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Kenya Moore’s Pal Dishes On Her Marriage To Marc Daly; Says “I Know It’s Genuine”

Kenya Moore has kept quiet about her marriage to Marc Daly despite all the rumors and drama surrounding their union.

But thankfully, one of Kenya’s Real Housewives of Atlanta pals is more than willing to spill the details about Marc.

Former RHOA staple Miss Lawrence stopped by the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show on Sunday and gave Andy the scoop on Kenya’s man.

“He’s a nice guy, he’s handsome, he treats her well, and I know it’s genuine,” Miss Lawrence gushed to Andy. “My hope is that it all lasts.”

Kenya opened up about married life at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival in July. While Kenya loves married life and says it’s “the most blissful time” she also admits it’s been “a little scary.”

Adding, “My husband is extremely supportive. He is always encouraging me. He’s my rock. He’s my protector, and honestly, I never thought it would happen to me. You’ve seen me go through so many things on the show where I really felt in my quiet moments that, ‘Is it true what they’re saying? I can’t keep a man; I can’t find someone to really love me for me. Is it ever going to happen?'”

As previously reported, Nene, Kim, and Sheree are set to expose Kenya’s marriage during season 10.

However, Kenya does have a season 10 ally in Kandi Burruss, who like Miss Lawrence believes Kenya and Marc’s marriage is real.

“I think it’s real,” Kandi previously told Hip Hollywood“Why does it matter to anybody else? However her marriage is, it’s her marriage, not ours. They seem to be happy, and I finally had a chance to meet her husband, and he’s super cool. I’m happy for her.”

I think we may all have misjudged Kenya’s marriage but only time will tell if her and Marc’s marriage is real or not.

Do you think Kenya and Marc’s marriage is genuine? Will Kenya and Marc’s marriage last? Why do you think people are so obsessed with Kenya’s love life?

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  • Shelly Jones

    People are so silly and believe every little rumor and lie. Its real….let’s hope is lasts…these days people don’t value marriage like we once did. Let the lady be happy.

  • michers

    Did I hear on the trailer that he was a fan lolololol????? Well , there’s my ” genuine “…


    Lip service… To me, Kandi didnt really confirm the marriage as totally real, just that she met the reputed “husband” and he seemed nice. Ha! Now Ms Lawrence feels the need to co sign and on the dl…”I hope it lasts”??? WTH? LOL!! Naw, I still have major doubts.

    (Man I’m having problems posting!)

  • Qpsilove

    It’s definitely me, but throughout all this and what our, ahem, leader is doing to this country, the authenticity of her marriage rates as negative on my scale of importance. Real or not, I wish them well in all that life has to offer. That said, I wish they would simply leave that television show and do something to improve the already negative imagery of my beautiful black women. We’ve been denigrated enough. Why go deeper down this slope for “entertainment” purposes?


      Aaahhhh Q! Here you go again, ITA!!! Rather than the petty shit that is happening in ATL, we do need to keep our eyes on Washington! Some heavy bs going on right under our noses and behind our backs! Im watching the news with baited (?) breath…smh ?

      Sorry folks for going OT

    • michers

      Hey friend 🙂 !!!!!
      I’m saying – not real and please leave show lol! Have a great week , you and the Mrs

  • justanothermary

    I still don’t believe it.


    Kenya’s Marriage is as genuine as everything else about Kenya…take from that what you will. BLOOP! ?



    • michers

      I second your BLOOP and I’ll add a She by Sheree : ” hell to the naw , to the naw naw nawwww”

  • September24

    It won’t last. She ran to a foreign country to get married. Without telling anyone. And then sold the story.

    • Hanky Panky

      I thought the resort where this allegedly took place said it was not a wedding? I am on the fence over the authenticity, especially with her jaded past with paid for bf’s.

      • justanothermary

        I looked at the “leaked” pictures and then at the ones Kenya released and they are totally different. Kenya’s only showed the backs of a couple of people, they could have been anywhere and on the leaked ones there were no chairs or archway set up, like in Kenya’s. It’s all another one of her falsehoods.

  • Kirby

    I like Kenya and think her marriage is real .

    • Rain

      Oh Kirby , still love you but …… ???

      • Kirby

        I know I know ??? cant fight the feeling though

        • FUCHESS

          You are so damn cute! Keep on keeping on, Kirby! ?

          • Kirby

            You’re making me blush , thank you ????????

            • FUCHESS


              • Kirby


      • FUCHESS

        I know! Poor baby. He can’t help it because he’s in throes (sp) of new LOVE.????????. I still adore him too.

        • Rain

          It’s hard being s Mother ???, bringing your kids from the brink ???

          • FUCHESS

            Chuckles… ?

    • michers

      Well here we are at the land if disagreement lol !!!

      • Kirby

        I know ! With Rain too. Flying solo here ??

        • michers

          It’s ok . I have faith in you !

  • samael

    Mooremouth will have to swallow some ego and admit that this is the dude that she cheated with – while dating/fighting/filming with Matt jordan.

    Excuse me Kandi…waddle two steps back!! when you found out about the marriage – you thought it was fake – as you said in your interview!

  • Rain

    I detest the expression ‘keeping a man ‘. It’s like we are in 1940 . Sigh

    • Kirby

      Mother ??? looking good today ??????

      • Rain

        Thank you dahling ??? . It’s nice to make an effort sometimes ???

        • Kirby

          You’re way too humble ???