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Is Real Housewives of Miami Returning To Bravo?!?!?

Miami, South Beach, bringing the heat…

Bravo’s favorite canceled franchise may be returning to our TV’s very soon.

The Real Housewives of Miami was one of those franchises that got canceled and disappeared from the reality TV world without any explanation.

However, La Late reports that RHOM may be returning to Bravo in late 2018 or early 2019 with a twist.

According to sources, RHOM won’t be filmed in Miami but instead in a South Flordia town somewhere close.

And while Bravo isn’t opposed to having a few of the original Miami Housewives pop-in they are looking for an all-new cast with different storylines.

Other ideas from production are to “spin” the new show off RHONY with a Palm Beach connection to Luann de Lesseps or introduce it through Kyle Richards connection to Boca Raton.

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen has continued to hint that no one should close the door on RHOM.

“Who knows?” Andy admits. “Never say never. I mean, right now it’s kind of dead in the water, but who knows?”

Stay glued to AATRH for more on this developing story!

I never watched RHOM, so I honestly have no opinion. I always hear fans gush over RHOM so I’d love to see Bravo give it another go. I think it’s smart that Bravo wants to revamp the show and perhaps even move the franchise to another city.

All I do know is I want to listen to Will Smith’s Miami right about now. Anyone else?

Are you excited that Bravo might revive RHOM? Should Bravo move RHOM franchise to another Flordia city?

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  • Is that why Joanna keeps paying the Daily Mail to take pictures of her and write about her? The comments always call her out.

  • I wonder if it is because Lea Black is having a good reception on Flipping Out and the Versailles woman is possibly going to work with Jeff. She’s not in Miami but close to and in South Florida. kinda makes sense. If anything it’s gonna spin off from the next season of Flipping Out and will probably air back to back since Jeff will have to spend a lot of time in South Florida.

    The show will still prolly be Miami but palm beach is not really that far. If they had Lea, Marisol, Mama Elsa, Joanna and Adrianna return for the original (and gosh I wish for Karent- Lady Gaga’s face HW) then with cameos from Jeff Lewis, Lu and Kyle(bc her store is there) plus the Lady of Versailles, I could see it working. I think that’s why there’s a date of late 2018/early 2019 because it would be after Jeff Lewis works with that Versailles woman, but i think it would be more In line with Flipping Out and premiere in the summer

  • I enjoyed RHOM and would love to see it back, but why tease us now for something that may or may not happen in 2 YEARS??? Ridiculous! If that Palm Beach show “stars” LuMann, then I VOTE NO!! I can only deal with little bits of her on RHONY, but anymore of her is unwarranted and unwanted by me. Just do some recasting on NY…like get rid of Moaner and LuMann, Sonja. Do not bring back that woman with the one leg, forgot her name!!

    • Yes! Loved RHOV. The reason it got such low ratings (and canceled) for the second season is bc they got rid of 2 original cast members and messed with the winning formula. It would be nice if they brought the original cast back for a re-boot!

      • Ruby, I would love to see what jodi and ronnie have been up to! Such drama with those two…makes for good tv villians.

  • Miami is beautiful and has a great social scene. I enjoyed that part of the show and if it comes back, hopefully they’ll feature ladies that are really involved in society.

      • Brandi apparently seems happy with her millionaire boyfriend ?. But I’m sure the HW bug is still in her and would love to come back

        • Are you kidding me? Brandi has been panting to get back on a show since they let her go! That’s why she’s shoved in our faces all the time. Her publicist works hard to have her face in the papers, no matter the reason. Even this site, long after she stopped being a HW, continues to shove her in our faces in the most innane articles. IMO.. (now the last times I’ve complained about Brandi articles, I got cut off, or rather had enormous problems on this site, so if you don’t see me on here, like normal…) ????

  • So in 2 years we’re supposed to still care about this? The only one I wouldn’t mind seeing back on tv is Lea Black.

  • I’ll bet all those “sources” are former castmates of the failed franchise. I never cared for the show the first time it was canceled or when they brought it back, so I doubt I’d bother watching it for a third time.

  • Minus the first season which was awful, I really liked RHOM. I was disappointed that it didn’t get another season.

  • They need to bring back RHOM!!! I loved the drama between Karent and Adrianna, Ho’anna (Joanna Kruppa) fighting with almost the entire cast and of course Mama Elsa. Season 2 of Miami has to be one of my favorite seasons of any housewives show.

    • Is Mama Elsa even still alive? I thought she passed. I’ve forgotten most of their names, especially the one that lied so much!! Something about marriage, living on a boat and a bunch of other scandalous affairs.

      • I’m pretty sure Mama Elsa is still alive. Marysol is always on the loop with all the housewife franchises and they always talk about Mama Elsa when shes around, so I’m thinking shes still alive. And the housewife you are referring to I think is Adrianna lol, most of them were a hot mess (loved it tho).