny Girl mogul has jumped to action with her B Strong Foundation and is doing whatever she can to help the victims of these tragic events.

And now, Bethenny is shockingly getting some support from a fellow Housewife.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice recently urged her fans to support Bethenny’s humanitarian efforts.

In return, Bethenny thanked Teresa for her support.

However, Teresa wasn’t done there and continued to praise Bethenny’s efforts.

Meanwhile, Bethenny has personally visited Mexico, Texas, and Florida to lend a helping hand.

Next up, the Skinny Girl mogul plans to head to Puerto Rico to once again help out.

Bethenny is also making it crystal clear that 100% of the money donated to her foundation will directly assist the victims of these devastating events.

I can’t praise Bethenny enough for her efforts! And it’s huge that Teresa is jumping on board and urging her huge fan base to help out via Bethenny’s foundation. Awesome job ladies!

Is it nice to see Housewives supporting each other?

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  • Bethennny has been incredibly impressive- and people are really appreciative of it.
    I must say – If not for the geotagging I would have said the Mexico was photoshopped. That goes to show my ability to tell real/fake pics.

  • Bethenny trying to rehabilitate her image by using disasters once again proves what a horrid person she is. Real kindness does not require press announcements or publicity

  • As if Bethenny needs kudos from penniless TreApe. Joe ripped people off after hurricane Sandy. Teresa probably in on that also. So glad they went to jail. # DeportationNext

  • That’s awesome ! It’s nice to see those who can afford to , are helping ! Quite a few Celebs have been stepping up which is great !

  • When Bethenney bashed Tre, at the lowest point of her life, I wrote Bethenney off as an ugly, judgemental beeotch who jumped on the Tre bashing train for publicity. Now, looking at Bethenney, in her jeans and t-shirt with a minimal amount of make-up on, I think she looks so pretty. IMO, wearing your heart on your sleeve brings out ones natural beauty!

    Tre promoting a lady who publicly bashed her makes Tre look more beautiful than she already is! Sure I’ll donate right now. God Bless B for using her platform to help others and God Bless T for looking past B’s judgement of her by backing B up!

  • Hahaha… Loudmouth Tre-Trunk knows all about helping hurricane victims! Look what she & her husband, Barney Rubble did for Hurricane Sandy victims!!! As for BFrankelstein’s efforts – that’s laudable.

    • Medusa dear, they’re saying that u were banned from RT. Is that true? Why would they do such a thing? Something about a Labor Day Massacre? What the heck happened? Reading so many comments here from people who don’t know the history. The reason Bethenny attacked Giudice is because she piggybacked Bethenny’s work by calling her brand “Skinny Italian.” Of course you’re right about the aftermath of Sandy. They didn’t lift a finger. Just worried about their beach house.

      • Hiya Tapestry!! Yes, I think I was. Let’s put it this way: After the Labor Day weekend, I posted many comments & none of them went through. I’ve tried many times to post. I can see my post, but nobody else can. It’s as if there’s an invisible fence around my favorite site that I can’t break through. I miss you all, very much 🙁

        To this topic, I remember when Tre used that title, I drew the same inference that she stole “Skinny” from Barfenny. I wasn’t aware that BF called her out for it. As you know, I’m no BF fan at all. However, she was right to be miffed by the obvious plagiarism. Plus, Tre-Trunk isn’t even “Skinny”. She’s of average weight…

        • You should know that you’re much missed. Several people posted about you not being there. I miss my friends from AATT, where I announced I was leaving before they banned me! Hateful place where the site-runner appeared under many different names, pretending readers were responding. If you’re still there, will you send my warm wishes to Trippinhard? Tell her she can find me on Twitter or RT or AATRH. But I think you need to do it on Disqus, not on their site. How’s the fall going?

          • Hi again, Tapestry ~ That’s nice to hear that my absence is noticeable.
            Sorry, I don’t go to AATT. I have no idea who Trippinhard is…

            So far, fall is going fairly well. Our weather is very good; just waiting for foliage season to come (within a couple of weeks). How about where you are – were you affected by the hurricanes or wild fires?

  • Not so shocking to see Teresa not hold a grudge. World crisis has a way of joining together to help others – and both Bethenny and Teresa are all about that.

    Joyce Giraud from has been doing this as well…for weeks she so far:

    – set up place to collect food/diaper/dog food/water donations to an airplane going to puerto rico
    – set up fund page for RH fans to donate
    – was on news stations to promote fund page
    – was after fema – to distribute info as to where people can get water
    – joined group of Puerto Rican actors raising funds for Puerto Rico
    – Bethenny mentioned Joyces fund page twice to her followers
    – looking for truck drivers to be brought to puerto rico to help distribute collected donations

    what is disappointing..behtneny and Joyce have had hate tweets about this…un f%$#ing believable!