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RHONY Season 10 Casting Revealed!

They’re back!

The Real Housewives of New York season 10 contracts went out “late last week;” inviting back all of the current cast members.

“They have all been invited back including Ramona Singer,” a source revealed. “Ramona had no storyline and Bravo had been auditioning new ladies to replace her.”

“It was decided that last season ratings were strong enough and fan reaction was positive, so they didn’t have to fix that wasn’t broken,” the source added. “Other franchises changing the cast has often backfired, and fans don’t want to start over in a new TV relationship with a new lady.”

“Several ladies that have now been asked to meet with Bravo over three times are pissed, they feel used,”  the RHONY insider explained.

However, if any of the current cast members decided to act like divas and demand raises they could be shown the door as Bravo isn’t interested in negotiating salaries or playing hardball.

“The ladies have been told that these contracts are non-negotiable – no one is getting a pay raise and if they try to play hardball they will be replaced with backup ladies,” the insider revealed.

“Everyone is excepted to resign,” the source wrapped. “It is only a one season deal they have all been offered.”

Possible storylines for season 10 include Luann de Lesseps readjusting to the single life, Bethenny Frankel’s recent skin cancer scare, and Tinsley Mortimer moving in with her boyfriend, Scott Kluth. No word on what the rest of cast’s season 10 storyline could be.

Are you excited for season 10 of RHONY? Should Bravo have revamped the RHONY cast for season 10?

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  • Even though there really were no earth shattering story lines last season, I did enjoy it. I am surprised Tinsely was asked back, because I didn’t think she did nearly enough to earn a second season, but anyone is better than the Asian/JEWels.

  • I can’t believe they’re bringing back Carole. Carole hasn’t had a storyline since her first season on the show, but of course Andy just LOVES the Kennedy connection… honestly, not sure if I’ll continue watching if Carole keeps up the whole political act. I watch Housewives to ESCAPE politics, and her constantly bringing it up in such a snide way while kissing her own ass for being ‘informed’ doesn’t sit well with me.

  • As much as i like carol she is boring!! Fire her and split her salary amongst the remaining ladies. Everyone gets a raise!

    • Carole has been a snooze for many seasons. I agree – she needs to go. She doesn’t fit on the Housewives at all. Maybe she should start her own show about being bitter and unpleasant… check out her Tweets. Not what one would expect from a ‘journalist’.

    • I always thought DoorWindow would be better suited working the graveyard shift at a roadside Waffle House, but she’s kind of grown on me. She does have a pretty good fashion sense; now if she would only learn some decorating skills.

      • You don’t like her decorating? I absolutely LOVE her blue lacquered living room/den in the Berkshires. Wish I had the money to do it.

        • The Berserkshires is a cool place (good bones), but it looks like a groovy 1970’s nighmare to me. She needs Martha Stewart to come in and decorate STAT … or even Lu or Bethenny (who both know how to present New England charm).

  • The storylines sound boring to me.. nothing’s changed and we can’t go for a whole season on B’s cancer scare, LuMan man hunting/drinking/dating/falling in love with another loser, Moaner being her despicable self, Carole..what?, and the rest of the gals bringing 0 to the table. However, RHONY remains one of my favorites so who know? I am looking forward to check out Tinz’s new life, Its certainly better than other HW shows…except NJ!!

    • Hey Fuchess, I agree, Bethany’s 2nd cancer scare isn’t worth a reboot. We know she is ok, and I am happy for her, but please, not again.

  • Sorry to find out that FrankelJaw is returning, that said. I hope all the women, including FrankelJaw don’t bag on Luann and give us a season of “I told you so”. It was bad enough that we had to endure 2 seasons of them talking, almost exclusively about Tom and the wedding. I hope RaMonster has enrolled in some serious therapy, preferable shock therapy and has entered an AA program, along with Bonja. I know it’s too much to expect of those 2 but a girl can dream! LOL

    • Maybe they were pointing her out since she wouldn’t include her real dating life, they got after Porsha for the same thing?

  • “Everyone is excepted to resign,” the source wrapped.

    The above sentence is telling us “Everyone is excepted to resign.” I don’t know what this means. Taken the way it’s written it seems to be saying all the regulars were not allowed to resign (“excepted means to not include); to resign means to quit.

    Now if you meant everyone is EXPECTED to RE-SIGN then that is what you should have written.

  • If this is true, I’m glad. I liked last season. It was fun with just enough discord to create drama, but not so much that they couldn’t move forward as a group, at least socially. I’m thinking this group will be fun to watch, with the I told you so’s, jealousy and probably going out being cougars, it should be a hoot.

    • This is my favorite of the franchises, full disclosure – have not watched Dallas or Potomac. They seem to actually socialize off season, if even a general way, so more believable. Can’t wait to see LuAnn’s campy song she is recording!

    • I really liked last season too – but then again I like Potomac and this site doesn’t really seem to.

    • Honestly though, give them an IV of Pinot Grigio and set them loose in the Berkshires. For me, there’s not much funnier than a completely bombed Ramona and/or Sonja, storyline or no. With enough booze, they kind of make their own blurred storylines without actually having one.