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RHOA Season 10 Trailer and Premiere Date!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back – and OG’s NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann are ready to stir up the drama once again!

Bravo gave fans a sneak peek at season 10 of RHOA, and the thirst is real!

From the looks of season 10 is full of drama, shade, and more than one shocking moment!

Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta returns Sunday, November 5th at 8 pm. Shady Sundays will be back in full force!

Check out the season 10 trailer below!

Season 10 looks amazing! I cannot wait for RHOA to come back. I think bringing NeNe and Kim back was the best thing Bravo ever did. Oh the shade, oh the drama.

Thoughts on the season 10 trailer? Are you excited for RHOA to return? Do you think season 10 will be full of drama? Did Bravo make the right decision bringing back NeNe and Kim?

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  • Can’t wait!! But Kim looks out of place. They shouldn’t have brought her back. Then again, if you’re going to bring a former cast-mate back this is how you do it not like RHOC where they bring back someone unforgettable * cough * Lydia * cough*

    Can’t wait for Nene to put Porsha in her place!!!

  • Same people saying the same things . Lame . If your avatar is a cat , what does that say about you lol? Boring old women and pathetic lonely guys attacking posters

      • Told you that I’m giving up your precious avatar . I have my sights on a cat now. Yours has served its purpose

        • Another lie, you still have the avatar. Listen shit for brains, all you have to do is go to your settings and click off the avatar you STOLE. Moron.

          • yup shit for brains

            stop when the q-tip resits
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            shit for brains…done!

  • Ok . Meant to do this earlier :
    Is She by Sheree with Apollo lol?
    Keyonce please . He’s a fan, not your man !
    Nene – heart you but you are coming up in the kool aid without knowing the flavor honey !

    Kandi – still annoying ….
    Cynthia – EW – still letting stage 5 Clinger hang around so , no progress on your end .
    Porsha/ why is everyone still ganging up on this girl ? Let her LIVE bitches lol

    • Very funny ???. This whole thing with Peter is bogus . He’s there for exposure for his new spin off show . I think they’ve both moved on from each other . Bravo put them up to this IMO

      Well Porscha is looking for a new Frack ???the body’s not cold yet !! Too soon ??

      • I know – I’m surprised but I wouldn’t be if Phaedra really screwed her over and left her to the wolves . In that case , she’s allowed a new Frack

    • hey mich

      that POS has been posting crap against Rain – and now this – the latest! (posted on the Vicki/Ricky story)
      Rain I like your avatar , can I have it
      7:43 p.m., Wednesday Sept. 20 | Other comments by Samuels

      Reply to Samuels

    • I can’t believe she’s even thinking about lettin him back in!! Sheree and a convict? Lord, surely not Apollno!! NeRex, still blonde…with a ratty tail?

  • These bitches best bring it, I’ve been having RHONY withdrawals. ?

    Welcome back, Nene! Looking forward to the destruction of Porsha, do not disappoint me.

  • OMG, that looks so Good! I hate waiting until Nov! But…WTF is up with Here’s hair? Let the blonde go NeRex! You’re a grown ass woman, a big, brown ass, grown woman who needs to let those blinding blonde faux hair GO! You could rock just about any other color, plus their badly styled wigs! Sigh… she ain’t ready.

      • I mean, really? Why won’t her people tell her? It’s ridiculous, but says oh so much about her! NeRex, Black is Beautiful!

          • Right, Lea!!! She should also have a good stylist too. She dresses horribly and combined with the awful wigs she always looks either ghetto, or frumpy! She never looks together and like a boss. For all her talk, she should be backing it up with a dynamite wardrobe, but she doesn’t. WAH WAH…

            • She was in a show (briefly ) with Ellen Barkin (smurf) and since then she has played with the blonde hair- sorry I can be confusing at times LOL

                • The New Normal in 2012- it didn’t make it– I just googled it- sorry I should have before I said anything– right after she had the blonde dooo LOL

                  • Oh, I remember that show she was on! Yeah, Blondie that her shat didn’t stink when she got that gig. I think it was thought she’d be the next “star”… NOT! LOL!!

                    • I don’t think it made but 1 season, I also think she thought she hit the big times with Ellen Barkin ( she is mega rich from a divorce)- I think Ellen had no intentions of letting Nene ride her coat tails–

                    • Was Ellen B arkin on The New Normal with NeRex??? I don’t remember that, or what other program were they on together? I don’t think NeRex was ever with any heavy hitters… She had a small window of opportunity when on The New Normal which led her to a brief stint on Broadway but nothing after that. With her looks and the persona she chose, I think she pigeonholed herself in the types of roles she’d be up for, and they’re few and far between. Her time has come and gone. She blew her chance…she just wasn’t ready… So, all she has now is RHOA, which is why she’s back and look for her to be very NeRex… holding on to that persona for dear life. Shes back home now and won’t be going anywhere , anytime soon. Personally, I’m over her, been there, done that. What do you think Dindisue? Xoxo ???

                    • Pretty sure she was- I gotta google – I am also over the ” I am a Rich Biatch”-I never really got her fame/LOL

  • Not sure why – but there is a poster here that is name changing – posting as if it is posting as one of far the names used:


    I’ve seen this gagaperry post with almost everyone..unfortunately name changing is it’s for your names suddenly showing up and your account pictures..that is what this gagaperry has been doing throughout this site

  • I’ve been waiting for somebody to BLAST Porscha and I’ll only watch that episode when Nene swipes her. Won’t watch the rest . Kim ? ???? . Sheree is pulling a Pheadra and throwing puss to jailbirds . ??? sorry !
    That cast pic looks aweful ! Nene is wearing her bed sheet ! Blonde doesn’t work for Sheree and that dress is atrocious . Porscha keeps wearing the same dress over and over .
    Cynthia is gorgeous as usual and kandi’s rack is on fleek .

    • OT Sammy – Disqus is giving me fits today. It hates me. I left you a message on the Melissa threat under September.

    • She’s not thinking of going back to him, is she? Gawd, I hope not. Sheree dating a jailbird? Say it ain’t so, please!

      • One of the reasons I have zero patience for Cynthia..she still hasn’t purchased her spine or self respect on ebay yet!
        Sheree, when I watched that – I thought, did her ex go to jail – based on his “confession” on National TV – joking about beating her and saying he wishes he did worse?

        • Yes, Cynthia pisses me off behind him. I see nothing in him and really wonder why she can’t let go (Still can’t believe Bravo is giving him a show ! ?) when she bought her dream house I was so proud of her. He will only bring her down and cost her to lose even more money on his raggedy ass. I was in an abusive relationship for years and understand how hard it is to let go and finally stand up for yourself and finally move on. But, I was young, and no one talked about it then and I got very little support, if any. But I did it. Sheree is a grown ass mother, with her son watching, and her life is on display (on display ?), and she can see deviance on play back, hear what everyone is saying about her, and she still stays, still contemplates, still capitulates? I’m done. smh…js

          • Hi FUCHESS…….every time I hear/read stories of what you describe above, I want to adopt all my sistas and be that ass-whipping big brother that restores safety and esteem to the ones hurt because they chose to love someone who first didn’t love themselves, or, if they did they came from a place of severe narcissism that left scars. Lastly, I don’t see this in Cynthia. I know we get “shells” from these shows with little veracity, but tons of drama. Cynthia is the co-author of her own misery. She has always been in the subservient, “victim” role in the relationships we’ve been allowed to observe……her “friendship contract” with Ne-Rex that had caveats and she was victimized; business relationships that were just, dry! Smurf is a no-nonsense, raw, straight shooter that calls a thing a thing…..even Leon said Cynthia Has relationship issues. Maybe she needs a life coach instead of a storyline. She can walk a runway but can’t walk her talk. The capitulation is her hallmark. Ne-Rex thrashed and betrayed her, yet she was trying to get that relationship back. Maybe, in all that’s been granted her, Cynthia doesn’t know her worth and feels she has to be everyone but self in order to get love. I don’t know. But, I will say this……..if you EVER encounter a person so bold as to threaten to abuse you, put a (baseball)bat signal in the sky and know that I won’t hesitate to help them expedite to see Jesus. I’ve brothers-in-law and abusers of friends who will tell you, I’m Homie without the sock! Saw my stepfather do that to my mom once (and only once)….went in on him like a dog on a meat truck. Real men don’t abuse women neither verbally nor physically and they sure as hell don’t “joke” about it.

            • Sigh… Oh Q! What a good man you are, and so astute! I, as usual, agree with everything you’ve said. I commend you for standing up for the women in your life, while my own brother failed me. But, I grew up, and became wiser and stronger, and finally secure in my worth, which I wished Cynthia realized. As a woman, I just don’t see what she sees in him. He is unappealing to me in every facet of his existence. I hope she doesn’t learn the hard way. Her friendship with NeRex was a joke.

              Always good seeing you!

              • FUCHESS my dear…..know this…if ever needed, this brotha of yours won’t fail you. I’m serious. You have found your worth… proud of you. The only place to settle is in court!. Cynthia just needs to identify WHO rather than WHAT she is. I’m grateful, Lord knows, for my wife. I’m more blessed than I can verbalize or publish. I know that I’m far better with her (38 years as evidence) than without. I may learn from Ms. Cynthia this season. We will see……….