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Caroline Manzo Opens Up About Her Weight Struggle

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is getting candid about her struggle with her weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

In a post on Instagram, Caroline opened up about her weight struggle; telling fans that she’s dead set on re-losing the 30 pounds she gained back over the last year.

“What you put in your body counts. Exactly One year ago today I was down 30+ pounds by exercising and eating healthy foods that were compatible to my body makeup,” Caroline wrote. “That meant no pork, no beef, no sugar, no dairy, no bread or rice. It sounds awful, but I never felt better or had more energy. Fast forward to January where I unceremoniously fell off the wagon, and just like that the pounds are back. Well, here we go again. I refuse to let poor eating habits take my energy and confidence away. Back on the wagon, we go three pounds down. Wish me luck.”

Back in 2016, Caroline opened up to The Daily Dish about her commitment to her health following a health scare and a foot injury.

“I have to lose the weight that I put on because I’m only 5’1? and I was 154 pounds. That’s 40 pounds overweight. That, number one, because it affects everything, your blood pressure, your sugar, things like that. I just felt awful. I just felt terrible,” Caroline explained last fall. “So now that I’m back on my feet, I have to lose the weight that I gained.”

Good for Caroline! I’m happy that she’s recommitting to her health and wish her nothing but success.

Are you surprised Caroline regained the 30 pounds she lost? Do you think Caroline can stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle?

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  • Betty

    She’s had a lap band, probably doesn’t exercise and eats too many carbs or too much sugar. This is gonna happen especially at 5’1″

  • Marc

    Fatass bitch can go on as many diets as she wants, as many lapbands as she wants- her hate filled heart or lack thereof will always keep her weight on…right Jill? BTW- saw Lauren- she is fat again too- And Vito- OMG, Fat Al has his to buy all three new labands.

  • shonnette1986

    So tired of these loser Manzoids


    Perhaps she should get another Tummy Tuck! ? CaroWhine is full of it through and through but best of luck to her on her 10th Fitness Journey to good health.

    • michers

      Your avi … LOL


    Carowhine who?

  • September24

    I wonder how much Jill weighs? LOL!

    • luvs2ride


    • michers

      Naughty . I love it .

    • glimmer88

      Oooooooh you are bad but I love it. LOL.

      I’m sure it’s LESS than Don Caro.

  • Khipp

    Nice picture of Mrs. Potato Head.

  • samael

    Carol ..Carol..Carol…the second I got this instagram…I thought..well this won’t go good! ???

  • September24

    Hey Caro, there’s a cookbook that can help you. It’s called Skinny Italian. LOL!

  • lavender

    no one cares about caroline why do you keep updating on her

    • September24

      LOL! That is exactly what I was thinking!

      • FUCHESS

        Me too!

      • luvs2ride

        Yeah, but it’s good for shits and giggles, no?