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Kelly Bensimon Gives an Update on Luann de Lesseps; Plus Are Tom and Luann Still In Contact After Their Split?

Kelly Bensimon admires the way her friend and former Real Housewives of New York co-star Luann de Lesseps has handled herself following her split from Tom D’Agostino.

“She’s doing great. She’s doing really great,” Kelly tells Us Weekly. “I mean she is such a trooper, and I know that she was madly in love with him and sometimes things don’t work out and I admire her for having all the courage to break away from it.”

Adding, “She’s like, ‘I’m not going to cry because it’s not that I’m sad, I’m upset and disappointed, but I’m not going to cry over something like that,’ which I really admire, too!”

Previously, Kelly insinuated that Tom was unfaithful to Luann. However, both Tom and Luann have denied claims that infidelity played a role in their split.

Meanwhile, it’s rumored that Tom and Luann are still in contact with each other following their split.

“They text and talk to each other, but it’s not super in depth,” a source tells Us. “They’re just checking in.”

It’s good to hear that Luann is doing well following her split with Tom, but I am shocked to hear that Tom and Lu are still in contact with each other. I’d think that Lu and Tom would want to avoid each other altogether.

Thoughts on Kelly’s update? How do you think Luann is doing since her split with Tom? Are you surprised Tom and Luann are still in contact?

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  • samael
  • samael

    uggh…haven’t we heard from all the ex RH and the salaried RH about this? holy crap the coverage of this “marriage” will last longer than the marriage!

  • HWjunkie

    Please, that whole marriage and now divorce were a sham. Lu needed a story line and this was it. I don’t care about it anymore and now we will have to hear all about her divorce next season zzzzzzzzzz

  • michers

    I really don’t understand why multiple people keep speaking on behalf of this obvious mess , and thus isn’t gummy bear’s first time either … This is just dumb now . He was not ever ready to commit . Lu knew it . Still went down aisle only to divorce for that reason . Was anyone concerned Ramona’s marriage of22 years was ruined on this cast and what not ??

    • iarláith

      I just don’t get it either. I definitely do not see Luann as a victim. Like you said, she knew what she was getting in fact she even said on god knows how many occasions that she couldn’t change him nor would she try to. I don’t understand why she married him, was there no prenup and so definitely couldn’t let this chance to cash in go past her hands? THat’s the only thing that makes sense in this whole mess.

      • michers

        IDEK? At one point I thought it had to be contrived , faked -and they were both in on it because to me that’s only nonsense that made sense LOL. She also puts herself into limelight I think by alerting the press herself and blaming poor ol’ Sonja. There is no way I’m buying that the Countess is that dumb , that she left first marriage that was ” open “, to cheat on Jacques with pirate all other crazy shenanigans to this , knowingly . Nope not buying it .

  • Rubyromaine


  • Samuels

    Luann needs a man

  • samael
    • September24

      LOL! Good one!