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Who Wore It Better? Kandi Burruss vs. Tamra Judge

It’s a fashion face-off between an East Coast Housewife and a West Coast Housewife!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge recently rocked a white House of CB London dress on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen while debuting her new shorter hair-do.

Then days later Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss rocked the very same white House of CB London dress at a party to celebrate her Essence magazine cover.

Check out the Tamra and Kandi’s looks below!

I think both ladies look fabulous!

Who do you think looks better?! Do they both look bad?

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  • I must admit Tamra hgas a Rockin body i personally don’t love yhe dress it niice but yeah def Tamara wore it better sorry Kandi????

  • Somehow Kandi looks a little classier in the dress than Tamrot. Maybe the reason is attitude. Tamrot is trying so hard…desperate. js

    • Good catch FUCHESS! Thought the same thing. I find it neither attractive nor appealing. That said, I’m not trying to be Mr. Blackwell, gauging their clothing tastes. I wouldn’t want any woman in my life wearing it because, some fool will broach them wearing it. I think they have the right to wear whatever they wish. Unfortunately, a lot of us men thinks a woman “asks” for their attention by how she’s dressed. So not true! She can save herself grief by a simple mirror check. INTELLIGENCE is sexy, not necessarily a tight fitting dress.

      • Yes! Q, you say it so true and oh so eloquently! It is a nasty dress, one I’d have never worn in my best days…certainly not at 50. Yes, I realize age lines are beginning to blur with women taking better and better care of themselves, plus all the “extras”, but it’s still 50, and a grandma…js

        • Preach it! My mantra since my 20’s has been class, not a$$ is sexiest! Leave something to imagine. However, it seems we have degraded ourselves for no known reason. I’m no prude and certainly don’t feel the need to defend my preferences. I always think about who’s watching/reading me. I have been blessed to be father to three handsome, classy men. There are characteristics I emulate that are total contradictions to how poorly the men of my youth treated women. I’ve taught them about emotional vampires and the havoc they can wreak. Then I remind them that my worst emotional vampire I sought was ME! If I can see me, I can learn the impact of my behavior and practice restraint and avoidance. It has kept me enjoying my wife for nearly 4 decades. My point is, we don’t need to objectify a woman but to respect and admire WHO they are, not what. Dang it……that darned soapbox got me again. Love you guys…..yes, you, Michers! Lol


          • Sigh ?, Q… I think I’m falling for you! Ah, if only all men thought and felt the way you do!

            Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank… ?????

            • Awwww……..shame on the man that doesn’t see your beauty or is threatened by all you are that reminds him of who he’s not!! My dear, you are all that, fuh rill! I’m just a humble brotha realizing my blessings…….and standing my ground for my beliefs. I know that the brotha who finally EARNS your trust will get the greatest love his life will have ever seen. Your beauty lies in your lyricism; your passion for truth will be a game changer in some lucky person’s life; the only place you will settle is in court! Right here, right now I exalt you! Thank you for blessing my life! You are definitely appreciated. Have that beautiful weekend that awaits you. Like I will always say…….much love and respect to ya


              • No worries Q, it took a lot of frogs, but I found my Prince who loves and adores me! ??, Being somewhat disabled as well (spinal stenosis), he takes such good care of me, its embarrassing. No, im a vrry lucky woman, as is your wife, and family.

                Thanks, Q. Much love to ya ???????

                • I know lady. Frogs don’t matter. I’d bet every one of ’em would come back if you’d let them. However….YOUR Prince is in now! I loves me some FUCHESS who represents all I hold dear in a woman! Will tell you, my queen truly exemplifies God’s love of me and I’m grateful. I had a few frogs…hey, that’s what keeps us from jumping, lol. I wish I possessed your lyrical genius to express my gratitude for you. I simply don’t have the words, so love will just have to suffice…….enjoy

  • I saw a picture of Tamra in this dress and couldn’t help but wonder where in the world these women buy their clothes. That dress, like so many others worn by so many housewives, is a mess. That being said, between those two photos, Kandi looks better because of her great makeup and hair. Tamra has that great body she worked so hard to get and she can do much better.

  • I can’t believe I’m even saying this because I can no longer stomach this fake cry baby but Tamra hands down wore it best and finally a housewife besides Vicki with an appropriate haircut for her age. With that said she will have extensions back in before we know it and as far as that dress in general I’m not a fan, It was driving me nuts the way the straps kept hanging on Tamra on WWHL. Anyway, I never did understand why Kandi insists on wearing clothes that are 5 sizes to small for her build, just not a good look girl, you need to dress for your size and you would still look good.

  • The both look stupid, the dress is hideous unless you like to look like a big jacked up maxi pad/tampon, but……Tamra wins hands down in the hair category. She needs to lose those dumb extensions she wears on the show, this look is perfect for her, she looks much younger.

  • I think they have different body types and they both looked great in it! Also love Tamras hair, it’s a nice change.

  • I remember seeing Tamra and thinking she looks really good! Kandi wears it great too. That is one smoking hot dress!

  • That dress, from the front close up is not flattering at all. Wow, those lines exaggerate all the lumps you want to hide. From the side, its better; so I have to go with Tamara. This dress IMO should be retired to the “what not to wear” closet, lol.

  • The dress is atrocious no matter who’s wearing it . It’ younger woman’ s dress . Having said that, kandi wore it better

    But wow ! Tamra’s new hair and her makeup looks stunning . Her makeup didnt t look so dark on WWHL like it does in the above pic