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Is Tinsley Mortimer’s Boyfriend Buying Her Way Onto Season 10 of RHONY?

Tinsley Mortimer https://www.instagram.com/p/BXv5mK_BYvo/?hl=en&taken-by=tinsleymortimer Credit: Tinsley Mortimer

It looks like Tinsley Mortimer may be public enemy number one within the Real Housewives of New York cast.

According to Page Six, Tinsley’s RHONY co-stars are bitching that a series of ads bought by Tinsley’s super wealthy boyfriend, Scott Kluth, have helped her get ahead on the show.

However, Bravo claims the rumors are nonsense and say the CouponCabin.com ads have nothing to do with Tinsley staying on the show for season 10.

“Totally inaccurate in every way,” a Bravo rep claims.

The drama started when Tinsley was brought back for a second season. Tinsley’s RHONY co-stars felt that  Tinsley was only brought back because Scott had bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ads to air during RHONY.

In fact, one of the ads featuring Tinsley and her RHONY co-star Carole Radziwill already aired during season 9 of the show.

Despite the claims sources close to Tinsley say she was never on the chopping block for season 10; insisting that Tinsley’s been a hit with fans and the press.

I never put two and two together and kept wondering why Tinsley and Carole were in this commercial that was airing during RHONY. Now I get it. I’m surprised Tinsley is back for another season because she brought nothing last season at all. I wouldn’t be shocked if Scott buying ads on Bravo had something to do with Tinsley coming back.

Thoughts on this rumor? Do you think the RHONY cast is pissed at Tinsley? Did Scott’s ads featuring Tinsley help her get ahead? Are you surprised Tinsley is coming back for season 10? Do you think Tinsley was a hit with fans?

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  • I think he’s in love and supporting his gf on her show with their friend that introduced them. His company has been mentioned many times on the popular show so why not advertise on It? I think Tinz was coming back anyway and it had nothing to do with the commercials. Fodder, that’s all this is, plus, seems like I’ve read this same story before..maybe Page Six?

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    I am taking this non action as a “flag” of surrender from Roxy and the staff. apparently this one person creating $$$ is more valuable to them…why shoot the cash cow right?

    10 days this filth spread it’s virus (possible virus) throughout the site, and we the posters are the only ones doing everything we can about it

    • 2nd time I’ve seen this Samael. Are you and the others going to stop posting? I haven’t seen the others here yet, but it’s early, lol ?

    • Many many many more individual posters used to visit this site before you and your cronies decided to swarm any comment they made that disagreed with the group think mentality here. Not good for business at all I guess you don’t like the reverse situatiuation. So sad. That’s what slowly killed this website.What you want is a Giudice fan club, so start one!

  • This is ridiculous to me. Tinsley was on the show before she met the boyfriend and I don’t think she was on the chopping block. She had a fairly good year, as far as first years go, so of course they were going to give her a second season.

  • I could take or leave her. Her screeching alway made my ears bleed but I’m guessing this a another non-story plant from good ol’ Sonja trying to take Tins down a notch because she was getting positive press. I’d put money on it.

  • I rather someone with an actual business use the show to promote it than all these dumb housewives pretending they’re starting a ‘business’ on the show. Vicki’s vodka, lydia’s ‘Magazine’, Sonja ‘s toaster oven, etc.

  • O/T Just read in the New York Post that Lu is going to pour her heart into her music and write a book. LOL! Thanks for laugh Lu! hahaha!!!

  • Don’t care for her and her juvenile tendencies , I’m sure she sees him as a cash register so …until I see something different that’s my answer .

    • I think she has more money than he does. Isn’t she worth $30 million from family money? Anyway I agree she is a bit juvenile – doesn’t need to work – so she sees this as something fun to do, keep her busy, keep her from getting bored.

      • IDK if any of that is her’s; think family’s . I don’t remember if I told you but she was on Dr Phil with her mommy lol , for spoiled trust fund socialite crap/ meddling mom .. At the age of 35. I can’t even .

    • There you are! Really? I think she does like him. I think Carole would have read her if she thought Tinz was running a game on him. She does need to lose that persona she was rock in and grow up…but, maybe the boyfriend likes it that way, ya feel me? ???????

  • Get it, girrrl! ?

    I like Tinsley – even though she dresses like a toddler circa Gossip Girl’s first season who desperately needs to tone her hair and stock up on purple shampoos – she’s kind of endearing and lively (if a bit fragile for reality TV) and I’m willing to see another season with her.

    I guess I was expecting a thirsty, conniving c**t willing to do anything to climb her way back to the top, but she’s just not that girl. I’d take Carole’s advice for a makeover, however. A fresh start. We already have one bitch who lives in the past (Sonja, love you).

    • Tinsley needs to forget the past and marry this Scott guy and raise a family or she will have a miserable life for the rest of her life and never meet a decent guy again. Bethenny at every chance tries to promote her brand at no cost to her. And. That old hag Dorinda promotes John’s Cleaning Company every chance she gets. I like Tinsley but she needs to grow up and act her age. Most women her age are happily married with two children. Tinsley you are missing something

  • This was my first season watching RHoNY. I’ve watched an episode here and there and read the blogs and recaps (I miss recaps), enough to follow along and know all the players. I really liked Tinsley. Her naivete’ was a nice contrast to Bethenny’s bitchiness.

    Why would anyone think Scott is buying Tinsley’s return? I think it’s a smooth marketing move for CouponCabin. His girlfriend is on the show, why not capitalize on it? He isn’t buying “her spot”, he’s turning fans of the show into customers. I would fire my marketing team if they didn’t take advantage of this. Hey, when opportunity knocks answer the damn door!

    • Ya know, WHY DON’T THEY DO RECAPS ANYMORE??? Do you think they’d rather break it up into tiny pieces they can use for the blog?

      • I’m not sure what happened to RECAPS but I wish they’d bring them back. I looked forward to them. Some of the best discussions were had on recaps. I’d much rather read a recap than a story dedicated to a lush’s worthless daughter’s Instagram post!

        • I agree wholeheartedly! Instead of the RECAPS, often stories are copied from other sites and asking silly questions on non issues or reports on past or hated individuals that are long gone from the shows. Still, at times they still do have some great articles that spark great conversations that we all love, like you mention. I know we’re not the only ones that miss the RECAPS because I’ve seen it addressed before.

  • I didn’t really like her at first, but she grew on me towards the end and really came into her own. i’m excited for her to come back

  • I like Tinsley. I think she added some freshness to the show and she made me laugh. I’m glad she’s returning. She’s not as cynical and jaded as the others, yet, lol. As for “buying” her way on, so what if he has? These ladies agree to show certain things to create a buzz, they use the show to promote themselves and businesses; why not use their businesses to promote the show and themselves?

  • Tinsley brought nothing to the show when she was basically Sonja’s storyline for the majority of the season. If not for Tinsley last season Sonja would be pointless… if you ask me the person who really needs to be looked it is Luann say what you want but I believe she knew this was going to be a short lived marriage as the signs where there from the beginning but she milked it into 2 more definite seasons on the show and a one on one special thus far if they give her her own show as being reported that will be the real sign because Luann by herslef is not interesting at all. Quite frankly Sonja’s time on the show may have expired and unless they bring back Jill so has Romana’s they can find someone else to bring the comedic relief Sonja provides and the irrational non sense that Romana gives. I’d add Luann to that list but due to her recent situation it makes for some interest in seeing what her next steps may be and if she finds herself with Jacque or someone else.