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Kyle Richards Shares What It’s Like to Bond with Kim Richards “In Her Element”

It’s no secret that Kim Richards has struggled with sobriety over the years, but now Kim is on top of her sobriety and is living her best life ever.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star credits her work with horses at the Skydog Ranch as one of the things that “keeps me grounded and keeps me at peace and it’s healthy for me.”

So, it’s not surprising that Kim’s sister Kyle Richards would want to see the place that is helping her sister stay sober and healthy.

On Instagram, Kyle shared her visit to the Skydog Ranch and gushed over how incredible it was.

“Fun visiting my sister @kimrichards11 in her element at the @skydogsanctuary incredible place that rescues/rehabilitates horses,” Kyle captioned a photo of her and Kim.

However, Kyle isn’t the only family member of Kim’s to visit the ranch. In fact, Kim bonded with her kids and grandson at the ranch as well.

I’ve never seen Kim look happier or healthier! Congrats to Kim! Whatever Kim is doing is working for her.

How do you think Kim looks? Is it nice to see Kyle supporting Kim? Do you think Kim has finally found something that makes her happy?

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  • Way to go Kim, I’m sooo Proud of you now you’ve Got your life ahead of you and you have such a Beautiful family their all Behind you and your sobriety, take it one Day at a time and Don’t sweat the small stuff… God Bless you and your sweet family

  • Hood, but stay right there! Bravo: do let them fool you into thinking DimKim is well enough to come back to RHs!! NO DIMKIM ON RHOBH! NO, NO, NO, NO!!!

  • These two have become more than boring as has Kim’s supposed sobriety/non-sobriety. They need to move on to other reality shows and leave RHOBH.

  • O/T Just read that Kay won her appeals lawsuit against Kim after Kingsley the dog attacked Kay. Kim was originally ordered to pay Kay $8,000 and now she has to pay $59,000. And it seems Kim had to surrender Kingsley. She couldn’t control him.

    • Disgusting. What happens when she doesn’t pay the $59k, because she won’t/can’t. I hope the dog went to a good family. Clearly, DimKim couldn’t. Why she even chose him is ridiculous!

  • Kyle is the best RH ???? She looks like a million bucks . It’s great to see she’s supportive of Kim . Kim looks great and seems to be doing well

    • I knew you’d be excited about this article ????Kyle always looks incredible , I’ll give her that .
      Now try and focus back on work ?

      • Kyle alwys takes the cake ??? I think she’s got the perfect life ; the beauty , the home , the kids … all of it . Bravo needs to hire more people like her

  • I’m proud of Kim. I was never a die hard fan but I felt for her when she went off the rails on National T.V. This is the first time I feel she is truly sober.

    It seems to me that the work she is doing with the horses would be considered community service. Even though it’s part of her “sobriety plan”, she is volunteering her time to a worthy cause. Did the judge assign her a specific service to perform? I haven’t followed her case that closely, just what I read here.

    • Hey Marlee!

      last week there was a story about kimR – not completing court ordered community services – putting her in danger of going to jail (btw that would never happen)

      if it is possible to convert the time she is spending in rehab to “community hours worked” – I would be surprised cuz many people would leave rehab the second the “time” is served.

      I am a hardcore fan of KimR – at this moment I am disappointed that KimR is not being responsible for her illegal behavior. I like your question. Maybe someone with legal know how can help us find the answer.

      • Hey Sam,

        Do you remember Deb or maybe it was Deb V.? She was our resident Legal Eagle on all things BH. She even went to Kim’s trials a couple of times. Gosh, that’s been a minute or two ago.

        Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get the answers eventually. Even quicker if Kim doesn’t take of business stat!

        • I sure do remember DebV! going all out for us RH obsessed! Yeah court doc’s and process and proceedure – I know zip failure! ???

      • NO surprise she didn’t fulfill her court appointed requirements of the!! She, as usual, thinks she’s above having to fulfill her obligations, because she’s a STAR, darling! The gall! (dang , major problems posting .

  • KimR needs complete her court ordered community service- as Kim hasn’t bothered since September 2017

    “The attorney confirmed to the outlet that Richards, 52, had done 180 of the 450 hours she was assigned. In March, it was said that the former child actress could face jail time if she failed to complete the service as ordered.”


    less “I’m a star” behavior”

    • DUH! Same ole DimKim. I’m just afraid they’re trying to post pretty pictures of her, hoping to soften fans and getting her back on RHOBH. She’s proved, by her continuing bad behavior, she hasn’t changed. I absolutely, positively, DO NOT WANT THAT WOMAN, DIMKIM ON RHOBH!! Do you hear me Bravo?

      Whew! How ya doing today, my friend?