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Tamra Judge Reacts to Former Friend Ricky’s Accusations About Eddie; Plus Vicki Gunvalson Defends Ricky Says He Has No Reason To Lie!

During last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge was betrayed by not one but two of her former best friends.

Tamra’s former best friends Vicki Gunvalson and Ricky Santana teamed up with Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi, and Lizzie Rovsek to spread more lies and rumors about her husband Eddie’s sexuality.

However, it was Ricky claims that really took the cake. Ricky, who was Tamra’s best man in her wedding to Eddie, claimed that he once saw Eddie make-out with a man.

Tamra’s OC co-star Meghan King-Edmonds called out Ricky’s “fishy” comments and hinted that Ricky might have ulterior motives.

As expected Tamra responded on Twitter saying,“Right! His attempt last night was confirmation that I did the right thing by getting him out of my life. He’s with the right people now.”

Meanwhile, following last Monday’s episode, Tamra pointed the finger at both Ricky and Vicki in a scathing Instagram post.

“How staged and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen. They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and out a straight man hoping to humiliate him,” Tamra wrote. “Well guess what it didn’t work! It’s not the 1920’s and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Vicki was 100% behind this, and I hope she loses her job just like Phaedra [Parks].”

In her Bravo blog, Vicki defended herself and Ricky; claiming that Ricky has “no reason to lie” and that she has “no desire to hurt” Tamra or Eddie.

“It was fun for me to have Jeana Keough, Lizzie, Gretchen, Slade and Ricky at my party. I met Ricky years ago through Tamra, and as you witnessed in this episode, Ricky was Tamra and Eddie’s best man. We both saw the love Eddie has for Tamra and the love she has for him when they got married, and I have no desire to hurt either one of them. This “rumor” about Eddie has been circling around for years, and personally, I don’t care either way because it doesn’t affect me. As I mentioned last week, I don’t care about his past; I don’t care if he is gay or bisexual or not. I like Eddie; he seems like a great guy and the fact that he and Tamra love each other is all that matters. The question I have is why can’t Tamra handle this topic of conversation like a mature adult?” Vicki wrote.

She continued, “I invited Ricky because Gretchen said he heard about my party and wanted to come. That was it. There was NO ulterior motive, no setup, no preplanning of anything. The party was for me to celebrate turning 55 and I had no desire to even mention Tamra or Eddie’s name because they weren’t there and they weren’t invited. When Ricky revealed that he saw Eddie “making out with another man” I was shocked. Ricky and Eddie had been friends way before Tamra met him and now they are not. I have no idea why they had a falling out, nor do I want to know the details, but they did. Regarding this mess, a rumor is a rumor, and I don’t know why Ricky would say he saw this if it’s not true. Prior to Ricky revealing this, I had no facts surrounding this rumor, but now that Ricky said he saw them…is that another rumor or a fact?”

Thoughts on Tamra and Meghan’s tweets? Do you think there is something fishy about Ricky’s claims? Does Ricky have an ulterior motive? What do you think caused Ricky and Tamra’s falling out? Why do you think Vicki is defending Ricky? Sound off below!

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  • SHUT UP, VICKI! Why Vicki has not been fired is beyond me. Homophobic liar. Vicki so upset at how Brooks was treated when Vicki and he lied about cancer! Vicki bashed Slade, when Brooks was a dead-beat dad. Team Tamara!

    • I am just so over this season, the repeated story lines from last year, the ganging up on each other, the division amongst the group, the stale friendships, just boring TV, I wish Tamara and Vicki could repair their friendship and I wish Shannon could get out of her own way, she needs to step aside, heal her marriage and heal her family, put her other priorities first. I loved watching V & T together in the past, such a great duo. Not the same when they are enemies. Don’t care about the past. They both have made mistakes, neither one of them are perfect. Want to move on. May have to drop this show.

  • Do i believe vicki and co is completely innocent? No…someone there knew ricky wanted to spill some t….that being said….i remember there were rumours gallore online when eddie first showed up on the show…so i dont believe that vicki started it…she just didnt end it either! Imo-truth is prob somewhere in between and if he has made out withsone guys who cares? Easiest way for us to get rid of this as a story line would be for eddie to be like ya when i have a few o make out with guys…and? (Of course only if that were true) And itd be squashed and done and we could have better drama! The viewers dont really care about eddies sexual orientation

  • Vicky is beyond pathetic. She is incredibly insecure and immature. It’s fascinating to watch her rewrite history and expect everyone to go along with it.

  • If it was not a set up then why did Vicki say ” I do not want to hear any of this; Tell me more, tell me more.” If I did not want to hear I would say “look Kelly you told me to make peace, and I do not want to hear any of this.” And I would go visit my other guest,

  • Me thinks the lady doth protest too much… James

    Why does Tamrot freak out so much over this, really? Eddie doesn’t seem to trip too much. If it’s untrue, just laugh and move on. So what, anyway.

    • Hiya FUCHESS ??????! Been hoping to run into you . Guess we’ve been missing each other . Hope all is well my friend

      • This is weird! I’m just now getting a notification on your post…and it was 3 days ago!!!

        This site is having real issues, js

  • WOW , what a crock of s*^t ,total set up planned by Vicki and Gretchen !! I mean seriously , why is she even on the show still !! After lying about Cancer and now this , she needs the boot ASAP !! I will no longer watch as long as she is on .

  • This Ricky’s “motive to lie” is TV timel! Duh. Lizzie and Gretchen are desperate too and will clearly do anything if it means being on tv. I’m over this nasty spreading of this “rumor’. Maybe it’s time for sites to stop giving these creeps any attention.

  • Vicki is trying to keep relevant. She invited a bunch of RHW rejects, Slade, Gretchen, Lizzie and Gina and then brings Ricky into the mix. For being a professional liar, you’d think she would have her acting down better!

  • Eddie has never done anything to any of those pigs at Vicki’s party! He is barely on the show! Why is everyone trying to hurt him? Tamra has never done anything that warrants the hate that she gets!

      • Rain you seem to be one of the few people on here that aren’t horrible, mean, and rude! I say nothing to anyone directly and suddenly I am being attacked, bullied and lied about for no reason! Is this how it always is on here? You don’t agree with someone then suddenly 5 different people start calling you names and making fun of you?

        • I’m sorry Luna ?? like all other sites, there are nice people and not so nice people . So you’ll be able to figure out who are posters that you can interact with vs not . But my humble advice is to not engage with someone that you perceive to be horrible , mean or rude like you said . Going back and forth won’t go anywhere .

          Try and come , have fun and enjoy your experience . You’ll find many people who are open and fun and you can politely move away from the others .
          Chin up young person . You’re way too wpretty to pout ???

    • Tamra has done PLENTY of things to deserve the hate she gets, clearly you haven’t been watching the show from the beginning. Tamra is one of the most hateful, spiteful housewives ever, this is just her karma.

      • I certainly have watched it from the beginning! And I don’t think she has done anything bad at all! She has not done anything that even comes close to the despicable things the others have done!

          • Sorry but I have a 145 IQ. Not delusional thanks, but you obviously are! And you must be 100% an asshole since you think its OK to start calling people names who don’t agree with you! Get a life!

            • You called me names on another site when I didn’t agree with you. Hypocrite much? And LOL on the IQ claim ?

                • Ahahahahaha, I’m sorry you are so threatened by my IQ! I said that because he called me delusional! Why are you involving yourself in my argument with someone else? I wasn’t talking to you! I notice how so many of you like to gang up on people on here! Dave can fight his own battles!

                  • Just FYI – no one is threatened by your IQ, we simply question it’s validity given your obvious deficiencies when using the written word.

                    • Are you still on this? Get a life! You don’t get to question anything about me since I never said anything to you at all. Like I said you fool, this is a reality TV website! I’m not concerned about grammar on here! Get off your high horse! You have some deficiencies when using the written word as well! You aren’t better than anyone else!

                    • Perhaps you don’t understand the concept of a blog and how many people will view, and some will reply to, posts offered by anyone. You may want to do a little research into the concept.

                  • You people really need to get some self confidence! You are all so threatened! You also need to stop being bullies and let people fight their own battles. You are just as bad as Dave! A bunch of followers!

                    • Lol you are hilarious Luny. I’m not at all threatened by you and your glamour shots and claims of high IQs. My self confidence is fine, I don’t have to brag about how smart I am because I am confident.

                    • What glamour shots? But you aren’t threatened, right?! Now you want to try to put me down about my picture. That just proves how threatened you actually are. I was not bragging. I was defending myself against someone who does not know me and called me delusional. Just like everyone else on here does when someone attacks you. Interesting how you are going to bat for someone who started calling me names first but want to attack me for standing up for my self. I can see what type of person you are!

                  • What would I be trying to deflect? If you are going to use a word you should probably know what it means first! I know for a fact I never said anything to you until you said something to me first! I just checked! I didn’t call you any derogatory names either, but you sure did!

                    • It was under a different account. And I know what deflect means but I’m sure you just had to google it ??

                    • I checked all my comments and there is not one time that I ever put any one down or called anyone any names. So you are lying. Unlike you I don’t have multiple accounts. I don’t know you nor have you left any type of impression on me where I would stalk you on a different site. Don’t comment on my posts and leave me alone.

                    • You’re a liar because you told several people that they had low IQs….that’s how I remember…it was on a post about Sidney Barney. Your insults are laughable and don’t worry- I’m done with your trashy ass. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent any longer.

                • Let’s breathe and take a step back Luna . justanother is actually one of the nicest people here . You’ll find out for youself once you get to know her. Have a pleasant evening

              • Agree. I actually like to read comments who disagree with my thoughts, sometimes it makes me see things differently. If we all agree there would be no reason for this blog. I don’t take it personally unless the commenter is rude or throws insults.

          • That’s not fair Dave/ I have watched too from very beginning and they all mess up but from what I have watched , no one tops the piles of shits VG has left all over . There are several differences w/ things Tamra had said / done compared to the scammer.

          • Oh please! Is that all you got? Gretchen was a grown ass women and no one tied her down and poured alcohol down her throat! She is responsible for her own actions, period!

            • What about trying to have her sexually assaulted when you know she is blackout drunk? What about throwing wine in jeanas face? What about shoving Kelly? What about contacting gretchens ex? Or Slades baby mama? What about her cheating on Simon with his friend Eddie? What about cheating on Eddie with Jeff Timmons from 98 degrees? What about having sex with Eddie in a bathtub on national tv and her kids being humiliated? What about throwing Alexis out of her party? What about gossiping about davids affair to Heather and then lying about it? What about her worst offense- making her daughter a storyline when Sidney has repeatedly asked her not to? Are these things all acceptable and wonderful behavior?

              • Lol Gretchen was coming on to Ryan herself! Jeana came at tamra first and I would have punched her in the face and Kelly is a disgusting pig and deserved to get pushed and tamra never cheated on simon, she left him cuz he was a controlling abusive pig.

            • Tamra got in touch with Gretchen’s side piece and brought all that out at a reunion. She also got in touch with Brooks’ ex and found out about all the back child support, etc. I’m no fan of Vicki and I definitely think she should have been fired after the cancer scams came to light, but Tamra was her side kick for a lot of years and is not without her own little projects, meant to hurt others.

        • Constantly embarrass her daughter who has begged her not too. Got Gretchen drunk to get her to sleep with her loser son. Called Slades ex wife ON AIR LIVE at a reunion to try and shame him about child support. Need I go on.

          • Gretchen is responsible for her own actions that night! No one else is! Slade is a deadbeat loser fame whore and deserves to be called out! The situation with her daughter is not black & white but many shades of grey! Need I go on?

        • Luna, you are so right, I don’t recall Eddie going after any of these ladies. He never made up having a disease or advocated hitting a woman to make her shut up.

          • I feel bad for him. He is a great guy and he is very secure in who he is. He was in the audience at WWHL last night to support Tamra. He isn’t embarrassed or ashamed. It comes down to jealousy. Lizzie, Kelly, Vicki & Gretchen are jealous tamra has a great guy and relationship. They will make up what ever they can to try to bash tamra but they have nothing on her so now they want to lie about Eddie.

  • So Eddie allegedly kissed a man? Once. That’s it? Not a full-blown affair – Got married to cover his loathing of himself. Sorry but this is ridiculous. Team Tamra on this one.

  • Vicki used her exorcist voice – bad acting – when she heard the “friend” spill. Tonite better not be a dud again

  • This picture of Tamra and whatshisface looks aweful ??? they look like an aging figure skating couple .
    WTF with all that bleached blonde hair ! ?

    • ???? true . Mother ???, remind me never to go against you when it comes to awards predictions ? You only missed 1 . I remember when you told me Nicole would win months ago . I thought ‘This is us’ would win but you were right .
      Why wasn’t I invited to that seemingly fun party ? ? Maybe next time

      • Kirby ??????? Never go agiant Mama ??. Oh you’re so sweet . Nicole had it in the bag the day the first episode aired . It wasn’t even a competition . I’m not even a Nicole fan and I was mesmerized.

        Alex Skarsgard , bestill my old beating heart ??. Oh lord have mercy . I want to climb that Nordic tree ?. Repeatly. And then Matt Bomer comes out looking like cherry pie . I wouldn’t mind attempting a conversion on Matt. Can I at least try ? ??

        • I knew you would flip over Alex ? my gf agrees with you . Great !! I couldn’t watch the whole thing , these things are too darn long . Plus I was watching football on the side ??Jessica Biel looked HOT but when doesn’t she though?
          Lesson leanrnt, no going against Mother ???

  • Tamra just keeps falling out with everyone

    Personally i feel like she’s made a lot of accusations about people kids, husbands ect over the past few years. So maybe she should shut up for once in a while. Karma is a bitch just like Tamra

  • That scene was like a gathering of witches , sitting around gossiping and casting evil spells .
    And Vicki with her gut fat oozing from her ridiculous dress. ????.
    Miss ??? indeed

  • Vicki , you are being shady and mean, and you know it! Your whole “. I don’t wanna know, tell me more “. To me , said it al!
    You could have shut that conversation down right away when what’s her face Kelly? , brought it up, and Dirty Gerry was egging it on. But you didn’t!

  • Tamra is way too defensive for this rumor not to have some merit. I think she knows Eddie is bisexual but it doesn’t matter to her as long as it’s behind close doors. There are way more men out there who are in fact bisexual than only those who are open about it. It’s not something men like to admit because it makes them ‘gay’ in society’s eyes.

  • This is such crap and I’m on Tamra’s side for this one . Vicky and her new rumor mill side – kicky , are gross for this and VG said onnational tv she was taking Tam and Shan down so , she’s perpetuating hurtful comments with malicious intent . Her party crew spoke volumes . Cringing still …

    • Isn’t it amazing that no matter how aweful a HW is, they still have many fans defending them and cheering them on ??

    • She sure has balls to use the “why can’t she handle this topic of conversation like an adult”? Guess she forgot how she refused to discuss or answer any questions about crooks when people were questioning why things weren’t adding up. Talk about someone getting defensive and acting immature..

      • Vicktim is the only one, well, besides Kelly , who can’t have conversation without creating circus act out of it. I can’t even believe that some people expect Tamra to stand down and be quiet! And yet still no accountability , consequences , anything for the biggest troublemaking liar out of them all !

        • Yeah quite ironic how Kelly stated Tamra brought the psychic to stir up trouble, yet didn’t think Lizzie / Gretchen bringing Tamras ex-friend wasn’t exactly that?