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Lisa Vanderpump Mourns Sudden Passing Of One Of Her Dogs

Lisa Vanderpump’s beloved pooch Pink Dog has passed away.

Pink Dog was Lisa and Ken’s 5-year-old Pomeranian, who was best known for his light pink fur.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star publicly mourned the loss of Pink Dog on social media.

“Rest in peace Pink Dog, we are devastated to see you go so suddenly,” Lisa wrote on Instagram. “You were such a happy pink dog, and we will miss you dreadfully, we love you.”

On Twitter, LVP got more candid about what caused Pink Dog’s sudden passing.

“Pink dog died suddenly yesterday afternoon, ken gave her CPR all the way to vet, but it was too late. Very very sad at this moment,” the heartbroken Housewife tweeted.

Our hearts are breaking for Lisa and Ken. We all know how beloved the Vanderpump pooches are. The AATRH Team sends our condolences to LVP and Ken. Hopefully, Pink Dog is living the life in doggy heaven.

Are you surprised Pink Dog passed away so suddenly?

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  • She should also mourn Ken losing his sanity. He is getting too old for this show. At least he can still give dogs CPR

  • I don’t remember Pink Dog. Still, any one of LVP’s dogs is prized by her and will be sorely missed by her family.

    • LOL, I was about to say the same thing. Do you know how many dogs LVP has?

      Guten Tag, wieder. Nicht sicher, ob du meine Nachricht erhalten hast. Entschuldigung, überflüssig zu sein.

    • People and their pets. When you love a pet, it’s an important part of your life, you love it and accept it into your family as one of your own and therefor mourn it as one of your own, not that strange.

  • when you have a “pet” they really do become part of your family – they get loved/pampered and tended to whenever necessary. Such a sad experience.

    Condolences Lisa and Ken.

  • Aww, that’s sad news. 🙁 I had a little Yorkie that died unexpectedly and that is a real kick to the heart. Thoughts and love to Lisa and ken.

    • Hey Rain- as you know I am not a pump fan- but I feel sorry for her & Ken losing their doggy- it breaks our hearts — they are like children- is that your kitty in the pic ??How was your son’s and them Damn hussy girlfriends (I KID)- visit–??

      • Dindi ?????? How are you sweetheart? ??. Good news I hope ??? It’s sad to lose your fur baby , I actually had a Pomeranian and she left us 6 months after her fur brother passed . So now we have a cat and yes that’s her ????. I’ve never had s cat before but she’s lovely and very doggie like in that she follows me everywhere.
        LOL, the visit went well and dem girls were cute . You get to a point where you realize you’ve lost your boys to other women . It’s part of life but doesn’t mean I’ll be graceful about it ???