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Jax Taylor Disses Scheana Marie For Moving On So Fast After Split From Mike Shay!

VANDERPUMP RULES -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Jax Taylor, Scheana Marie -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Scheana Marie may love flaunting her relationship with boyfriend Robert Valletta all over social media, but that doesn’t mean her Vanderpump Rules co-star Jax Taylor is hitting the “like” button.

“She’s fresh off a divorce,” Jax tells Life & Style. “I mean, the ink is barely dry on her paperwork right now.”

Scheana and her ex-Mike Shay finalized their divorce in April, the same month Scheana revealed she was dating Robert.

According to sources, Robert and Scheana have been friends for years and even dated for a while over 10 years ago.

Despite, Scheana and Rob’s past Jax thinks Scheana is moving way too fast.

“I think she needs to enjoy being in a relationship and tone down on the flaunting of it all,” Jax explains.

Adding, “She needs to keep some of that to herself.”

However, Jax’s girlfriend and VPR co-star Brittany Cartwright disagrees telling Life & Style, “This is where he and I see differently because I’m just glad she’s happy.”

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I agree with Jax. I’m happy for Scheana and glad that she’s in love, but she flaunts her relationship way too much. I think Scheana needs to keep some of her romance private. However, I can’t wait for season 6 of VPR!

Does Scheana share too much of her relationship on social media? Does Scheana need to keep some parts of her relationship private? Do you agree with Jax or Brittany? Did Scheana move on too fast following her split with Mike?

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  • I love trash tv, but Vanderpump Rules has jumped the shark. RECAST!!!! . They are ALL toooooo old for this show.

  • Jax has no room to talk after jumping from bed to bed. Brittney has lost her identity with this narcissistic excuse of a man. Cant figure out why her mother is so insistent for him to propose. She’s condemning her daughter to a broken marriage before it even starts. He always looks like he needs a shower…he’s a sweat ball but that comes from all his steroid use.

    • Her mother looks like she wants to be a celeb and live the high life. Look at the way she always looks, like she’s going to a club.

  • Sheana needed a story line other than her constantly changing relationship with the mean girls of VPR. So, she started to date this guy and within weeks was talking weddings.

    I wonder of Bravo will pay for two weddings for the same actor.

  • Yeah because Jax is totally the voice of reason….he’s a glorified man-baby who is a narcissistic gossip. I’m genuinely surprised Brittany has stayed with him because she seems so sweet and he is so awful and gross. Regarding Scheana’s relationship, she doesn’t “flaunt” it any more than any of the rest of the cast members do, so why single her out?

  • I don’t like Jax, but I agree that Scheana moved on way too fast. Either she didn’t love Shay as much as she claimed or, more likely, she was already seeing this new guy before her and Shay separated.

  • Can people catch chlamydia just from seeing or hearing Jax? I think he’s gross

    Give me a break, ALL these people move on quickly , they don’t just sit around and mope like the rest of us .
    That’s the least of my issues with Scheana

    • Aren’t they all? There wouldn’t even be a show without Scheana since the first season and opening scenes were all about her and her issue with Brandi.

  • I’ve been watching Jax-Ass new series, and have only watched the last 2 seasons of VPR – this is what I am basing my opinion of Jax-Ass.

    On VPR – he gossips/treats women like dump sites..disrespects and degrades Brittany 24/7 (no clue why Brittany puts up with it). So when he got on his moral pulpit on his spin off

    – “alot of these women have babies illegitimately”
    – “Brittany has lost her spark (geez – I guess demoralizing her works)
    – “Brittany is in a depression”

    wow, way to go Dr. Jax-Ass

    • I think he’s disappointed that she gained weight and doesn’t want to show the entire world he is still an ass so is trying to get to HER to dump him.

      • hey Gagaperry

        not sure why he is still employed. Unfortunately, with Bravo…you can miss years of a franchise..and when you start watching again…you’re caught up..that’s how it was with RHOA and I. ???

          • VPR reunions – that is how I got many people were stabbing at the show,and I thought wow..must be a bomb..but had to see for myself.

            the most scratching nails on a blackboard…katie! ugh..nagging alcoholic..

            • Don’t get me started on Katie lol. I think they deserve a better set for their reunions. They all look uncomfortable lol

              • Katie need to smoke more she did on her wedding chilled ..the wedding was so cool..very “Robin Hood” esque