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Kim D and Ashlee Holmes Slam Danielle Staub and Bravo Over Racist Rant!

A damaging video of Danielle Staub caught in a racist rant is circulating the internet and is causing quite a bit of controversy for the returning Real Housewives of New Jersey star.

In the video, Danielle can be seen using the N-word several times and calling her ex-boyfriend a “stupid fucking Mexican.”

If that weren’t bad enough, rumor has it that Danielle’s RHONJ co-stars now want her edited out of season 8 for fear that she will damage their reputations and hurt the show’s ratings.

To add fuel to the fire, Danielle’s former nemesis’s Ashlee Holmes and Kim D are now speaking out and slamming her and Bravo.

Kim took to Twitter and called out Andy Cohen for giving a “racist” a platform.

@Bravoandy you give this racist a platform, and I never get to speak MY TRUTH,” Kim wrote.

Meanwhile, Ashlee wrote a novel on Facebook and called out producer Dorothy Toran, who happens to be a woman of color, for continuing to play a role in getting Danielle back on RHONJ.

Ashlee also called Bravo desperate for ratings and said that the RHONJ franchise is a “sinking ship.” 

Read Ashlee’s full post below:

“Okay… I came across this on my feed and I couldn’t help but watch and see what this train wreck has done now. And I am just… not at all surprised. What DOES surprise me though is the fact that one of the executive producers on this show (from Sirens Media) is a woman of color- named Dorothy Toran. Dorothy LOVES to preach female empowerment, equality, acceptance etc… so it’s REALLY interesting to me that she’s played (and continues to play) such a strong role getting Danielle Staub back on the Real Housewives of New Jersey – – especially after knowing that she’s heard this recording. I guess morals go out the window when you DESPERATELY need ratings??? Unreal. As much as I love and support my girl, Dolores…RHONJ has become a sinking ship. It would take some substantial revamping in order to salvage it. Good riddance. I’m so disgusted with the choices the executives at Bravo have made over the last few years. The people they’ve chosen to give a platform to genuinely amazes me.”

I hate to say it but Ashlee makes some valid points but like I said yesterday I think Bravo is desperate for season 8 to be a hit and they don’t care about Danielle’s past indiscretions.

Thoughts on Kim and Ashlee’s posts? Do you think Danielle is racist? Is Bravo desperate for season 8 to be a hit? Are people blowing Danielle’s video out of proportion? Is RHONJ a sinking ship? Does this video give Bravo cause to fire Danielle?

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  • Ashlee has never understood her place–which is, on RHNJ, she has none. Never did, surely does not now. She had far too much to say when her unstable mother WAS on the show. Too bad motherhood hasn’t made Ashlee grow up any.

  • Um, why is Ashlee chiming in? She was never a housewife, just a very spoiled entitled giant. Clean your apartment or something, Ashlee. Seems she would be much more worried about her stepdad Chris. Isn’t there a chance the Feds are going to cart him off to prison? Did Ashley/Ashlee ever graduate high school? Wasn’t she in remedial classes?

  • From this source of oh-so high moral standards? She’s right, but so is my 14 month old when she says “i poop”

    All these bitches, including Kim and Ashley, are as thirsty as a hungover hiker in the middle of the Sahara.



  • Not sticking up for or agreeing with Staub who I find vile , but sorry I see no valid points in the loser Asslee’s post either, other than sour grapes, her thieving parents are no better- all four of them. And Kim the vile scum that should just go back in the sewer that she came out of.

    By the way why is Asslee posting this on facebook…doesn’t she have a wedding to plan? Not!!!

  • The only thing desperate is You Ashlee! Your five minutes has been over for a long time! Stop trying to be relevant! You aren’t!! Go fix your crazy mothers neck!

  • Kim D. And “MY TRUTH”?? She’s a d-list player on the show that is only brought in to move storyline. Nobody gives a crap about her TRUTH..: whatever that is. Lol

  • I find it pathetic how Ashley uses her demoted/fired mom’s ex-friends/her ex-employer for attention! Why doesn’t she have any famous friends her age? Oh, she has Lauren! Lauren would whoop her plastic butt if she publicly ridiculed her, though!

      • Hi, Luvs! Things are better. Thank-you for asking!

        It’s creepy how Ashley always has a say on her mother’s more famous and employed friends! Kinda funny how she acts like she’s way too good for RHONJ! Yet, during contract negotiations and rumors were swirling that Jaq was fired, Ashley posted on social media something implying her family was filming! She’s a bitter, unemployed, disrespectful, brat!

  • I want to respond to all the great comments on here today but it would take forever. First of all Lara, you state that there is a video circulating out there of Danielle. What are you talking about, YOUR the one that helped recirculate it yesterday by posting it on this very site. Whether you like Danielle or not I find it absolutely disgusting that this site would allow itself to stoop so low! How would you like it if you had a private moment with your boyfriend or whoever and years later they wanted revenge and your butt naked ass was out there for the world to see. As a women I think this is an all time LOW for “AllAboutTruth” and because of this I’m seriously questioning the moral compass of the people that run this site. I’ve been a loyal follower of this site since you first started and never have I been more disgusted. I don’t think anyone thought about the legal consequences of your actions and I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure re-posting this on a public forum such as this site is illegal as hell. I’m no cheerleader for Danielle but I feel absolutely horrible for her because this video is the most humiliating thing I’ve ever seen. She obviously trusted this person with very intimate moments and this low life bottom feeder wants their 15 minutes and you have fed right into it. Also has anyone noticed the voice over DOES NOT match up to the video one bit. As a matter of fact she isn’t even talking during it aside from 2 or 3 words. This women has children and now this will cause severe trauma for them as well. People can say Danielle is crazy and asks for it but nobody no matter what they’ve done deserves to be humiliated like this nationally. Ashley needs to STFU once and for all, nobody cares what this loser has to say and all she’s after is attention as per usual. Her and her mother are no better than Danielle their possibly worse and they both need to crawl back into their forclosure hole they crawled out of. As far as Kim she’s a bitter nasty old hag that will do anything it takes to hurt other people. You need to stop giving this life because Karma’s very vindictive and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t approve!

  • Ashlee definitely got off easy with the assault. She wasn’t even sorry she did it, she was laughing in court. The spoiled brat should’ve been sent to prison for a few months, maybe a hard dose of reality would’ve straightened her out…however with a mother like Jacqueline it’s doubtful. They’d both just keep blaming Danielle for Ashlee’s actions – which is what they did all of season 2 anyway (and of course Caroline was right there along with them making excuses for psycho Ash!)

  • See this where Danny EFFED up ; should have sent Ash to court to get consequence for assaulting her … It’s your fault Asslee runs her mouth still Danielle …

  • Ashlee is so disgusted with Bravo, well we were all disgusted with you when you physically assaulted Danielle and then laughed about it on your way to court!! Ashlee is such an ugly person inside and out. Your mom was fired from the show, get over it and get a job already!

  • I don’t usually comment but just couldn’t resist with the double standards people have these days. I have read through countless blogs and comments about Peggy Soulhan being homophobic according to some private family quarrel and everybody has said get rid of her. ‘How can Andy support a homophoboc housewife’ ‘ she better be a one and done’! Yet here is a video from a couple years back surfacing where people hear the words straight from the horses mouth and it’s ‘oh that’s old news’ ‘ I heard that that wasn’t even her voice’ ‘I’m black and I’m not offended’! Just can’t understand how one is the devil and the other gets a pass

    • You are absolutely correct “double standards”. I don’t watch OC but have read the nasty posts about Peggy being homophobic, and why doesn’t she explain herself. Look, I don’t know if she is or not, but the topic is not part of the show from what I understand. Peggy doesn’t need to give it any more air, IMO.

      • That’s an excellent point Shipp about it not being part of show ( Peggy) . I haven’t decided based on the article if she is or isn’t but clearly sibling issues which is sad . The one thing that swayed me just a bit , was that there were several people attesting to it , even a few other HWs that apparently were around . Meh . I can’t do anything about it – I didn’t care for her based on what saw on show prior to hearing that anyway .

  • I’m not going to judge if D is racist or not. There is too much bull shit going on on SM to form an educated opinion. That said…

    Asslee need to find HER moral high ground. No marriage, unwed mother, needs to get off her slack ass and find a job, stop sponging off Mommy Looney and Step Daddy Lurker, and get off of SM.

    Sour grapes from Asslee and Kim Duh. Who the hell are they to judge anyone?

  • So I just did a search for Danielle Staub on this site and this story is on there back in 2016. Majority of posters said it doesn’t even sound like Danielle, and the boyfriend is a douche for recording it. Interesting. Now that she has a job KimD and Ashley want her fired. Yet when she was jobless no-one said a word about not hiring her and keeping her unemployed.

    • September, she more than likely did say it. Integrity ain’t one of her character traits. Regardless, you’re right in calling Fiancee #20 a douche.

      In my opinion, “stupid Mexican” is not what I would call a racial slur, but an insult. I’ve heard worse. If Danielle is indeed a racist, shame on her.

      This whole story is just clearly disgusting for ALL involved, including the “whistle blowers”.

      Just gross.

  • Nobody cares what the Jr. Criminal Ashlee has to say or the Cocaine Mafia Whore Kim D. either. Neither one of those women are a pilar of moral decency. Ashlee should focus on financial planning for her future since her parents are in foreclosure paying back taxes, lawyer fees and fraud civil suits. Not to mention the delusion of this statement “As much as I love and support my girl, Dolores…RHONJ has become a sinking ship.” Dolores is your Mother’s Soldier not your girl and the show can’t sank any lower than your family has over the years.

  • OK. Full on white woman with grown white kids. Whenever they fight they call each other the N word as the word means ignorant to them and is not about color. If the boyfriend was black maybe one could say she was being disrespectful. I don’t believe she is racist. I believe she was being disrespectful while fighting. I want to see her back on the show. That recording is old news like the person who sold it. People like Kim D and Ashlee need to move on.

      • I agree that it is a disrespectful word, but it is a word over and over and over in rap and hip hop songs. That is what I hate. Don’t use the word in music, as everyone can listen to it, if it is a horrible word. I do think its an ugly word, but I hate the double standard of who can and can’t use the word (in any form) whether with er or an a at the end. We need to take this word out of the music so many people, including teenagers, are listening to these days which only seems to glorify the word.

    • Why doesn’t she just come out & spill “HER TRUTH”?

      She’s not a paid housewife, so why not? She’s as guilty as Danielle when it comes to crying wolf.

  • Sorry Lara but I don’t see any valid points by Ashley. Here’s what I read: Dear Bravo, my mommy needs a job. Please hire her back. Signed, a girl who doesn’t want to have a job and a step-dad who drinks black water to wash down little popcorn! LOL!

  • Correct me if I am wrong but I thought this was a recording that came out a year or so ago. Didn’t Kim D post the video? Danielle has denied it was her voice (?????). It seems to me it’s a desperate attempt by the ratchet old troll Kim D to earn a spot on RHONJ.

  • ASSlee needs to shut the hell up with her fake, plastic ass! I don’t agree with what Danielle said but I need to see this entire season with Danielle included…as of now I really don’t care about the racist rant even tho I’m Blk…I’m just trying to see this upcoming season in peace…lol

  • For some reason people are deciding for other’s whether or not D is racist – she is

    The N word is derogatory – meant to demean a person and slams a racist

    The one and only time I watched this video – it was audio only and the black screen, clear that Danielle is arguing with boyfriend/fiance/ex.

    So in order for this video to be anyone BUT Danielle..the ex hired a person who sounds like and possibly looks like Danielle and created the fight about drugs?…right.

    Here is the video without danielle graciously sitting on the bidet( I didn’t know that is what she was doing til yesterday)

    • Actually the N word with Weed after it is actually in the Urban Dictionary. It’s a term used for shitty marijuana. I did look it up to see if it was a legit term. So my guess is most “potheads” and I use that term as there are many people that smoke it/take it for medical reasons, or to relax, who I wouldn’t consider potheads, use this term regularly. FYI, not saying it’s right, but it most definitely is a slang term that must be used by very many people to be in the urban dictionary. Per the Urban Dictionary: This term has multiple definitions: 1. Poor quality marijuana that has very poor effects, and 2. a mix of crack, PCP, or meth and oregano that tweaked out dealer on the street corner tries to sell you.

      • Thanks Janet – I did read the def.on your post on the other thread.

        About 15 years ago,Oprah’s guests 6 – teens 3 boys and 3 girls all african american.. Oprah asked them a number of questions relating to specific words and how “society” is trying to put a positive spin on derogatory words.

        Oprah asked the boys

        When the word Bitch or the N word are used towards girls – do the boys use the words as compliments? (apparently that was the case Chicago in the news at that time)

        All 3 boys answered – it is not meant as a compliment ever, but we don’t tell the girls about it.

        I am uninterested in the context of the N word. that she is comfy using it enables me to believe this woman of a certain age is hurling..not once..but many times while high to her ex..about where the drugs are.

        The discussion is the N word..not the drug. btw,until yesterday I never til you posted – that she is referring to drugs. I do like to learn new things. I did learn as a child that the N word is disgusting/degrading and specific ignorant people use the word..aka racists like Danielle.

        • Hi Samael….I do see where you are coming from with regards to the N word, but I was strictly commenting on the meaning of the phrase and the context she used it in, which was a slang term. She wasn’t calling someone the N word, she was specifically speaking of the weed itself. I by no means think the word is a nice word, but I also have to see it in the context it was used, which is a term for crappy weed. We are all from different places in the world, and some things will affect us each differently. That was why I brought up the slang term and its meaning. She wasn’t telling the guy “hey you f-ing N word”. If it was in that context, I would most definitely have a bigger issue with it. I was never a fan of Danielle before, I just am reserving my judgement for the moment. And thank you for having a civil back and forth with me. I know some on here get a little crazy (to say the least). This just shows how differently we each can view the same situation, and can express our thoughts without attacking each other. Thanks Samael!!

          • But, see the thing is even with using the n word in relations to crappy weed, there’s a whole conotation behind it. Which ultimately leads back to the meaning of the n word. It’s all a part of the same thing we’re all outraged over.

      • Actually I’m a medical marijuana patient. I use it for seizures and other chronic pain. I have been a medical marijuana advocate for many years…. and sorry, no. I don’t know any medical marijuana patients or recreational users who use the term “n**** weed”. That’s just a term that ignorant people choose to use.

        • I would give my honest opinion of where I think the slang term is most likely used, but I will refrain. But I do believe this term is used in its slang version with regards to weed. And when I say “potheads” I don’t mean the people who use it medically, or recreationally in a responsible manner. For me, when I say pothead I am strictly speaking of the ones who are doing nothing with their lives except smoking weed and getting high all the time and not be responsible members of society. And I know “potheads” as I have a few in my family. If marijuana is used medically, or for recreational use in a responsible manner, I don’t have an issue with it. I think its perfectly fine.

          • Not up on urban dictionary terms or grades of marijuana, but using the term n**** is classless and ignorant, no matter how it’s used.

            No outrage here, just my opinion.

  • First this video was of a private “conversation” and nobody knows the whole story of what, why or how these two interacted with each other. Obviously it was emotionally charged and IMO shouldn’t be the only thing used to “judge” someone. Second, As far as I’ve read/seen/heard this is a one time thing with Danielle. Why are people so quick to label? Again, I find it crazy ironic that people jump to labels of racist, homophobic, etc from one situation. IMO that’s just as ignorant as those spewing racism, etc. Finally, KimD and Ashlee, who cares what they think? They’re thirsty and just trying to grab whatever they can, next…

    • I agree, rhfan.

      Everyone knows old Danielle has more than a few screws loose. Does this video surprise me? Absolutely not. C’mon! This fool was her what, 20th fiancee?

      Do I believe the other two hags are suddenly clutching their pearls because of this video? Absolutely not. I’m sure BOTH of them have been wasted and have said dumb shit. They were lucky their fiancee didn’t tape THEM!

      Luckily, I was raised by white parents who never used racial slurs, so I never had the urge to use them either. Not riding a high horse here, just pointing out ignorance. I am not condoning what Danielle said, but Kim/Ashley went out of their way to coerce people who are easily outraged.

      Unfortunately, based on this thread’ s dialogue, their mission was a success.

  • ALLABOUTTRH = FAKE NEWS. When did you become a sell out? You are a huge disappointment to all your followers who USED to enjoy reading one of the rare bloggers who had integrity. NOT ALL THE CAST MEMBERS WANTS DANIELLE OUT. YOU HAVE BECOME A TRASHY BLOG.