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Lydia McLaughlin Throws Major Shade At Heather Dubrow!

Heather and Lydia have a little heated exchange.

It’s pretty obvious that there’s no love lost between former Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars Lydia McLaughlin and Heather Dubrow.

Lydia and Heather’s issues started when Lydia and her husband Doug snubbed Heather; claiming she wasn’t a big enough star to appear on the cover of their Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine.

While Heather and Lydia were ultimately able to leave their issues in the past, Lydia rehashed their drama during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

During her appearance on WWHL, Lydia threw some major shade at Heather and make it crystal clear she still doesn’t think Heather is a star.

The drama started when Lydia was asked,“Do you still feel like Heather Dubrow isn’t enough of a name to grace one of your magazine covers?”

In typical Lydia fashion, the returning Housewife responded in a snarky, condescending, shade-throwing manner.

“No. She’s not. She’s a Housewife, I mean,” Lydia snarked.

To add fuel to the fire, Andy Cohen chimed in commenting,“You have Matt Damon on your cover.”

Lydia didn’t hesitate to agree,“Exactly. I’m sorry. She’s not an A-list celebrity.”

Shade thrown.

Sorry, Lydia but having Housewives on the cover of your magazine, especially ones that live a luxury lifestyle like Heather, can only help your “little” magazine.

What do you think about Lydia’s comments? Do you think Heather is famous enough to be on the cover of a magazine?

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  • I have been watching The Real Housewives of Orange County from day one. I’ve always despised Vicky Gunvalson and thought NO other housewife of any city would ever be as despicable and unlikable as her. That is until Lydia came on the scene. Am I the only one who sees through that fake?! OMG!! Lydia is the de *vil! She is the epitome of a MEAN GIRL!! She goes out of her way to torture Shannon. She thinks by bringing up God, and praying in front of cameras, and talking in a baby voice, and talking about rainbows and sparkles she can fool people. I’m sooooooo onto her!! I hope her husband snuck and saved some of his sper* m so that he has a chance to have a truly loving SECOND marriage. I hope he has babies with his next wife and experiences TRUE happiness with a genuine person. Time will continue to prove me right about who Lydia really is. Something is not right with her. She is the personification of a de *mon.

  • Lydia, that’s the most unprofessional business move ever! Really? I bet not many people will want to deal with you or your magazine knowing how you talk crap about their friends. You are mean , nasty, and a plain stupid rich girl. Puke.

  • Lydia is a mean little witch underneath her pampered entitled bs.. Why is she back on the show? She is as boring as watching paint dry. And Lydia darling you aren’t even a D-list celebrity.

  • I see no issue with her response. If the design is to have only A list celebrities on the cover, Heather Dubrow is factually by no means an “A List Celebrity.”

  • I don’t like Ludia never have she’s a spoilt brat & not the great Christian she claims to be we the readers or whoever buys their rag would like to see all luxury homes not just A Lister home we all know they have huge luxury homes yes I also dislike Heather but I would love to see her new home whether you’re a star or someone that has built a huge home and a luxurious one at that yes I would love to see it, you could be Joe Blow from down the block but if you’ve got a beautiful home I’d love to see it

  • I love that Lydiot tag! She needs to check herself. She is no better or worse than any of the other housewives. I personally love Heather and Terry. I watch their other show and love how professional she is yet how funny both of them are. Why Lydiot comes back and decides to throw shade on another cast member makes me wonder just how dedicated she is to her religion she speaks of all the time. Star or no star…….If I had to put a bigger star on one or the other it would be Heather. She isn’t a S#*t stirrer like Lydiot!

  • This magazine is $20 an issue and Is a hardcover coffee table book. Nobody in their right mind will subscribe to this over indulgent periodical. Why in Gods name did Bravo bring her back??

  • Apparently I am not done bitching about the “resident christian” on #RHOC…so Heather’s dad passes away 5 days ago, and this is what Lydirat does? example of “kicking her when she is down”..

  • I can’t stand Lydia. She claims to be a Christian but lives completely opposite of a true Christian. Christians don’t gossip and talk about other people behind their back. Christians don’t put other people down. Christians don’t take birth control. The list goes on and on.

    • Don’t confuse Catholicism with Christianity. “Christianity” is a big umbrella and everyone underneath it is under no edict to not practice birth control except for the Catholics. And for the record, despite the church’s stance regarding birth control, every Catholic I know uses it. Not just the holy day, two to three times a year, mandatory church attendance Catholics, but the every-Sunday-and-even-Confession Catholics use it.

      • My bad, I was mistaking Catholicism and Christianity. But just because Catholics use birth control doesn’t mean the church approves of it. That’s the point I was trying to make.

    • hahahaha… Ikr? I’m bothered by the way she includes her toddlers into her adult problems. I’m more bothered by her off handed way of focusing on her idiot husband’s private parts. The fake phony was embarrassed to discuss her tah-tahs with “men in the room”. Yet, she’s hosting a “pre-vasectomy” party, to celebrate chopping off his manhood. The guests are the very women who hate her!!! How bizarre is that?

      • The balls chopping off business is whack-a-doodle-doo-doo!! I get the feeling she thinks it makes her look and sound edgy to keep repeating this immature and anatomically incorrect line and…….I have to wonder because, she seems about as smart as a house ant, that’s probably a diss to all house ants around the world, lol. Does this horsefaced moron realize they don’t remove the testicles?

        • FDD, I wonder the same thing. For her to keep saying the same malapropism over & over, snickering like a dunce, waiting for the laughter from the audience that isn’t there…. can only mean that she doesn’t even know what a vasectomy is. Most men & their wives reach the decision after much consideration to other alternatives. Lydiot behaves as if it was a whim. She actually said that she wants to freeze Dougie’s sperm for later use IF she changes her mind about having more children. FFS!!! If she has doubts, then don’t go through with the procedure!!

      • Did you also take notice when she invited the ladies to her ball chopping party, she seemed selectively offended over Kelly’s joke about his possibly not so smooth balls? Once again she contradicts herself with what offends her..

  • Shut up Teefs McGee! I’m glad she’s getting blowback this year for being on the show. I didn’t watch her WWHL’s appearance but it sounded like the calls were not positive, which I love. I get the feeling she thinks she’s just an innocent fairy, who never does or says anything to hurt anyone, when it reality, it’s exactly the opposite . She’s a mean girl, disguised as Gumby.

  • Lydiot’s responses and overall demeanor are that of an entitled, spoiled, little, rich girl. She and her aspirations are UNbelievable!!!
    The magazine, “Nobleman” is geared to a very specific demographic: HER HUSBAND & his ilk (which must be a rarity). Most men do not purchase male centered magazines without having a centerfold or a manifold involved. Field & Stream would have a larger circulation than this snobby, surreal “Sir Lancelot” nonsense. The only reason to publish this pap is for the tax write-off when it folds.

  • I’m sorry but….tits on an ant. There wasn’t really any shade thrown, in this instance Lydia just stated the facts.

      • I understand that. However, Peggy and Diko sell luxury cars for a living. His company is one of the premier luxury car sales companies in the OC. So since it’s a high end magazine, with a target audience of people who buy luxury items, I can see why she put them on there. That’s the conclusion I draw….

  • This Lydiot can’t decide what she wants to be . She’s trying to sell us this illusion that she is a zen , centered , blah blah blah kinda girl with fairy dust shooting out of her ass. But the reality is that she has shown a mean spirited and obnoxious side of herself , which I personally believe is the real Lydiot ! Why is she taking shots at Heather ? Is holding a grudge part of the profile of a fairy dust fairy princess ?
    Fairy dust my ass ! ?????

    • Hi Rain, Hehehe…. Lydi-yap is a combination of Tinkerbell, a Keebler Elf, Bratz Doll & a garden variety gossip girl. She never grew up.

      • ??? Very said Queen Medusa. She sure pulled the wool over my eyes her first season . I thought she was fresh and cute and lovely . She deserves an Emmy for that performance ??
        Now look at her ! Hopped on the Vicki train and shamelessly puckering up ! I really hope she doesn’t come back ! Or Peggy ! Or Kelly ! Or Vile! Oh wait ??. I got it ! Recast around shannon ????

        • The first run, Lydia’s “appeal” was that she was “different” in tone. Her mother, Judy Jetstoned was an albatross, though. They both resorted to being stereotypes of their chosen houses of worship. Lydia was a classic, milk swilling, bible thumper, who proselytized to anyone who would listen. Judy was the perpetual hippie chick, who loved her weed, a true embarrassment to our gender. Both of them think the answer is to glitter over all life’s problems. I can say with great surety if either of them threw glitter in my face as a greeting, she’d receive a nice knuckle sandwich, right in the kisser. I’ve been chased by Andalusian Gypsies who screamed incantations, while waving rosemary twigs, who made more sense.

          I agree that RHOC needs to be recast (albeit, including Shannag because she’s nuts) or let it go.

          • Shannag !! ???? I love it EVEN though I’m Shannon’s # 1 fan , which I’m sure is further proof that I’m crazy too.

            I liked her mother the first season becuase she was different than what we were used to seeing and she seemed to balance Lydiot quite nicely . My issue with religious people , which Lydiot epitomizes perfectly, is how selective they are about when or where they thump that Bible .
            I’ve had many things thrown at my face but glitter was not one of them ?????? I live in SF , so random homeless people chasing you or screaming at you has gotten to be quite common . But no rosemary twigs ?
            Medusa , your posts bring so much joy ! I ?? You xoxox

        • I saw through her from the jump. Maybe it’s something we old ladies get good at as we go along in life. I knew Lydia was no good when she used her mother as a plot line. I’m sure she intimidated her mother into going along with Lydia outing her about her weed consumption. It didn’t seem as though it impaired her mother’s raising of her and she puts forth a picture-perfect childhood in which she wanted for nothing not the least of which was her mother’s love and attention.

          Her mother is nowhere near the dotty, ‘fairy-duster’ trope Sister-Christian and her Pray-the-Gay-Away husband tried to sell back then. I knew then Lydia would defy they law of physics by being both shameful and shameless simultaneously.

          • Unfortunately I didn’t have your insight . I was sucked tight into the illusion . That was my first season that I started watching that show and in the midst of all the chaos and the conflict , she seemed to be the most stable one or so I thought at the time ??
            I hope you are having a good day ?

            • I felt so bad for her mother who then had to go on to suffer the indignities and lies inflicted on her by Brianna’s too-quick-to-anger husband, Ryan who literally verbally assaulted her and to this day has not been called to account for it. At the reunion that year, instead of admitting he had gone too far too fast, Brianna lied and said she had to scrub mud and red wine off a white sofa, implying that Ryan had some basis for his attack. I believe Lydia’s mother who said she only drinks white wine and was sitting there sans glass with her shoes off. Are we really expected to believe this woman put her wintery wet shoes on a white couch? Or go with the logic that dictates she did exactly as we heard her say she did, remove her shoes before she put her feet up. Especially since we heard the entire audio exchange as both were mic’d even if the camera didn’t capture the image the audio told the whole story. Brianna’s another one who was given a pass she definitely did not deserve by making up lies for inexcusable behavior and then followed that nasty bit of business with disclosing unbelievably private and personal information about her mother that made Vicki look worse than she normally does. And THAT is no easy feat. I think Brianna is a terrible person and it accounts for why she spent a couple of years in Oklahoma as an army wife and wasn’t able to make even one friend. She was surrounded by ‘regular’ people.

              Hope this finds you and yours well also.

              • Yes that incident with Ryan was appalling. I never looked at him the same again .and luckily he’s now hardly on the show anymore . I kept thinking if that’s how he is with cameras on, how is he when no one is watching ? And Brianna is atrocious but then look at who her mother is ????. I think Brianna has been ‘secretly’ auditioning for that full time HW spot for years , even at the expense of her own mother. The apple sure didn’t fall far from this rotten tree ?

                Brianna spent almost all of her scenes in Oklahoma bashing the state . How tacky is that ? And as you said , of course she made no friends.
                I hope Brianna doesn’t make it to the reunion. I’d rather see Ricky or Peggy’s brother as the guests . We have seen and heard enough from the swine family ???

                • Ryan has acknowledged having PTSD and getting treatment for it. He’s been to war at least three times. I give him a pass on that whole scene. I think his PTSD is an ongoing thing. I cut anyone who served in the military some slack.

                  • I absolutely cut him some slack for his PTSD . Having said that , he should be avoiding stressful situations like filming for HW until he is doing better. PTSD is not a joke and all those around him should make sure he’s well taken care of and kept away from negative stimuli

                    • We didn’t really see much of him after that, so maybe that’s what they did. With their house on the market, maybe they are leaving the OC. I don’t think he likes it there or fits in.

                  • These shows are extremely stressful to film. So imagine when you’re dealing with something like PTSD or an addiction like Kim , etc . It’s simply not the best environment to be in .

    • Teefs McGee is the classic rich Christian girl who thinks just because she’s “Christian”, she’s nice, when in fact, it’s just the opposite. She’s judgmental and mean.

  • Team Lydia on this one! Lydia told Princess Heather she wasn’t going to be on the cover – so what did Heather do – she pulled out of being interviewed completely! I’m okay with Lydia’s decision. “OK Princess” – best line ever!! LOL!

  • Lydiot the lying idiot!

    Heather is in a class of very few celebs (A list and lower) – very few buy and build their own homes…most will buy “move in ready” ..then personalize.

    Lydiot lies – LVP was on the cover of her clearly Lydiot lies! shocker

        • HAHAHA…. “I don’t understand English” – was an ENGLISH major at UCLA. She must have attended only the first day and then quit.

          • LMBO!!!! She is too much for me. The I don’t understand “what’s CheechandChong” act throws me over the edge. Why do people come on these shows with an “act”? This isn’t vaudeville, it’s reality TV!

            • “CheechandChong sounds Chinese”. I call BS on this “act”, too. Peggy came here as a toddler. Her husband was much older when he came here. They’ve been married for over 20 years!!! It’s quite likely that he has used the common American vernacular throughout their time together. Why does he still know the idiomatic expressions and Pop culture & she doesn’t?

              • Bingo!! It’s completely unbelievable. If he gets it, why doesn’t she? She’s not a shut it, she’s been in the world, is in the world. How does one not know about any of these sayings? I couldn’t understand a few here and there but every single one, no way, Especially having kids. Kids bring all sorts of sayings into the household and she would have picked up on a few interacting with her children alone.

    • Sorry Sam, but at the time Heather brought this up (about LVP), and Lydia gave her response, LVP was actually contributing editor or something for the old magazine, and that’s why she graced the cover.

      • hi Vita40

        you are right, that is why I changed my response – it was Peggy (rhoc) that she did put on cover. Lydia needs to either have a memory or be honest.

        • I’m thinking Peggy and Diko are on the cover because they sell luxury cars and they are kind of the target audience of her magazine.

          • I agree..would have been better if it was just Diko..he is slightly less of a douche than peggy. So far this couple is the first couple pic..the rest are just the dudes.