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Sonja Morgan’s Drunken Antics Get Out of Hand At A Fellow Bravolebrity’s Wedding!

It’s no secret that Sonja Morgan likes to party and can easily get quite tipsy.

However, it seems that the Real Housewives of New York star’s drunken antics got out of hand over the weekend and caused a little bit of drama at a fellow Bravolebrity’s wedding.

Sonja got rowdy at Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg’s pre-wedding dinner in Los Angeles last week and inadvertently damaged the groom’s face.

“She pulled Josh’s jacket when he walked by, and he fell face-first into the table. They had to put makeup over the gash on his forehead for the wedding pictures,” a source tells Page Six.

Despite the facial injury, Josh’s wedding to Bobby Boyd at the Beverly Hills Hotel went off without a hitch, and the groom has no hard feelings toward Sonja.

“Sonja and I have been great friends for many years, and any wounds she may or may not have inflicted on me are well welcomed. I love her dearly,” Josh explains to Page Six.

However, Sonja tells a slightly different story; claiming she had to save Josh by “grabbing him by the balls” after he fell over while trying to look at her necklace.

Sonja says the accident happened after one too many drinks.

“We’d all had dinner first. It was several courses and wines at Tao; then we went over to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where everyone was staying. We were all hanging out, and Josh leaned over to look at my diamond-and-pearl necklace, but he, unfortunately, tripped over and I had to literally catch him by his balls.”

She continued, “Yes, it is true I had to grab him right between the legs, and held him up by the balls. He’s a tiny thing, so it wasn’t hard. He may have banged his head, but it wasn’t bad.”

“His husband immediately called it a night, and we went home straight after that. Knowing me and Josh, it probably looked worse than it was. It was a long evening, and we’d had a lot of wine and food.”

Sonja admitted, “He had a little nick on his face, but if you look at the wedding pictures, he was fine, and he looks great.”

“That’s just the way we roll. He is the male version of me. We just have that crass, bawdy sense of humor with each other. I am so happy that Josh and Bobby found each other.”

Even after all the drama, Sonja and Josh seem to be tighter than ever.

Only Sonja could get herself involved in something like this. At least Sonja didn’t ruin Josh’s big day!

Thoughts on Sonja’s antics? Do you think alcohol-fueled Sonja’s behavior? Does Sonja need to stay away from alcohol for good? Are you surprised Josh was so forgiving? Who’s version of events for you believe?

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  • Shameless! Since she’s not, I’m embarrassed for her…mortified really. A woman of her age and stature behaving that badly at an event. It’s not funny, it’s sad. Smh, smh, smh…. ?

  • If Sonja drunkenly slashed MY face, I’d wear that scar like the badge of fabulosity it is.

    Glad Josh has a good sense of humor! ?


  • When Sonja consumes enuf alcohol..she either wants to paw all over women or literally show her bare a$$! Clearly, she cannot handle her liquor n needs to set limits on how much alcohol she can consume b4 it gets out of contrrol ! She got drunk on the Mexico trip and ended up wearing Bethenny’s bikini….now that is nasty as all get out! This woman is something else. Get it 2gether woman!

    • She’s proud of that too. She thinks this behavior makes her cool, “with it”, young, but it doesn’t. It just makes her look like an old lush.

  • Josh has his wedding pics on his instagram – very cool! I was hoping he would be given a spin off for his wedding. I was surprised about where the wedding took place – but understood his respect and relationship with his grandmother.

    Congratulations Josh!!

  • Oh Josh!!! Josh wouldn’t marry Colton even though they were together for over 10 years I think, then he married this guy after less than a year of dating .
    We’ve seen this song and dance before . Wish them the best and a happy married life ?????

      • Josh is a bit of a narcissist and I think the fact that Colton was the one that left him doesn’t sit well with him .
        I do enjoy how much he knows about the history of LA and the neighborhoods . He’s a great story teller

        • Madison seemed like he actually cared about people; had a heart. Is he on anymore? I think I stopped watching when he left.

          • He showed up a few episodes last season . I hope he comes back full time . I find the Brits quite annoying actually . Madison is the best

            • Yes, I find the Brits annoying too, they aren’t that cool or suave. Seems like they thought LA would be a place to make easy money. I would watch again if Madison was back full-time.

              • I may have read that Madison will be back full time but I don’t know if that means the Brits are gone . Maybe they will keep all of them . Madison is a cutie and I love him ???
                Josh Flagg needs to dial it down . He’s gotten quite snarky and almost bitter . Maybe it’s the loss of Colton and his grandmother . I hope he becomes a little nicer . This is not a HW show ? But like I said before , he has tremendous knowledge of the neighborhoods and the history of Los angles . I enjoy learning from him

  • Not getting the antics part ? And this can happen to anyone anywhere drinking or not . Seems like something out of nothing . Congrats to Josh by the way !!!