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Is Phaedra Parks Begging Producers For Her ‘RHOA’ Peach Back?!

Phaedra Parks wants her peach back and the massive $1.3 million paycheck that comes along with it!

“She’s desperate for cash,” an insider reveals. “She’s trying to sell one of her homes and lease a recently purchased home because she doesn’t have the substantial income that she was earning on RHOA.”

“She has been in constant contact with producers asking to make a cameo or be part of the series in some capacity,” the insider added. “They have repeatedly declined her offers because she no longer has an organic relationship with any of the season 10 cast members.”

In fact, it seems that Phaedra is willing to do anything and even “offered to date and open up more about her personal life.”

However, “Producers made it clear that they were more interested in following her story when she was married to Apollo since viewers could relate to the stigma of dating a man with a troubled past and his journey to rehabilitating his life,” the insider noted.

Phaedra received her pink slip from RHOA after she refused to date on camera and was caught lying about Kandi Burruss trying to drug and rape Porsha Williams.

Karma is a bitch. If I were Phaedra, I’d be crying over the loss of that $1.3 million paycheck. I mean to make that kind of money from filming Housewives – talk about easy money. Sucks to be Phaedra!

Do you think Phaedra is begging to get back on RHOA? Was Phaedra worth her $1.3m paycheck? Did Phaedra’s time on RHOA expire? Will you miss Phaedra? Are you surprised Bravo doesn’t want Phaedra back on RHOA?

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  • Remember how she always bragged about her multiple professional degrees and her many jobs?

    Hmm… seems like no one wants to hire a lawyer who can’t even defend themselves.

    Why wait to be buried by Phaedra in death when she’s so apt at burying people in life?

    Such a wonderful voice for social change, accusing her friends of drugging and raping. We should replace the Lincoln Memorial with the Phaedra Memorial, she’s just THAT good.

    I hope she never comes back. Girl, bye.

  • Bring back my girl! This show is for entertainment, she’s very entertaining. Come on, I know you all didn’t think lil Kandi was going to rape Porsha!!! Everyone on this reality show has said, or done something to tick someone off…otherwise we wouldn’t watch. Just don’t get so deep in the show…relax and enjoy the drama.

  • Another failed blog post about RHOA. For starters Phaedra OWNS three homes so selling one is smart since her income is reduced. Furthermore she’s a Millionaire with multiple jobs so though she isn’t getting that Huge Bravo Paycheck she’s far from struggling to make payments on her bills. There are several Bravo Housewives who would be hard for cash if they departed the show because they have no other sources of income nor do they OWN anything and don’t have College degrees/careers to make money.

    • You really think her other jobs are paying anything close to that Bravo paycheck. Anyone can start a business, not everyone can start a lucrative business.

    • Do you know that her homes are all paid for? When was the last time we heard about her defending a client or embalming a body? What makes you think she’s a millionaire? She came on the show lying and has lied ever since. She may actually rely on Bravo paychecks. The fact is, we don’t know.

  • why is everyone pretending Phaedra is the only housewife who has ever started a
    vicious rumor or repeated lies/gossip?! Sorry but the reunion would have been completely boring last year without the drama Phaedra brought..and it finally gave Kandi a storyline that didn’t require Mama Joyce as her mouthpiece. Speaking of Mama Joyce she has also spread malicious lies about cast members and Kandi just sat back and watched so …pot meet kettle. Since Phaedra was fired for this..I have a list of about ten more housewives who have accused castmates of illegal and/or untrue slanderous rumors. Andy just chose Kandi over Phaedra and the cast agreed..so please don’t portray Kandi as a victim..she’s not even woman enough to take these women on for herself..mommy has had to tag along the entire time. Phaedra should just move on as well.

    • Great points and I thought same . This isn’t the worst thing that has occurred. Kandi acts like she never entertained rumors and accusations – girl please ! Her own mom said awful accusations about Todd’s mom! Frankly I’m over all cities labeling hubbies as gay to insult and low blow !

    • Joyce not only said the most horrible scurrilous things about Todd’s mother Sharon, but because of her word vomit, they didn’t have Thanksgiving dinner together and Sharon died of a stroke 10 days later. How Todd can talk to her ever again is beyond me.

      • Thank you Mother!! ??? They’re just much plainer, uglier, less colorful than all the rest of the beautiful flock…just plain ole brown…

          • Sunday was good…low key as usual. How was yours? Did I see you brunched with your daughter? Going to watch ep 7 tonite. I just hate to see it end! Did you see season 8, Suits cancelled…possibly? Ever watched Ray Donovan? Highly recommend!!!

            • Yes I brunches with my daughter and her fiancé . She loves to entertain and it’s always lovely . It was us and her future in laws .
              I’ve watched 2 seasons of Ray Donovan and then lost Showtime but I always enjoyed it

              I’m ready for Suits to be canceled . This season has been blah and they’re regurgitating the same relationships, they should end while still in top

              • Yes, Suits has been boring..disappointing ?. New writers?? I’m so happy you and your daughter enjoy each other!

                  • Ah man, haven’t seen that yet, but glad to hear that! I usually try and save at least 2 episodes to binge on with each of my fav shows…. but now I MUST watch this episode, LOL! You’re not missing much on RD this last and FINAL SEASON. It’s been disappointing… ???

                    Love ya mucho!! ???????

  • I highly doubt Phaedra wants in on this season. Last season was torture for her. Everybody threw her under the bus and hates her, shes not dumb enough to come back on especially with moose coming back this season. Shes gonna make a comeback I believe in the next seasons ahead.. once this whole scandal is forgotten.

  • She definitely got the raw end of the deal because all she did was repeat crap said, same as many of, if not every other lady in HW history. I just don’t think she had the following to pull that stunt. I’m personally glad she is gone, never liked her or Apollo, something about them always rubbed me the wrong way. Bye Phae, take it easy, girl!

    • She made story up and had her “friend” take the blame. No, it was Porshsa that repeated the rumor. A rumor that could hurt a business person like Kandi.

      • I would say that as well about Kandi…but Kandy and Porsha giggled about 3 year old “drug and rape” rumor..on National TV…2 times ..that I am aware of.

        Kandi needs to stop giggling about drugging and rapping rumors.

            • I was happy- , cause I liked Cora /husband-and their son- It was strange and I was shocked by it- Its a great Mini-Series- I also love Jeesica Biel and her hubby Justin-
              How are you doing ?? TGIF

              • I’m Good! Love that the weeks over! Nothing much planned this weekend except Sunday football! GO NINERS! ??

        • Check out China Girl on Sundance. It’s a six-hour mini-series. We just watched the first two hours, and it’s pretty good, although I think the next two hours will get far more interesting.

            • The dramatic series was already on, and I taped it. I know they’ll be running it again, but you have to go to your guide and forward through the next week until you can locate it for taping. You’ll have to let me know what you think. My husband and I are hooked!

              • Ok I will ?????? I will look at my ‘on demand ‘menu and see if I can locate it . I don’t believe I’ve ever watched anything on Sundance but I think I have it ??

                • Rain: I just looked at my save list, and the full name is “Top of the Lake: China Girl” on Sundance. Good luck in finding it.

                    • TGIF cutie ?????? I thought they were smart to have us believe that her husband would’ve been involved ??. It was good but somewhat anticlimactic for me .

                    • That’s exactly what we thought too, anticlimatic..and rushed. Did we wait too long between viewings that we were surprised her sister went missing until they found her body in the woods at the end of the show? I almost want to watch it again for clues I missed, but I won’t, LOL! Back to my English mysteries then. TA TA! ?

                    • The part about the sister going to a party , doing coke and ‘falling ‘ in love ‘ was a bit of a stretch ??. Plus how did the detective suddenly know to take her to the parents house to look for the wall paper again ? Maybe I snoozed.
                      But I got to tell you FUCHESS, that ‘orgy’ scene when he put coke in the cooch made my night ????????. Way to go USA Network !
                      I’ve seen a few episodes of ‘Hinterland ‘ on Netflix . It’s set in Scotland or something and it ok , not great but ok . Tortured detective, , murders , you get the drift

                    • Yes, yes, Yes! I was blown away too with the coke scene!! Yeah, the end was rushed! I figured the sister died, but not that they both went missing and it wasn’t reported, then finding the sister buried in the wood!? WTF? We’ll all in all it was somewhat good…it held our attention anyway.

                    • It was still a good show so I enjoyed watching it . ‘Rushed’ is exactly how it felt . I wanted to know will he get back with that domiantrix , or was there hope for him and his wife after she kicked him out etc ?
                      Don’t you think from certain angles her husband looked like John Snow? ???

                    • Yes! I thought the same thing..Snow! How funny. Well, it’s about beddy by time now. Husband gets up at 0300 so we go early. Weekends do go by fast. ?. So good night my friend and cohort ?

                    • We’re going to watch the Sinner final tonight and can’t wait. As for Liar? I’m not sure when it begins. I think soon. We could see it promoted during the China Girl episodes. Liar may have a chance. Are you ever looking forward to a new show only to be disappointed after a few episodes? I hope that doesn’t happen with Liar. We’ll see.

                    • Hey cutie ?????? I haven’t gotten to China girl yet but I intend to ??. I’m excited about a few shows in the new season . Where will I find the time ?? ??????. I haven’t heard of Liar but I will google it . Thank you for all the tips ?

                    • You’ll have to let me know! Dindi Sue and I were a bit disappointed in the ending, so we’re curious to know what you think.

                    • Oh yes, I’ve been disappointed many times. That’s why everyone recommending show now is great, especially if we all kind of like the same thing. We’ve started watching Riverdale, of all things, and it’s Good! It’s certainly not like the Archie gang I poured over as a kid! I heard and read such good things about it that I broke down finally took a peep. Glad I did!

                    • Yes! When does it start? So, we watched the finale last nite.. it was a good, albeit weird show, and we did enjoy it. I don’t know what it is, but the finale just didn’t have the punch we expected.

                    • I agree with the finale. It was a bit disappointing? Did Kidman finally get back with her husband. Did her husband ring Robin’s doorbell in the final scene (I think so). Thankfully, Mary finally saw the light, so that was good. It was shocking to see that Puss was actually trying to be a good guy even if he was an a##hole while doing it. So hope they do another Top Of The Lake next year.

              • I just checked and I have it ???????? I remember watching the first series of this ‘Top of the Lake ‘ and thinking it was very convoluted and it kinda wore me out . Then I read that the writers wanted the second series to be more accessible and not so metaphorical but I completely forgot about it . Thanks for telling me about it ????Very excited about watching it plus I love Elizabeth Moss ??.

      • Dindi: Check out China Girl on Sundance. It’s six-hours, and my husband and I just watched the first two hours. It was a tad slow moving, but that’s because you’re being introduced to the characters. The next episodes look like they’ll be even better.

        • I taped it, and binged watched all over the weekend- Wow-, but I hated the end (wont spoil for you)- I love the tall cop (blonde) –

          • We just saw 3 & 4 last night and will watch the ending tonight. What a different role for Nicole Kidmann. It’s interesting how they put marks on her face to give her a kinda-sort-of bad complexion. I hate disappointing endings or endings that are bad. I’ll let you know what we think. Glad you were able to catch the series.

            • I was shocked she was gray haired- she is so pretty though..Sinner has its finale Wednesday-cant wait, Big Brother Wednesday-cant wait LOL

          • We were really ticked off at how the show ended. Did Robin and Mary’s father end up together? Did Robin’s only friend survive, or did she die? My husband said that it seems the way of these kind of shows where the viewer is left hanging. Other than that, the entire series was done very well. Other than the ending, we enjoyed it. I wonder if they’ll do another Top of the Lake next year?

            • I know I hated that we didn’t know- I know about her friend also and who was knocking at the door- I hate those ends like that..

            • Its a mystery, murder- I don’t wanna spoil it for you – did you see the Finale of Sinner-that was something else- and of course Big Brother – now next week Survivor-(one of my favorites) -I am truly a TV addict LOL

              • No! Probably tomorrow..football tonite, lol. I don’t watch the others. I’m waiting for the new ad on shows!! Now, I watch a lot of English crime/mysteries and movies. We’ll definitely watch Top of the Lake tho! Thanks! ???????????

  • Well…this is a “insider said” so…there’s that

    Phaedra doesn’t need to beg- she is the one with her own actual storyline..Why not fire Vile/Tam/Sonja/Ramona etc…they repeated rumor’s as well..why not fire them?

    It would be awesome to watch Phaedra do a Q&A with the whole cast…”who has never repeated a rumor..claws up”…????

    • Ha! That’s a great idea! Now I’d watch that! As for the people you mentioned, yes, fire all of them as well. I’m pretty fed up with all of them too!

      • sux that Ass Andy could care less about RH viewers. all (including my fav’s) RH need to get the heave ho…these women cannot be the ONLY women of each state!

          • Hey FUCHESS, my friend! I find myself on an island trying to reason with these shows. They wreak havoc at all times but the black casts have that extra “oomph” of wretchedness that seems to have no end. They live down every stereotype (wrongly, I might add) of the damned awesome black women in my life; women whose intellect intensify their beauty; women who have such an undeniable class that puts them in a different strata than what we are shown on the shows……that is, these women may make money, but the money neither improves their perception nor justifies their penchants for outlandish behavior. It’s almost a reverse order, that regardless of their educational or monetary status, black women are angry, vile b*tches who will decline to the lowest level of behavior on national television! We men have already gone the way of the rabbit hole……….we’ve been pimps, thugs, schemers, con men, murderers, unintelligent “animals” who think with our male parts who became asexual when white women became curious about our only perceived dominance……in bed. This led the young, impressionable black male to believe his only value was between his legs, not his ears. Consequences? Numerous out of wedlock babies with no sense of a father, who unabashedly left his “legacy” with the single black woman. Now comes the emancipated black woman who has simply traded “pimps” for the sake of fleeting fame and fortune. The caveat, however, is that they must have these behaviors precerved on celluloid, for what? Future reference? Did they stop to think that THEIR future generations will be able to see this? Damn, I’m sorry. I keep getting tripped up by my soapboxes. If questioned if I’m holier than thou, know this……. I am! I have more holes in me than Swiss cheese. However, thanks be to God my holes don’t consume me. My heart simply aches because I know beyond doubt that there are significantly better representatives of my beautiful black women than what they show us. I’m close to so many and have been graced to meet many more right here on these pages. Be well, my friend.